AB Tells Someone To Shut Up

Freaking great.

Jim Rome
August 28, 2019 - 11:25 am
Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown

USA Today


The Oakland Raiders preseason is officially over after tomorrow night’s game in Seattle against the Hawks. And if their regular season goes anything like their preseason season, than 17 weeks is about to feel like 17 years—thanks in part to Mr. Big Chest, Antonio Brown.

I know I said I was done talking about this guy. And trust me—I so badly wish that was the case. But dude keeps forcing me to look at him. And talk about him. I don’t want to do it. At all. But it’s kind of my job.  

You already know how AB’s first training camp with the silver and black played out. From missed practices, to helmet grievances, to retirement threats, to frostbite, to circumcised feet—Antonio Brown has gone full Antonio Clown this preseason. And the clown business is absolutely booming. 

Tag that laundry list of jackassery on any other player in the NFL and you’d be baffled. Your head would be spinning. But since it’s Mr. Big Chest—it’s just normal, expected, tired, played-out behavior.

The problem with this guy is he just can’t stop. He can’t take a break from being A.C.  Not even for a week. Because yesterday on Twitter—he fired up the Maytag and threw some rank, old beef in the microwave.

If you thought AB was done thinking about Ben Roethlisberger and had moved on—you’d be wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. While dude got as far away from the Burgh as possible, threw a few extra duffels of cash in the vault, pledged his allegiance to Derek Carr— he still can’t stop thinking about Big Ben.

Now, over the weekend, NBC aired an interview that Michelle Tafoya did with Ben. In the interview she asked Ben about the time he openly criticized AB’s route-running last December. Here’s how Roethlisberger answered that.

So Roethlisberger says he wishes he wouldn’t have called out Antonio Brown and that it ruined a friendship. That’s his side. And I'm not picking sides. Just presenting them.

That clip made the rounds earlier this week but was justifiably buried under Andrew Luck’s retirement. So either AB didn’t see it till yesterday, or he’s a master of knowing how to get the most attention and waited till Tuesday to respond. Either way—his response, on Twitter, was as follows: “Never friends. Just had to get my ends. Shut up already.”

That’s a beautiful tweet. 11 words of pure entertainment. AB telling anyone to, “Shut up already “is just the best. This dude has single-handily made more headlines for all the wrong reasons than the entire league combined—without even playing a game—and he’s telling someone to shut up already. Freaking great.

The part about never being friends is awesome, too. It’s so damn harsh. Problem is, back in 2014, AB also tweeted that Big Ben was his best friend on the Steelers. And last year after Ben cracked his route-running, Brown said, “Ben’s my guy, man. I love him. Anything he says, there’s a method to his madness. It’s only to inspire the group, encourage the group to be better. That’s the type of guy he is."

Man, can you believe people write this stuff down?! Those damn receipts, ammirite, AB?!

Live by Twitter, die by Twitter.

Now, I guess Antonio has gotten wise to that the fact that anyone can just search through his timeline and find all of his many contradictions. Because this time after he nuked Ben and told him they were never friends and to shut up already—he did what most people do after their most inflammatory tweets; he deleted it.

The problem with deleting the tweet is obvious. It doesn’t work. At all. I’m still talking about it. And it was deleted well before I read it for the first time.

Bro—if you’re gonna finally do or say something interesting—at least stand by it and own it. Especially if everyone is gonna see it anyway.

But the real issue here isn’t Twitter receipts. Or screenshots. The real issue here is what all this means for the Raiders. Especially Derek Carr. If you’re Derek Carr and you’re watching your new biggest weapon meltdown left and right and completely turn on someone he used to refer to as his best friend—then what the hell are you thinking right now?

AB has been all about Derek Carr ever since getting to Oakland. All reports say they are tight. But what the hell does any of that mean if Brown can tweet that him and Ben were never friends—eight months after saying, “I love him.”

Every situation is different—I guess—but if I’m anyone on the Raiders, especially Derek Carr, I’m looking at what went down last night and thinking to myself; damn, this dude can flip on me at any point. 

And who the hell in the locker room is gonna want to call AB out or hold him accountable if he’s liable to go tell you to shut up already on Twitter?

If you’re Pittsburgh, you’ve never been happier to get rid of a future Hall of Famer.

If you’re Buffalo, you’ve never felt luckier to avoid a future Hall of Famer.

And if you’re Oakland, you’ve never been unsure or more worried about a future of Hall of Famer.

Too late now. You traded for the guy. You paid the guy. And now you live with the guy.