The Adam Gase Bowl

The loser.....  Adam Gase.

Jim Rome
November 04, 2019 - 11:02 am
Adam Gase

USA Today


And then you have the Miami Dolphins hosting the New York Jets. The Adam Gase Bowl. A battle between a team that’s been stripped for parts with a front office that is trying to lose and a team that added parts and is trying to win, but usually loses.

The Miami Dolphins won 26-18 and I know all you wizards and draft geniuses immediately came to your hilarious takes about how they actually lost by winning and that the Dolphins are so bad they can’t even lose right.


The real loser of the Adam Gase Bowl was…Adam Gase. 

Never mind that he just lost to the team that fired him. Never mind that he just lost to a team that has gutted its roster and is trying to position itself for draft picks. Because it wasn’t just that the Jets lost to the Dolphins, it was how they lost. They got worked by the Dolphins.

They looked like a worse team than the team that is actually trying to be the worst team.

The Jets committed ten penalties for more than 100 yards. And they lost to a team whose mission statement this year is to lose.

The Jets offense put up 16 points on the worst defense in the league. And that defense was missing its best player. Oh, and their mission statement is to lose.

The Jets lost to the Dolphins because the Jets were doing things like this.

That’s Miami Dolphins wide receiver Preston Williams and according to the statheads, he had 8 yards of separation. On a 12 yard touchdown pass. That’s almost mathematically impossible. But not when you’re playing the Jets.

But that might be too harsh on Gase. After all, he’s an offensive mastermind, not a defensive mastermind. But then how do you explain this?

That is Sam Darnold trying to throw a pass in the red zone while being wrapped up and throwing an interception. And that is another clear sign that Darnold is regressing under Gase.

And there’s more. Like this.

And this.

“Another epic disaster for the Jets!” That was an epic disaster. Not just because the snap was terrible and was going to a quarterback who wasn’t ready, but because no Jet really tried to get the ball back.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – Sam Darnold might be a franchise quarterback. But every game that he plays under Adam Gase makes me believe it less and less. We’re at the point where you have to ask is Gase helping him or hurting him? Because it sure looks like he’s not helping him, he’s hurting ‘em, man, and I shouldn’t be talking about it on the radio.

I’ve seen enough from Sam Darnold to make me want to see more from him. I’ve seen too much from Adam Gase to want to see more.

Here’s the biggest question coming out of the Adam Gase Bowl – which team would you rather be, the one that fired Gase or the one that hired Gase? The one that is stripping down its roster and got a win or the one that was building up its roster and took the L?

You can clown the Dolphins all you want, but they battled yesterday. They battled for their coach and they were proud as hell to get that win.

The Jets didn’t battle and they sure as hell didn’t battle for their coach. And he didn’t have any answers after the game.

Well, aside from being asked if he was embarrassed, to which he said: “It’s the NFL. You can’t be embarrassed by this bleep.”

Actually, you can and you should be.  And if you’re not, there’s something wrong with you. Because you just got booed off the field in a road game. A road game. And you got booed off the field.

Because you just got humiliated by your former team in one of the worst losses in your current team’s existence. Seriously.

That’s not an exaggeration. That’s not me popping to get a reaction. What this is, is rock bottom for the Jets. Losing to the Dolphins, the way that you did, knowing what they’re trying to do and what you’re trying to do, is one of the all-time worst losses in Jets history. And you should be embarrassed.

Because you were hired to help Sam Darnold and you’re making him worse. Because just about every personnel decision that’s been made this offseason has been a mistake. Because this is a guy who is just flat out in over his head and doesn’t know he’s drowning.  

Did you see how fired up the Dolphins were on the sideline when they won? Compare that to this from Jamal Adams: "Right now, Adam is our coach. I'm pretty sure he's going to continue to be our coach, so we have faith in him. That's not going to change. Whoever is in the building, that's who we're riding with? So I got his back.”

That is respectful, but that doesn’t sound like a guy who is really fired up to play for his head coach. I’m not sure any of them are.

Again, this was a guy who was saying in July that “We're going to play meaningful games in the end of November and December. That's what we're going to do.”

My guy, I’m not sure that you should even be coaching any games in November or December. Seriously. Because none of this is meaningful.

The question isn’t whether one season is enough for Adam Gase and the Jets, the question is whether eight games is too many. And the answer is: yes.

Just like the answer is: yes, I’ve talked about the Jets too much. They’re garbage. They’re terrible. From top of the organization down to the head coach. And I’m this close to never talking about them again until they make a change. Their head coach isn’t embarrassed, but I’m embarrassed for him.