Antonio Brown To Pats

There was no way this wasn't going to happen. 

Jim Rome
September 09, 2019 - 10:34 am
Antonio Brown and Tom Brady

USA Today


And then there are the New England Patriots. And the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Oakland Raiders. And Antonio Brown, the one man who connects them all.

Let’s start with the fact that the Patriots could not have looked better in that beatdown of the Steelers last night. And the Steelers could not have looked worse. It looked like the Steelers wanted to get on the bus from right about the time the Patriots made it 17-0.

Ball game. Forget the rest of the first half. And all of the second half. The game was over when Dorsett crossed into the end zone. And probably earlier.

And the only thing more soul-destroying for the Steelers than losing 30-3 in primetime in Week 1 is losing 30-3 in primetime to the team that is now adding Antonio Brown.

That’s right. In case you didn’t hear, Antonio Brown, a wide receiver from Central Michigan who was a free agent, signed with the New England Patriots over the weekend. That was the one team the Steelers DID NOT want to trade Brown to. And did everything they could to insure it wouldn’t happen. And in the end, it does. And they got obliterated by the Pats. And it happened without Brown even being uniform. But damn, how good did it feel Steeler fan, when Brown was lighting himself and the Raiders on fire: damn, that was sweet wasn’t it? Hope you enjoyed; because that ish just blew up in your face. 

And if you are surprised, you shouldn’t be. On any level at all. There was no way THIS WASN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

You shouldn’t be surprised that the Raiders allegedly thought about suspending Brown for yelling at Mike Mayock and threatening to punch him, but apparently Jon Gruden decided not to suspend him and planned to play him tonight.

Nor should you be surprised that Brown released some bizarre video which appeared to include a recorded phone call with Jon Gruden. Never mind that he may have broken the law when he did. One of the first thing learned when I got into local radio back in the 80s: yeah I said it: 80s: is that you cannot roll tape on someone you’re speaking without their permission. Guess AB didn’t get that memo. Or didn’t give a damn. 

Nor should you be surprised that the Raiders after deciding not to suspend Brown decided to fine him and then released him.

And you sure as hell shouldn’t be surprised that the Patriots signed him.

That was the most obvious, most predictable thing ever. It was so obvious that it had already become a corny joke a few weeks ago.

As for the morality of the whole thing, the idea that the Patriots are rewarding horrible behavior, have you seen what Bob Kraft was up to during the playoffs?

Morality and rewarding good behavior slash punishing bad behavior doesn’t come into it.

If you’re looking for an NFL team to be some beacon of morality, you’re begging. And you’re really begging if you think it’s going to be from the team run by Bob Kraft who was allegedly paying sex workers in a strip mall on the day of the AFC Championship game.

You think the Patriots really give a bleep about what Brown did in Oakland?

And unlike every other team in the league, they aren’t worried about having to justify signing a guy days after he allegedly threatened to assault a team employee.

Any other team would have their head coach and GM at a press conference trying to spin how they believe that Brown is a changed person since the incident and truly regrets what happened.

The Patriots will just have Belichick grunt in front of the media, refuse to answer the question, and then it’s over.

And then everyone will cite Corey Dillon and Randy Moss and talk about the New England Car Wash and talk about how that’s the perfect place for quote unquote troubled players to go. And they’ll forget about guys like Chad OchoCinco, Kenny Britt, and Michael Floyd, who didn’t work there.

Sure, it’s a no-brainer for the Pats. They lose nothing. And they tell you everything. Anyone who was going to sign Antonio Brown was making a value statement and the Patriots did that.

I’m not bashing the Patriots for doing it, I just don’t need the Patriots or any Pats fans coming in here with a holier than thou attitude of doing things the right way. That’s not what they’re about. They’re about winning.

And don’t tell me this is some brilliant maneuver by Antonio Brown. That he’s some diabolical mastermind because he’s in New England.

Sure, it’s weird as hell and quite a coinky-dink that he ended up with the team that he wanted to be traded to in the first place, and it happened so quickly after he was released, but you’re telling me the guy who somehow managed to get frostbite on his feet in the summer is playing some version of three-dimensional chess?

You’re telling me this was his plan all along?

That from the moment he was traded there in March, he always planned to bomb out in Oakland, get frostbite on his feet, talk about feet circumcision, make a complete and total ass of himself in the process, just to get to New England? That was the plan?

The guy had a contract that guaranteed him 30 mill and now he has one that a reported 10 million guaranteed. So he just lost 20 mill. That’s not the work of a rocket scientist now is it?

Even worse is that report that he allegedly sought the help of social media consultants to figure out ways to get himself released from the Raiders. Are you serious? My man, you don’t need social media consultants to figure out how to be horrible on social media, millions of people are doing that every day for free.

Is it going to work for Brown in New England? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, other than the fact that he’s Antonio Brown.

And the only guy who looks worse than Antonio Brown is Jon Gruden. Of the two guys who’ve been involved in this saga for the last six months, Gruden is the one whose rep has taken the biggest beating.

Everyone knew who Brown was with how he handled himself in the final months in Pittsburgh. Some people were still clinging to the belief that Gruden knew what he was doing, that he was a tough guy who held the hammer in Oakland.

Instead, he sent a third round pick and a fifth round pick for a guy who never played a down. Which is a good chaser to the Martavis Bryant trade where he sent a third round pick to Pittsburgh for a guy who ended up getting 18 receptions and then suspended indefinitely by the league. Pittsburgh 2, Gruden zero.

Add to that, the fact that he left his GM out to dry after allegedly being threatened by a player. And the fact that he completely embarrassed himself as a coach and authority figure by allowing Brown to do whatever he wanted, and what does he have to show for it? Nothing. Well played. Well played indeed. You got exposed on every single level over the last six months, better go win tonight to change the subject.