Astros 4 Yanks 1

Gerrit Cole won again.

Jim Rome
October 16, 2019 - 11:18 am
Gerrit Cole

USA Today


Gerrit Cole won again. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Since May, every time he’s been on the mound and gotten a decision, he’s won. 25 straight starts without a loss. And last night’s 4-1 win in the Bronx to give Houston a 2-1 series lead was no different. Except it was different.

Because Cole didn’t have his best stuff. Far from it. He only struck out seven. I say only, because that’s the first time since August 4th that he hasn’t hit double digits.

On top of that, he gave up four hits and tied a career-high with five walks. And he still won. The Yankees loaded the bases in the first inning. It felt like they might be able to do some damage. But Cole got out of it.

Just like he got out of every tough spot in that game. As he said afterwards, his fastball control was “spotty.” Let’s just think about that for a moment. His fastball control was “spotty” against that nasty lineup, on the road, in the ALCS, and he still didn’t give up a run. That is impressive as hell.

And so is the fact that the Astros were on top of Luis Severino from the word go. Jose Altuve came up in the first looking to hack: And he liked what he saw and sent it out of the park.

And then in the second, Josh Reddick went upper deck on Severino.

That was smoked. There was no doubt about that one at all.

The Astros came into the Yankees house and jumped on them. And now they might be in the Yankees heads.

As Alex Rodriguez tweeted:

To recap Severino's first inning:

36 pitches

18 fastballs

18 secondary pitches

11 swings on fastballs

5 swings on off-speed pitches, no misses

No chases on off-speed pitches.

If you look at Astros' hitters body language, this screams tipping.

I don’t know if Severino was tipping, but I know if you do tip, that’s on you. And the Astros will find you out.

They did it to Tyler Glasnow in Game 5 and Glasnow realized later that “it was pretty obvious as far as the tips go.” Then some suggested that the Astros had spotted James Paxton tipping his pitches in Game 2.

And maybe now they had something on Severino tipping in Game 3. And if they did, good for them. Or as AJ Hinch said: "If they don't want to tip their pitches, then they should take consideration into doing the same thing over and over again.''

Or to put it another way, be like Pete Sampras – don’t tip. 

But in some ways, it doesn’t matter whether the Astros have figured it out or not. One, it’s not cheating if they do spot something. And two, even if they didn’t spot something, it’s in everyone’s heads that they have. And that paranoia is nasty. It will jack with your mind and turn you inside out.

Yankee fans, if you want to complain about that and get worked up about it, that’s fine. Figuring out a guy is tipping isn’t cheating, but you do you.

Actually, stop doing you, for a moment. And by that, I mean stop throwing crap on the field when things don’t go your way. Because that’s exactly what happened in the eighth inning when Edwin Encarnacion’s hit was overturned on review and called a groundout.

As Reddick said: "I don't think fans realize when they do that that you could hit a player. You hit a baseball player with a baseball from the third deck, it's got a little bit of movement on it, so it can definitely do some damage to you, and it's frustrating to see as a player in the outfield. I saw water bottles and, like, two baseballs. There were two souvenir baseballs thrown in center and left field. I got all the water bottles in right."

Throwing baseballs and water bottles onto the field because a call didn’t go your way? Classy as hell, Yankee fans. That’s about as classy as cheering when an opposing player gets hit by a pitch, and it sure seemed like some fans might have been doing that when Luis Cessa hit Alex Bregman in the ninth.

That’s bush league. You should be better than that, but apparently some of you aren’t. I’m not saying you have to like losing, but lose with some dignity, don’t lose your dignity. You’re trailing in the series, but anyone throwing trash on the field over a call is trailing in life.  Buying a ticket gives you license to certain things: but throwing crap at the players isn’t one of them.