Baddest Motherbleeper In The Game

Nathan Donald Diaz.

Jim Rome
August 19, 2019 - 10:50 am
Nate Diaz

USA Today


Almost nothing in this life lives up to the hype. Not in sports. Not anywhere. Except UFC 241 in Anaheim. That absolutely lived up to all that advance hype. That was a great event. A great card. No one who threw down for that can say they didn’t get a great ROI on it. And not because Stipe Miocic pulled off an incredible win over Daniel Cormier to reclaim the heavyweight belt. But because it was the return of  one Nate Diaz.

Check that….Nathan Donald Diaz.

Let’s get into Nate Diaz for a moment. Do you know how rare and unique a guy you have to be to steal the headlines from a battle between two heavyweight legends?

Do you know how rare and unique a guy you have to be to come back after three years off and fight a former champion in Anthony Pettis?

Do you know how rare and unique a guy you have to be to even accept that fight?

And do you know rare and unique a guy you have to be to actually win that fight?

And do you know how rare and unique a guy you have to be to look that good doing it, after that much time off, against that guy in the cage. That was astonishing. Astonishing, but not surprising if you know anything about Nate Diaz. And if do know anything about Nate Diaz, you know there is only one Nate Diaz. There has never been anyone like him before and there will never be anyone like him after.

After all, this is a guy who was interviewed in an airport back in the day about his game plan for facing Conor McGregor and the game plan was simple.

"The game plan is to go in there ... Wooh-wooh... Hit him with some good bleep. Don’t get hit. And come home with a pocket full of cash."

And that’s exactly what he did. And that was beautiful. Too beautiful. And for too long, it felt like that might be one of the last memories we would have of Nate. Because Nate didn’t step into a cage for three years.

Nobody takes three years between fights and shows up without rust. Nobody except for Nate Diaz.

He showed up Saturday night and not only did he not look like he had any rust, he actually looked better. This is a guy who beat Conor McGregor, and yet Saturday looked as good as he has ever looked. And that was after three years of inactivity. I mean how the hell is that even possible. 

Years ago, Dana White famously said that Nate Diaz wasn’t a “needle mover.” Saturday night, Dana said: "It's pretty hard to deny now: He's a needle mover.”

He sure as hell is. He dominated Anthony Pettis and came damn close to finishing him. That was a thorough and complete imposing of Nate’s will on Anthony. And every time Pettis came close to getting going and taking over, Nate had an answer for him.

So impressive, so dominant, after such a long layoff.

Just Nate Diaz doing Nate Diaz things in the cage during the fight. And then Nate Diaz SAYING Nate Diaz things right after the fight.

Question: what was the best part of that interview? Answer: all of it. 

There was the shout out to the Nate Diaz army, mother bleepers!

There was: “The reason I was off was because everybody sucked.”

And then there was him calling out Jorge Masvidal.

And about that call out, Nate has an issue with other fighters who don’t seek out the toughest fights. To hear him tell it, he’s been sitting waiting for an opponent who didn’t suck, he found it, and then he showed up and beat him.

And now he wants another opponent who doesn’t suck. Problem is, according to Nate, there just aren’t enough of those guys:

“I don’t think they know how to do it.” He added “They’re scared or something. But like I said, I don’t want to sound all full of myself, and riding around on a high horse and talking bleep, but I’ve got way too much money to be fighting someone who is not interesting.”

So what does he do next? He’s fought at lightweight and he’s fought at welterweight so what belt is he fighting for next?

None of the above. He’s not fighting for the lightweight belt. Or the welterweight belt. He’s fighting for the “baddest motherbleeper in the game” belt. And in his mind, he’s the current titleholder.

“I’m the best martial artist in the world, I’m not like these hold onto you wrestlers who are going to hold you and hopefully win a round and find a loophole to winning these fights and putting belts on their waists. Now we’re fighting for the ‘Baddest motherbleper in the game’ belt and that’s mine…I’d like to defend it against Jorge Masvidal. Baddest motherbleepers, that’s how we’re going to do this.”

The baddest motherbleeper belt currently resides in Stockton, California. And the only way you’re going to get it is if you show up and beat his ass for it. 

Nate Diaz – needle mover, the baddest motherbleeper, and a true original. All hail the champ and holder of the baddest motherbleeper belt. The only belt that really matters.  And right now, it’s around Nate Diaz’s waist. And if you want to take him from him, you’ll probably have to kill the guy to get it. Because I think the guy probably is willing to die to keep that belt.