Beowulf Freaking Minshew

This dude is already a legend.

Jim Rome
September 12, 2019 - 11:26 am
Gardner Minshew

USA Today


I’m going to start this next take with one word and one word only: Duuuuuuvalllllll

Normally, when I give a shout out to seventh largest county in Florida, it’s because we’re talking Jacksonville. And normally, if we’re talking Jacksonville, we’re talking Sacksonville. We’re talking about a nasty defense.

But not this time. Because back in the offseason, Jacksonville realized they gave it a good run with Blake Bortles. But they wanted to take it up a notch, to get a guy with playoff experience, a guy who’d won a Super Bowl.

So they went out and got Nick Foles. And in the first quarter of the first game, the worst possible thing happened.

That sucks. Because if you know Nick Foles and his story, you know how hard he grinds and how hard  he worked to get into the spot that he had with Jacksonville.

But Foles going down was not the end of Jacksonville’s season. After all it’s a next man up, business. And Jacksonville is no different. Well, Jacksonville is different. Because their next man up, was none other than…wait for it…  Gardner Minshew. Correction, Gardner Minshew II.

And all Gardner did was break two NFL records in his first NFL game. Starting with the fact that he completed first 13 passes. Rolls in off the bench in his first NFL game and completes his first 13 passes. Like it’s nothing.

And finished the game 22 of 25. And those three incompletions? All three were credited as drops.

Do you know how cool you have to be do that in your first game in the NFL? Cool as bleep. You have to be as cool as Gardner Minshew II.

If you don’t live on the West Coast and you aren’t familiar with Washington State football, you could be forgiven for not having Minshew Mania. But those days are over.

Because the Legend of Gardner Minshew II is incredible. And even if you think you know it, you don’t.

Let’s start with the fact that if he’s Gardner Minshew II, who is Gardner Minshew the first? There isn’t one. And even better than being named Gardner Minshew II when there isn’t a Gardner Minshew the first, is the fact that his grandfather voted to name him “Beowulf.”

Beowulf Minshew. There are some amazing sports names. But that unofficially contest that we have of the best sports names ever, would officially be over if his parents had slapped Beowulf on his birth certificate. Like, it’s nearly impossible to improve on Gardner Minshew II, but Beowulf Minshew is the best ever. The goat. Beowulf Minshew. Let that soak in.

And let this soak in.

Gardner Minshew II was never supposed to be here. Not just never supposed to be the starting quarterback for Jacksonville in Week 2, he wasn’t supposed to be in the NFL at all. He was supposed to be coaching by now.

Because, as he and I talked about on the show last year, after a couple of twists and turns in his college career, including seeing some action at East Carolina, he was headed to Alabama for his final season, essentially to be a graduate assistant in waiting under Nick Saban.

Then Mike Leach made the now-famous phone call that included the line: “Do you want to be a backup at Alabama, or lead the nation in passing?”

Minshew took the latter and sure enough, led the nation in passing, led Washington State to 11 wins, and made the Mississippi Moustache legendary, and had a blast, as he said yesterday.

But he’s so much more than a moustache. He’s all about doing a stretching routine that involves him either being naked or just wearing as jockstrap.

How would he describe his philosophy? He said last year that “Sometimes you’ve gotta have a little bit of ‘screw it.’ ”

No wonder this cat was rolling in off the bench in his first NFL game, shattering records like it was nothing. Sometimes you’ve gotta have a little bit of screw it.

And seeing him at his presser yesterday, did that seem like a guy who’s about to make his first NFL start? Did that seem like a guy who’s in awe of the situation? Did he seem like he was sweating it? Sweating anything?

Hell…, as he just realized, he’s now the longest-tenured Jags QB in the Jags qb room.

He even gave a shoutout to communications majors.

Hell yes. Way to be, Beowulf. The Gardner Minshew II Train is taking on passengers right now. If you’re thinking about getting on, do it. Because sometimes you’ve gotta have a little bit of screw it. And this dude is already a legend.