Bug Eyes Is Losing His Locker Room

The Jets are a mess.

Jim Rome
October 29, 2019 - 11:03 am
Adam Gase

USA Today


On Sunday, Joe Flacco took a run at the Broncos coaches for not taking chances late in the game. Roll it.

And then yesterday, the Broncos announced that Joe Flacco wouldn’t be playing this week due to a neck injury. And sure enough, the moment that went down, people started joking Flacco suffered a hurt neck when he stuck it out on Sunday. Or that Vic Fangio ordered a hit on Flacco’s neck after those comments.

And then Ian Rapoport reported this morning that Flacco is getting a second opinion on his neck and he could be out as long as five or six weeks.

I don’t know what exactly happened there or when it happened, but that is some seriously weird timing. And speaking of seriously weird timing, how about the timing of that ESPN report that Adam Gase is already in danger of losing the locker room. What? So soon?

You mean players aren’t loving the fact that they’re 1-6 and look like garbage on weekly basis?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I could do a Jets take every Monday and talk about how bad they are and how Adam Gase doesn’t really seem to know what he’s doing, but this is who they are. It would be like doing a take on the sun rising every morning. It’s nothing new.

So in a way, I’m breaking my own code here.

But then again, if there is a report that a head coach is on the verge of losing the locker room in his first season, that’s something new. And losing the locker room before Halloween in your first season would be a record-setting pace.

The season started in September. October isn’t even over and we’re already hearing this report? That’s some Usain Bolt stuff. You have to be working really hard and really fast to lose a team that quickly.

Then again, if you lose the Jacksonville to fall to 1-6 and your head coach’s response is too passive aggressively blame the players that could lose you the locker room.

Listen to Gase comparing his team to Jacksonville’s: "They, obviously, handled adversity a lot better than we did. We didn't really do anything we talked about in all three phases. We were poor and made a lot of mistakes."

You mean that didn’t get players fired up to play for him? Players didn’t hear the alleged offensive genius passively question their toughness and didn’t immediately rally to their head coach? That’s shocking.

Hearing him pass the buck didn’t make his players say, I will lay it all on the line this Sunday against the Dolphins because I want to get a win for Adam Gase in the Adam Gases Revenge Game? Hell no.

There was Jamal Adams saying this after the game on Sunday: "We're 1-6, man. I can't even count how many times…"It's been three years, man. I'm frustrated. I just want to win."

There’s the fact that Le’Veon Bell, who has been an upbeat and positive influence on the team left without speaking to reporters on Sunday.

And that Leonard Williams, the pro bowl defensive lineman, who actually was banging the drum for staying upbeat and not quitting on the season, was just traded to the Giants.

And there’s the fact that Sam Darnold appears to be trapped in some sort of injury vortex, where every week he gets to deal with a new, bizarre injury. And the fact that the offense is terrible. And that there was a stretch on Sunday where Darnold was sacked, hit, or contacted on 9 of 13 plays.

And there’s how the organization treated Kelechi Osemele, which probably isn’t going to win anyone over to Gase’s side.

If you see all that, you might think, if the Jets just get rid of Gase, maybe they could change thing. And then you see that video of team CEO, Christopher Johnson, having a conversation with a Jets fan who drove from Alabama to Jacksonville for Sunday’s game. And Johnson drops this bomb: “Yeah, well hopefully the team will actually show up this week.”

Spoiler alert: they did not. Double spoiler alert: you hired a coach who was fired by the Dolphins. What the hell did you expect? Gase is a problem, but this is bigger than Gase. When the team CEO is telling fans “hopefully the team will actually show up this week” that’s a problem.

That doesn’t mean you stick with Gase any longer than you have to, but thinking that getting rid of Gase will make everything all right is foolish. The team is 10-29 since Christopher Johnson took over. Some of that is on Gase’s watch, but all of it is on Johnson’s watch.

To recap: you’ve got a first year coach on the verge of losing the locker room and a team CEO shoving the team under oncoming buses. In other words, what you’ve got are the J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!