Cam Newton Is Injured

No way?

Jim Rome
September 18, 2019 - 11:00 am
Cam Newton

USA Today


This just in…Breaking news: Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is injured. Actually, that shouldn’t be breaking news on any level, but somehow it is.

If you’ve been paying attention, there is nothing shocking about an NFL quarterback being injured right now. It’s all the rage right now.

The most dangerous place to be in the NFL at the moment is under center or in the quarterback room. Because two games into the season, here’s a brief list of the quarterbacks who are out:

Nick Foles - collarbone

Ben Roethlisberger – elbow

Drew Brees – thumb


Trevor Siemian – Nearly severed leg

Andrew Luck – retired

In other words, it’s a really bad time to be a franchise quarterback. And yesterday Panthers GM Marty Hurney told the media that Cam Newton aggravated his foot injury in Thursday’s game. 

Really? No way. Talk about something coming out of left field! I had no idea. 

You mean that shell of Cam Newton we saw trying to play through pain on Thursday night wasn’t as healthy as the team made him out to be? You mean the former MVP who couldn’t hit wide ass open receivers, and who has rushed for minus two yards on the season, isn’t right. Crazy.

Are you telling me, that when everyone was told after Thursday night’s game not to worry about Cam’s foot, it turns out he has a jacked foot? Damn, that’s amazing.    

Newton was in a walking boot this morning and according to reports, is dealing with an aggravation of the midfoot sprain he suffered in preseason. And from the sounds of it, the team is preparing for Kyle Allen to be the starter this weekend.

So not only was he not as healthy as the team made him out to be, but when asked about Newton’s status for Sunday’s game against Arizona, Hurney said: “I don’t know. We’ll just take it day-by-day.”

Man, I am blown away. No, I’m not. 

There are two points here – one is that the Panthers are 0-2 and potentially looking at their franchise quarterback being out for a while. Which means it’s getting really late really early for the Panthers this year. 

And depending on how the next game or two goes, they better think long and hard about how they handle Newton’s return. Because you know he’s going to want to get back on the field as soon as possible. He’ll want to be out there early, and maybe too early. 

There isn’t a more tired stat in football than the one about the teams that start 0-2 and reach the playoffs. Jerome Bettis being from Detroit can’t believe how much that gets talked about. 

So the Panthers were already in a hole and that hole is getting bigger. And the questions they’re possibly facing might not be about this year, but about next year and the years beyond.

This is about protecting Cam Newton, something they pretty much have never done.  , the fact that he’s been absolutely pummeled over the years is one way they haven’t protected him. 

And then there’s how this injury situation has been handled since Thursday. 

Of course he was injured. Everyone who saw that game Thursday night knew that Newton wasn’t himself. Everyone knew he was carrying something or multiple things. 

Everyone knew that and we need to start having a serious conversation about that right now. I know that teams don’t want to talk about injuries.

They want to hide injuries or not reveal them because they don’t want their opponents to get an advantage from them.

But when you don’t talk about injuries, even after the game, when you tell everyone that Cam Newton is healthy and then when he has a performance like that, everyone is going to crush Cam Newton and say that he sucks. They’re going to say he’s washed up. That he’s not what he used to be. That he’s a shot fighter. 

All the blame is going to go to him. Like it’s somehow his fault, when in fact he’s playing while injured. 

Cam isn’t going to tell the world how badly he’s hurt. That’s not how he’s wired. He’s going to keep going out there and battling, even with a bad shoulder or a busted foot.

But when the team doesn’t say something until five days later, that’s five days that Newton’s rep has been battered. He’s been called overrated. Washed up. Shot. Empty. And that’s not fair to him. 

So as the Panthers start dealing with this injury, they should do something they haven’t done nearly enough since Cam Newton was drafted: protect Cam Newton. In every way possible. Both on and off the field. I know the guy wants to be out there. But running out there while he’s banged up is one thing, but running out there while he’s banged up and telling everyone he’s just fine is another. It wasn’t a question of whether or not he was hurt, but rather how badly. And now, both his body and his rep are battered, and the Panthers look to be circling the drain two games in.