The Clapper's In Trouble

Jets 24 Cowboys 22

Jim Rome
October 14, 2019 - 11:03 am
Jason Garrett

USA Today


After dropping back to back games to Super Bowl contenders, yesterday’s game against the Jets was supposed to be the ultimate get-right game for the Cowboys.

Dallas had just lost tough games to the Saints and the Packers, but now they got the Jets. A winless team that had been outscored 101-39.

Sure, New York was getting their franchise QB back from an enlarged spleen, but when the offense had been averaging 4.25 points per game, how much would that matter?

If there was ever a game to get the offense rolling and letting the defense eat, it was this.

Spoiler alert: no it wasn’t! 

Instead of working the Jets, they got worked by the Jets. And Jason Garrett got worked by Adam Gase. The Crazy Clapper got worked by Crazy Eyes.

They didn’t just lose to the Jets, they were down 21-3 in the first half. And it was humiliating.

The Jets were doing things like this...

That is embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as Dallas needing a second half comeback to make it a game, and then a two-point conversion to tie it up.

Honestly, if you’re a Cowboy fan, it might be better that you lost that game and everyone has to wear it. Instead of somehow escaping with a win and just erasing it. Because then you start to convince of a lot things that just aren’t true: namely, that you were ready to play that game. They weren’t. And that you’re team really is elite. When it’s not. And that it has a lot of grit and toughness. They don’t. Not if they’re if they’re wounded, desperate for a win, and facing a league wide embarrassment, and still get choked out.  You are who you record says you are. And I’m talking about the last three weeks, not the first three when you got fat against some scrubs and were walking around like you were super bowl caliber. That was a mirage. That was fool’s gold. That was just a lie. 

Because THIS was brutal. 

Sure, the offense was missing its left tackle and right tackle and Randall Cobb before the game. And losing Amari Cooper during the game didn’t help. Same with all the guys who were going down on defense, but this a Cowboys team that was hyping its depth. And more importantly than what they did have, was what they DID HAVE: NAMELY, THE JETS.   

What’s worse – that the Cowboys defense couldn’t get pressure on Sam Darnold or that the Jets got a ton of pressure on Dak Prescott? And that Prescott took some serious hits?

I’d say everyone has to wear that, but in this case they really don’t. This is one is one guy and one guy only.  No names mentioned.  The clapper.  Jason Garrett.  Because his team was not ready to play. He cannot be beaten by THAT opponent or THAT coach. Not if you want to be considered a Super Bowl team. Or even a playoff team.

Jason La Canfora reported before the game that Jerry Jones was “very intrigued” by Lincoln Riley? I’d say by halftime, that “very intrigued” by Lincoln Riley could’ve been upgraded to here’s a blank check, Linc. Lincoln Riley could walk into the Cowboys facility, cold, today and get more of out the Cowboys in their next game than Garrett did yesterday. 

If Jerrah could’ve gotten Riley there for the second half yesterday, he would’ve. Gas up Cowboy One, send it to Norman, and send the Clapper packing.

But afterwards, Jones wasn’t talking about firing Garrett: "I'm going to be very trite. I was a lot happier with what he had done the first three games than what's happened the last three games. But the big thing I want to say is it's not just him. This is across the board. That had a lot of input out there tonight to get in that spot."

He had more: "If you really look at it, you can't take one thing. It can be a list of 15 things, with some having more of an emphasis on maybe the player, the execution, mistakes, breaks -- all of those kinds of things. Across the board, we did not play well enough to win. Had we been able to tie this thing up, or win that thing at the end, it wouldn't be because we played well. You guys would be writing about a team that did not play well that won a game. Instead, you're writing about [what] usually happens to you when you don't play well.”

That all sounds very reasonable. Except for the fact that Jason Garrett is in the final year of his contract, the team as a lot of talent, and…THEY JUST LOST TO THE JETS.

I’m not saying that one game should determine a coach’s fate, but if that was ever the case, it was yesterday. And it was the Cowboys losing to the Jets.

And for all the talk from Jones about it not being Garrett’s fault, here’s a key tweet from Calvin Watkins who covers the Cowboys for the Dallas Morning News.

Jerry Jones looks shaken.

Of course he looks shaken: that’s look of a man who just got punked by the Jets and whose team was exposed as the frauds they are. That could not have gone any worse than it did for him; for them, and for the clapper. That’s the look of a guy who is always the last one to know, but finally figured out they aren’t going anywhere with the clapper leading from the front. 

For years, there have been two constants in the NFL: no matter what happens, the Patriots are going to the AFC championship game. And no matter what happens, Jason Garrett will not get fired.

That Garrett was essentially unfirable; that The bond between Jerry and Jason has been so strong, it didn’t matter how badly the team played or horrible things got, Jason could keep right on clapping and keep right on working.

The guy who couldn’t wait to run off Jimmy Johnson, couldn’t wait to keep Jason Garrett. JG has been bulletproof for years. The guy just walks around in Teflon, clapping and smiling.

But it feels like that’s finally changing. It feels like time is starting to run out. Listen, I’m not looking to get anyone fired; I’m not looking to take food off anyone’s table. Ever.  I’m just saying Jason Garrett is entering Jay Gruden’s “if the key works Monday, keep working”…. Territory. And he should consider really fortunate that his key still worked this morning.  Because it would not have been a surprise if it didn’t. And even though Jerrah doesn’t like to make moves in season, another day like yesterday, and there no way the clapper’s key will work. Because these guys were built to win right now, and now under the clapper, we don’t know week to week if they’re even going to get off the bus. I’d say coach em up, clapper. but if you could, you would have by now.  How bout them Cowboys!!!