Clips Are Already Really Good

Mission accomplished, Pat.

Jim Rome
October 25, 2019 - 10:37 am
Patrick Beverley

USA Today


Last night was another spicy one in the Association. You had the Rockets and Bucks going at it. And Trae Young going off and doing things like this.

Taking a shot from the logo is an expression. It’s not usually literal. Except in that case it was. Both feet were inside the midcourt logo when he let that go and drained it. Absolutely ridiculous.

Kind of reminds you of a guy who used to do that in Oakland. And now is doing it in San Francisco.

Did you check that transition from a Hawks-Pistons highlight to talking about the Clippers-Warriors game? Because that’s what I’m doing.

The Warriors opened up their new joint in San Francisco last night and they had the Clippers there to christen the building. And that’s exactly what the Clips did.

They came in and scored the first 14 points in the new building. It was 14-0 before the Warriors got on the board.

What’s weirder – that the Warriors were outscored 14-0 in their new building or that the Warrior who scored the first points in the new house was D’Angelo Russell.

None of that computes. None of that feels right. And from a Warriors standpoint, nothing felt right at all last night.

No Klay Thompson. No Kevin Durant. No Andre Iguodala. No Shaun Livingston. You knew that was going to be the case, but it still felt very weird when it was reality. And even weirder when they got run out of their own building on opening night 141-122.  Their sparkling new dream building. 

The Clippers did to the Warriors what the Warriors have done to everyone else for the last five years. Dominate at both ends, string together huge runs, and generally humiliate opponents.

And if you’re a Warriors fan and you’re thinking, that’s just the Clippers, they’re a beast, you can throw that game out the window, it’s just one of 82. Happens…happens to us all.  If you’re thinking that, Steve Kerr has news for you.

"This is not a one-off, this is the reality. There's going to be nights like this this year. You've got to play through it, you've got to keep fighting and keep getting better. That's the plan."

In other words, that’s not an aberration: that’s our new normal. They have a very young team. A lot of new pieces. And there are going to be nights like this. Kerr went on to say: "Losing stinks. It's no fun. This is more the reality of the NBA. ... The last five years we've been living in a world that isn't supposed to exist. Five years of, if I remember, the best record anybody's ever had over five years. So this is reality, nine guys 23 or younger, and we're starting over in many respects."

For years, the Warriors could lock you down on defense and light you up on offense. Last night, it was clear that they are going to have issues scoring without Klay and the defense was, well, how would you describe the defense that gave up 46 points in the third quarter, Draymond? “Our defense was atrocious."

And to make it even more clear: "We bleeping sucked. And we gotta get better. I'm not a coach, so I'm not about to go watch a film and say, 'Oh, well we can build on this.' I really don't give a damn about what we can build on. We sucked tonight, and we gotta get better overall. And that's just what it is."

That IS just what it is. And what it is, is hard to watch. Unless you’re a clipper fan: and then it’s incredible.  Because I’ve already seen enough of the Clippers to say, they’re damn good.  Damn good.  Like legitimate championship favorite good: and they’re only going to get better.  Because they’re already on the same page, two games in. Already with two statement wins. 

There was Kawhi Leonard going for 21 points and five rebounds in 21 minutes. Oh, and he had 9 assists as well, doing things like this.

Kawhi Leonard if you need him, shutting down Oracle and closing down Chase.

But it wasn’t just Kawhi. It was everyone, there was even a Patrick Patterson three-point barrage montage.

7 players in double figures. Never trailed in the game. And treated the fourth quarter like an organized scrimmage.

As I said after opening night, they are already in midseason form. They aren’t cruising out of the gate, trying to find their rhythm. They know what their rhythm is and where it comes from. It comes from this guy.

Patrick Beverley diving on the floor for loose balls and stepping onto the floor with a mission: "We wanted to kind of beat them down. Beat them down, beat them down, beat them down to the point that, it was me, Mo [Maurice Harkless], of course Kawhi [Leonard], [Landry Shamet] did a helluva job. We just kept putting bodies on them trying to make it as tough as possible."

Mission accomplished, Pat. He is a huge reason why this team is so good already. Because he is fired up every time he takes the court. My guy was already fined 25 grand for throwing a ball into the stands when he celebrated the win over the Lakers in Game 1 of the season.

And he retweeted an article about him being fined with the caption: Fans were so great tried to give them the GAME BALL!! SORRY

And then retweeted a DM he received from someone who claims to have caught the ball and was thrilled. He captioned that: It’s ok. I won’t change

I know you won’t, Pat. You can’t. And it’s a damn good thing you can’t. Because everyone who doesn’t have to go up against you is better for it. And we’re all counting on you to stay exactly the same. And you know he will. He’s the guy who takes it upon himself to make sure nobody sleepwalks: "I take the responsibility to make sure we are up every (bleeping) day and play everybody like we’re playing the Western and Eastern Conference all-Stars combined. That’s my job to make sure we’re ready each and every game."

Damn if that dude could bottle his IT and sell that IT, I’d give him every last dime I have. 

Because  as the blowout was being finalized and Warrior fans started leaving the new building before the game was over, nobody loved that more than Pat.

Vintage Pat. An elite competitor who brings it every night. And two games into this season, the Clippers aren’t just living up to the hype as title favorites, they’re smashing it.