Falcons vs. Eagles

Helluva a way to end the weekend.

Jim Rome
September 16, 2019 - 11:26 am
Isaiah Oliver and Zach Ertz

USA Today


In Week 1, it was the Pats blowing out the Steelers in the Sunday night game. Last night, it was the Eagles and the Falcons in a brawl. A ridiculous brawl. 

But not one you necessarily want to see. In fact, if you’re a Matt Ryan Hater, you had plenty of juice in your tank for most of the night. And if you think Carson Wentz is overrated, it wouldn’t have been hard to point out why last night. 

But both guys kept grinding, as you expect a couple of dudes with their pedigree would.  . And they both showed up huge when it was needed most. 

The Eagles were so busted up, they were practically running out of guys for Wentz to throw to. At one point, I thought they were going to lob a phone call to Eagle legend Jason Avant to see if he still had a gamer and screw ins. 

And you know he does. And you know he would’ve gone for three hundred yards if they asked. Because Jason Avant he is the man. Jason Avant has got great hands.  In fact, he’s a fine man, I like him a lot. And he catches everything that gets thrown in his general direction.

And then from bad to worse, when Wentz himself was injured. But then he came back.  And dude was out there, just slinging and get lit up by the Falcons defense. And pulling off absolutely ridiculous plays like this.

But Atlanta was right there. That was there game. But they couldn’t finish. They couldn’t put Philly. They couldn’t choke them out. And to not do would be disastrous. Lose that game, at home, to an Eagles team that was about a play away from seeing if Mike Quick still had a few plays left in him, would have been devastating for the Falcons. Especially after how they were embarrassed in Week 1. I think I saw Harold Carmichael reaching for his pads. 

There was no way they could start the season off with two losses like that. I know they’ve been banged up on the offensive line, but there is no way you start a season by getting blown out in Minnesota and then come back home to lose to a banged up Eagles team and still consider yourself a Super Bowl contender, much less a playoff team. 

But that’s what the Falcons were looking at. Matt Ryan was off. He’d thrown three interceptions. He’d overthrown receivers for touchdowns on back to back plays. And ol Trevor Pryce was setting up shop in order to come in here, wreck shop and call Matt Ryan the most overrated player in the history of the NFL.

And then came 4th and three from their own 46. Just over two minutes left. Down three. Roll it.

I’m not sure what was more impressive, Julio Jones hitting the turbo button on the Eagles secondary or Jake Matthews hitting the dump truck button on the Eagles secondary.

To quote my man, coach K, I mean daaaamn! Julio hit the Jets. Jake hit the steamroller. 

And Julio went full Bo Jackson, running into the tunnel after he scored.

Amazing moment.  But that game still wasn’t over. Because the Eagles came right back.  Did anyone really think Carson Wentz was going to turtle after that?

Hell no. and on fourth and 14 from his own 39, with the game on the line, Wentz did this.

At that point, how could you not think Philly wasn’t going to rip that game. You know you did, Falcon fan. Pretty much everyone did. And Nelson Agholor who had an absolutely unforgivable drop moments early, came right back to make up for it with a near impossible grab. So it was right there for Philly to steal, and possibly end Atlanta’s season in the process. 

But, Wentz went incomplete, 2-yard gain, and incomplete to set up this play. 4th and 8 from the Atlanta 16. Wentz finds Zach Ertz but Falcons cornerback Isaiah Oliver stops him short the 1st. Just short. An absolutely textbook tackle from Oliver. He’s listed at 6 feet, 210. Ertz goes 6’5, 250. And Oliver just straight stoned him. Did not give him an inch, because that’s about all that Ertz would’ve needed to get the first down and keep the game going.

A kick in the junk loss for the Eagles, who had no business ripping it, but nearly did. Huge win for the Falcons, who had to have it. Lose that and the season is over before September is over and everyone is saying, same old Falcons. Instead, they find a way to win and keep everyone from smashing the panic button after Week 2. And they did it by having Julio Jones go Julio Jones when it mattered most. Helluva a way to end the weekend and a helluva weekend it was. And plenty more where that came.