Game, Set, Odell.

Gregg who?

Jim Rome
September 17, 2019 - 10:01 am
Odell Beckham Jr.

USA Today


Nobody wants to hear someone say I told you so…because everyone hates that guy. So I won’t do it. Yes, I will.  I… told… you… so.  …. Everyone busted out their shovels, pushed the Browns into the shallow grave and started throwing dirt on them. Everyone threw them in the trash. Blasted them for being overrated. Said they were the same old Browns. Said that the hype had gone to their heads. 

Not me. I said it right here. And I said it on the NFL Today on CBS – the Browns were not done. And that they would win last night. Cleveland 23, Jets 3, Haters zero.

Hell yes. 1-0 on the week. Enjoy it, haters. And enjoy that video that the Browns official twitter account posted of the fellas doing the opening credits to Friends.

Juice, Odell, Damarious, Denzel, JC, and Joel goofing off around a couch, ice tubs, and a Gatorade fountain is the perfect way to celebrate a win. 

Now, the Browns will be the first ones to tell you, that wasn’t pretty. There is still a lot of work to be done, things that have to be cleaned up. And their upcoming schedule is a meatgrinder, but everyone who buried them last week, can slam that crow sando down their throats right now. 

No…the offense is not a finished product: but there were flashes. Like this. 


Odell. Cornelious. Beckham. Jr, if you need him. America’s Receiver.

And that is how you show up, in your old house, on the opening drive. That catch was ridiculous, but he makes it look so easy, that it’s almost tempting to see it and just shrug.  Like, yeah? And? Dude does it every day in practice. Hell, he practically does it every week in games. Seen it a million times. Been there, done that. Tell me something I don’t already know. Show me something I haven’t already seen. 

Or…or… you could see that clip and think, wait a second, did you see his visor? There’s too much tint on it!

We’re not having that! Who the hell let Darth Vader on the field? And what’s he doing in an OBJ gamer?  If we let that guy do that, others will want to do that, then all of our players won’t look and act exactly the same. And what if kids are watching. What will they think if they see a dude with a tinted visor?? 

The officials weren’t having it… at all. And made him leave the game on third down, in the redzone to address that dangerous and wrong message sending visor immediately! Because that’s an important thing to take care of, right then, right in that moment.

We don’t need to get into a discussion about some of the leagues absurd uniform rules, but if the visor is such a huge deal, either address it before the game or after that series. Not right in the middle of the series. 

Then again, the referees are absolutely killing it so far this season, so they probably got this one right and nobody should complain about it. 

The only person happy about Beckham being taken out of the game for that tinted visor was Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. 

You remember Gregg, right? He was the guy who had his press conference earlier this week and included some real beauties, like “Odell who?”

Has anyone, anywhere, at any time, ever, been more proud of anything than Gregg Williams was of Gregg Williams for getting off that line? Odell who?!?!? Dude just sat there, styling it; and admiring his work. 

And then when a reporter referred to Beckham as “one of the most dynamic receivers in the league,” Williams immediately brought the fire! Opened up his gap, to spill copious amounts of burning lava, quote:  “That’s your opinion. What’s New York’s opinion? The Giants opinion? What did the Giants do?” Again, the question, in that moment, was there anyone, anywhere in the world happier to be who they were than Gregg Williams was Gregg Williams?  Quote…THAT’S YOUR OPINION.  WHAT’S NEW YORK’S OPINION? THE GIANTS OPINION. WHAT DID THE GIANTS DO.? 

Well, Triple G, how you feeling now? What’s your opinion? The Jets opinion? What did the Jets do? 

Then, again this is the same look at me dude, who actually chastised the media during the week, saying “You guys are cooperating, giving him attention. Just don’t give him attention.”  The same guy who roasted Odell before the game, only to get completely abused and humiliated by him during the game:

Gregg, you and your crew might want to give Odell a little more attention. Because he just made you look like a clown. 

He went from zero to sixty in a hurry. Well, not sixty, but 21.7 miles per hour, the fastest that any NFL player has run on a scoring play this year. 

I’m surprised Gregg Williams didn’t go Woody Hayes and sprint onto the field at that point to take down Beckham. And would anyone have been surprised if he did? Ran onto the field screaming, AFFECT THE HEAD!  AFFECT THE HEAD DAMMIT!!  AFFECT THE FREAKING HEAD!! 

And you knew Beckham was going to have something for Gregg after the game, and he did. When asked about TRIPLE G, GREGG, at the podium, his response was, and I quote: 


Perfect. He just did to Gregg Williams what everyone tried to do to the Browns after last week – stuffed him in a trashcan. 

Come back to New York, play in your old stadium, make reference to all the games you lost in that stadium playing on a bad team, have 6 receptions for 161 yards and a touchdown, make a miraculous one handed grab early  and then drop a “who?” After the game. Game. Set. Match. Beckham. Thanks for coming, dope. 

And Baker Mayfield also had a Jesus gem for Triple G.

It was a bad take by Gregg. Just like saying the Browns were done after Week 1 was a bad take. 

Again, Beckham and the rest of the Browns would be the first to tell you, that was not a perfect performance. They are not a finished product. And they do need to get better on both sides of the ball.  

Myles Garrett had one nasty sack after another, but he also had too many penalties. The offense never quite got into rhythm and Baker Mayfield didn’t seem completely comfortable behind that offensive line. All of that needs to improve, especially with the Rams coming up next. But this isn’t about that, this is about righting the ship, preventing a panic, and getting to 1-0 on the week. Which is exactly they did. Not dead, can’t quit.  And believe me, no one in that locker room was going to after one bad week. Even if rats were scurrying to jump off that ship and everyone was rushing in to bury them after just one game. 

Again....I’m not saying they are where they need to be, overall. I AM saying, they did what they needed to do. They handled their business and responded to the challenge.  And Beckham abused and embarrassed the hell out of triple G, Gregg Williams.