Give The Nats Some Credit

Nattitude is now legit.

Jim Rome
October 10, 2019 - 11:36 am
Howie Kendrick

USA Today


For all the talk about the Dodgers blowing that last night, how about a little respect for the Nationals winning it? I mean, for real.

Hey, did you know that the Nationals were 12 games below .500 in May? Crazy, right? Signed, Jerome Bettis is from Detroit

Did you know that the Nationals had never won a postseason series? Signed, AJ Hawk married Brady Quinn’s sister

I know that fact that Washington was dead and buried in the regular season has been overplayed, but this is their identity. It’s who they are.

They’re most dangerous when they’re wounded. And if you don’t end them when you can, they will end you.

They are a zombie team. I mean, how many times have these guys been left for dead?? They were supposed to be done before the start of the year when Bryce Harper left.

They were supposed to be done during the year when they couldn’t win games and their manager was about to be fired. They were supposed to be done in the postseason when they were four outs away from losing to the Brewers in the Wild Card game.

And they were supposed to be dead when they got into this series against the best team in baseball and one of the best regular season teams of all time.

And they were supposed to be dead when they fell behind in the first inning. Teams that score first are 74-41 in winner-take-all games.

And everyone one in that stadium thought they were dead when they were six outs away from losing last night. And even when they tied it up, they should have been dead: - only three road teams had ever won a clinching Game 5 in extra innings.

And then there’s the fact that the Nationals as a team have never really won anything. And the franchise hasn’t won in nearly 40 years.

Nattitude was a joke. Nattitude was a punch line. Nattitude was losing every time they reached the playoffs. And now Natttitude is legit. These are some bad bad dudes. 

GM Mike Rizzo said afterwards: “To win these type of games against this type of teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers, your stars have to be stars. Our stars were stars tonight, and I think that’s what carried us through.”

Washington’s stars were stars last night. And that was the difference. Their stars were huge bleeping stars and the Dodgers stars, with the exception of Walker Buehler, were not.

Anthony Rendon played like an MVP. Juan Soto was a monster. Stephen Strasburg battled his ass off. They all stepped up. And Howie Kendrick, the guy who could not had a bigger disaster of a series in the field, had the biggest moment of them all.

As Rendon said, "He's the epitome of a professional. He's what? He's, like, 45 years old and still doing this. But, man, I mean, we're all going to make mistakes, we're all going to make errors, we're human, we're not perfect people. That's a part of the game. He's not going to give up. He's just going to continue to keep on trucking, and that man can hit. So he did what he needed to do."

Kendrick is the epitome of a professional and the Nats are the epitome of not dead, can’t quit.  Not dead, can’t quit.  They aren’t dead. And I’m starting to think they can’t be killed.

“Stay in the fight” isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a mantra. It’s a way of life. And these brawlers from DC are looking to curb-stomp someone else. Put some respect on them because what they did last night was the epitome of bad ass.

You have to choke these dudes out when you have the chance. The Brewers and now the Dodgers both failed. Get up early, and ICE them… if not they will tap you the hell out… EVERY FREAKING TIME.