The Idiots Who Booed Andrew Luck

That was embarrassing. That was disgraceful.

Jim Rome
August 27, 2019 - 10:47 am
Andrew Luck

USA Today


And now it’s time for you idiots with your Andrew Luck takes. I’m talking about the complete dopes who are mad at Andrew Luck for his decision.

And even worse, the losers who are saying he isn’t tough, that he’s soft, that he’s a quitter, or that he’s taking the easy way out.

Not that I should have to do this, because his toughness is not up for debate, but apparently among some morons, it is. So here is a brief history of injuries as provided by Zak Keefer, who covers the Colts:

- Torn cartilage in 2 ribs

- Partially torn abdomen

- A lacerated kidney that left him peeing blood

- At least 1 concussion

- A torn labrum in his throwing shoulder

- And this mysterious calf/ankle issue that led to this

That is a quick summary and those are the ones we know about. That doesn’t include busted up fingers, jacked up feet, shots to the head, and so on.

This is a guy who was pressured on more than 1100 dropbacks in his first 70 games. He was sacked more than anyone else in the league during that time.

And yet somehow, as the Checkdown points out, this is a guy who used to congratulate and encourage opponents when they hit them

And yet that guy, who led the league in being sacked at the start of his career, that guy who played through a torn labrum, who had a kidney ripped open, and was pissing blood…despite all that, that same guy  was booed off the field on Saturday night….by his own fans.

Bloody Shame and a horrible look on everyone who was there and did that. I don’t care if you’re angry that you paid for season tickets and you aren’t going to get to see him play this year. Screw that.

That was embarrassing. That was disgraceful. How about a thank you? How about a tip of the cap and some recognition of the physical and mental pain he’s been going through?

If anyone ever deserved a standing ovation, it’s Andrew Luck. Because he laid it on the line week in and week out.

Not tough? The guy missed an entire season and came back better than ever.

His mentality was that if his offense turned the ball over, he was the one who was going to drill the guy who got the ball. And that went back to his time at Stanford.

Just ask USC’s Shareece Wright if Luck was tough or not.

Andrew Luck went into every game knowing that he was going to get the crap beaten out of him and he didn’t complain. He didn’t blame teammates or the front office.

So don’t blame Andrew Luck.

If you want to blame someone, blame the Colts previous front office. The one that thought that Luck was so tough, they didn’t have to put an offensive line in front of him.

The one that ran him out behind 40 different offensive line combinations in his first 83 games. They were the ones who cost you Andrew Luck. They were the ones who put him in this situation. They were the ones who ended his career early.

You want to say he’s not tough? You want to say that guy is soft? I’m going to say you’re a loser. And you aren’t even close to Andrew Luck’s toughness.

Forget lasting seasons in the NFL, you wouldn’t last a series in the NFL. That’s just a fact.

Just like it’s a fact that Luck isn’t leaving because he’s tired. Your idea of tired and his idea of tired are two completely different things. This isn’t just something that he can sleep off. Or take a couple months and it will go away.

On Saturday night, did that look like a guy who was skipping out on his team? Did that look like a guy who was ducking out the back door? Hell no.

This is a guy who has poured everything he has into the game of football, a game that he loves, for his entire life. And now he has to walk away. That is tough as hell.  

And don’t come in here and say, Hey Rome, I’d happily trade jobs with him for all the money that he makes.

If you only see this in terms of money, you’re telling on yourself. And if you see his decision in terms of toughness, you’re telling on yourself again. 

You’re telling me that you don’t know pain and you don’t know football.

Because I don’t see too many football players calling him out. In fact, I don’t see any. Not the guys he played with. Not the guys he went up against. And not the guys who came before him. Because all those guys know the pain that comes along with playing the game. And the price you have to pay to play it. It’s not a matter of if you get hurt in the NFL, it’s a matter of when and how badly.

So…no…I don’t see his teammates saying he’s soft. Because they know the pain that he’s suffered, the work that he’s put in, and the toll it’s taken on him.

What I do see is people talking tough from their couches and cushy armchairs. I see a lot of Twitter Tough Guys saying that Luck is soft or weak for leaving. And that tells me everything you need to know about those guys.

It tells me they’re so weak and so soft themselves that they have to take a run at a real tough guy to make themselves feel good. They think thumbing out some edgy tweet and being “controversial” is tough. 

It’s stupid. It’s demeaning. And it’s embarrassing. You're embarrassing yourselves when you say something like that. And if you have a take like that and don’t recognize how big a dumbass that makes you, it’s just sad.

Because there is nothing soft or weak about playing just one game in the NFL. Go down on the field and watch from the sidelines and you’ll see that it isn’t a game - it’s a series of car accidents. Over and over and over again. 

And anyone who steps on that field for even one series is tough as hell. And to do it as long as he did and take the shots that he did, you have to be one of the toughest people on the planet.

I’ll give the last word to Frank Gore, who said when Luck missed the 2017 season, “Bleep, that quarterback is tough. When he gets healthy, bleep, that’s a tough motherbleeper.”