Jalen Ramsey Traded To Rams

Blockbuster deal.

Jim Rome
October 16, 2019 - 9:34 am
Jalen Ramsey

USA Today


With the NFL trade deadline bearing down on us, Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead told Kimberly Martin of Yahoo on Friday that when it comes to making moves: “We only live once, so don’t live your life scared.”

Hell. Yes. Preach, Les!

And yesterday, Snead went out and  backed that up. He brought in Austin Corbett from Cleveland, sent Aqib Talib to the IR, sent Marcus Peters to Baltimore, and in the biggest move of all, brought in Jalen Ramsey from Jacksonville.

That is the very definition of not scared. An undisclosed draft pick to Cleveland for Corbett, who they hope will help the offensive line. And they get linebacker Kenny Young and what is reportedly a fifth round pick for Peters.

Oh…And they sent two firsts and a fourth to Jacksonville for Ramsey.

And I love it.

It’s a big swing, A big ass swing. Les Snead just shoved a huge pile of chips to the center of the table, then took off his watch and threw that down on top of it, and tossed in his car keys as well.

And I couldn’t respect it any more than I do... It’s a statement. It says, don’t live scared. Be aggressive. Let it rip. We are all in. All day. Every day. 

Because you don’t know how long that Super Bowl window would be open. It wasn’t that long ago that Jacksonville was a play away from the Super Bowl. And then they bottomed out. Things change in hurry, so while that window is open, you do everything you can to win.

Of course, it’s a risky deal. Of course, it’s a steep price. But, it feels like a decent price for an All-Pro cornerback, especially one who the Eagles were reportedly chasing hard.

As Jason La Canfora had reported a while ago, two first round picks were already on the table for Ramsey. So it’s not like the market was saying that Ramsey was worth a fifth round pick and Snead came barreling through the door with two ones and a four.

You don’t get Jalen Ramsey without giving up something.

And from a Jags perspective, of course they made this deal. They had to. Ramsey made it clear he wanted nothing to do with them and wasn’t going to play. That was personal between Ramsey and Tom Coughlin, so for all the talk about how the team didn’t want to trade him, they were going to trade him. Did anyone really believe that they were going to be able to keep him after everything that went down? I can understand why they’d want to keep him, but did anyone really think they could? When he made it clear the bridge had been torched. And he didn’t want to be there?  Hell no. They had to move him. Just as Jags owner Shad Khan had to say we’re not trading him, if they wanted to get anything near fair market value for him. It was just a matter of who he was going to, when and for how much. 

Because , as good as Ramsey is and as much as you never want to give up on young talent, when it’s clear he doesn’t want to be there and isn’t going to play, you better move him. Only a team like Washington would be so stubborn and moronic as to hold onto a valuable asset who’s made it clear he doesn’t want to play for them. 

So the fact that Jacksonville traded Ramsey isn’t a surprise. And the fact that the Rams traded for him shouldn’t be a surprise either. This is Les Snead.

Because Les Snead’s not scared. And he’s done it before. 

And yes, I know this trade means they’ll continue their run of years without a first round pick. I’m guessing Les knows that too. And he knows that their window is open right now. He’ll give up those first round picks for the relative certainty of established players.

And Jalen Ramsey is an established player. Better yet, he’s a star. He’s an absolute stud. He makes your defense better the moment he steps on the field. You don’t need me to run down all the numbers to prove it. He talks junk and he backs it up. And he has everything you need to be a star in this city.

Les Snead is not a fool. He’s not running around with a No Fear hat and a Born To Lose tattoo on his chest.

He knows that bringing in Ramsey doesn’t help their depth, or their outside pass rush, and I’m not sure how much Corbett helps the offensive line, and none of it is going to make Todd Gurley healthier. But it is brass as hell.

As a wise man once said, you play to win the game. So go freaking try to win the game. Too many teams in pro sports are happy just doing the bare minimum. Too many GM’s are too focused on playing it safe and not getting fired. They’re happy with a single that maybe, just maybe, they can stretch into a double.

Les Snead is digging into the batter’s box, pointing to the upper deck, and swinging out of his ass.

And bringing in a soon-to-be 25 year old with Hall of Fame potential at cornerback is just that.

Fact is, they aren’t happy with being 3-3. They’re aren’t happy with losing games to Tampa, Seattle, and San Francisco. They aren’t happy looking up at the 49ers and Seahawks and thinking about what the future of this division might be.

They aren’t okay with going to a Super Bowl, getting close, and then having a mediocre season after it. So many GM’s in this situation would just shrug and mutter something about “Super Bowl hangover” and do nothing at the deadline.

Snead is taking out the biggest club and trying to drive the green. Is there a chance he goes in the water? Sure. But we only live once, so don’t live your life scared. I love that.

And I love what it could mean for Wade Phillips and their defense in terms of being able to play man coverage and potentially get after the quarterback.

And yes, I’m aware of the fact that they just gave up a lot for a guy who doesn’t have a contract in place. And that last July, the Rams paid Todd Gurley a boatload. And last August, the Rams paid Aaron Donald a boatload. And this September, the Rams paid Jared Goff a boatload. I’m guessing Les Snead is aware of that as well.

I doubt he set down the phone after the trade was official and then thought, “oh crap!, we’re paying out a lot of money and we’re going to have to pay Ramsey too.” He knows that. I’m going to just go ahead and assume that he has a plan for paying Ramsey. 

And a plan for taking the guy who used to shout “Duuuuuvalllllll” and changing that to “Whose house? Rams house.” A totally brass move from a guy with a history of them and I love it.