Jared Goff's New Deal

Goff's getting more than double the guaranteed Zeke is. Reportedly.

Jim Rome
September 04, 2019 - 10:24 am
Jared Goff

USA Today


Before the breaking news of Ezekiel Elliott’s incredible, shocking contract that absolutely nobody saw coming, the new contract spotlight actually belonged to Jared Goff.

Because with very little fanfare, he agreed to a four-year extension with the Los Angeles Rams last night that is reportedly worth $134 million and includes an NFL-record $110 million guaranteed.

And that is why you want to be a quarterback and not a running back.

Ezekiel Elliott is getting a deal that has 50 million reportedly guaranteed, Jared Goff is getting one that reportedly has more than double that guaranteed.

And it is allegedly the most guaranteed money in league history. Reportedly. Possibly. Maybe. And for now. That title of most guaranteed money in league history is such a weird one because it’s always changing hands and each time it does, everyone freaks out that the person who gets it isn’t worthy of it.

As always, the hard facts of the contract are probably different than what’s being reported right now, but it just goes to show you that running backs are nowhere near quarterbacks when it comes to value.

And that for all the hype and attention being paid to Elliott and his situation, Goff and the Rams quietly did a deal reportedly worth double that.

I didn’t see Stan Kroenke out there talking about car accidents and pie and saying “Jared who?” And Goff wasn’t throwing to receivers in Cabo and the world wasn’t getting breathless Twitter updates from people who saw him on a commercial flight back to the States.

There wasn’t the hype or fanfare about this deal, yet it is so much bigger than the Elliott deal.

And just as every new contract for a running back means that we have to have the debate about whether it’s worth paying a running back big money, when it comes to quarterbacks, we have to debate whether they deserve the contracts that their getting.

And my policy on this is clear: if someone will pay you it, you’re worth it. And in the NFL, you’re probably worth even more.

And in the case of Jared Goff, he’s worth it.

He is a franchise quarterback. Yeah, I said it. And if you have a problem with that, that’s on you, not me. Or Goff. In the last two years, he’s thrown for nearly 8,500 yards and 60 touchdowns. He’s been named to a pair of Pro Bowls and gone 24-7 over that stretch.

Quick – name the two other quarterbacks in the NFL who’ve won that many games in the last two seasons?

Need more time?  Ehhhhhhh!! Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

The list of quarterbacks with 24 wins in the last two seasons is: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Jared Goff. You still want to say he’s not a franchise quarterback?

You want to give some credit to Sean McVay? Cool. But McVay isn’t the one throwing the balls or taking the hits.

I’m fine with giving some credit to McVay, but look who he gives credit to – Goff. You never hear McVay say that it’s all about the coaching. He hypes his guy and not just because he’s his guy, but because he knows they’re a great fit together. Quarterback and coach, quarterback and offense.

Again, if you want to put this all on McVay, that’s fine, but this deal doesn’t get done without McVay being all in favor of it. If McVay thought that he could take anyone off the street and turn him into a Pro Bowl quarterback, they’d do that and use the money elsewhere.

But the fact that he hasn’t done that should tell you something. If you want to believe in McVay, you better believe in the guy McVay believes in.

Because here’s another aspect of Goff – the dude is tough. He is mentally and physically tough.

The turnaround that Goff has made is absolutely incredible. Do you remember his rookie year? Do you remember when he started seven games and lost all seven? Do you remember when he was being called a bust and the trade to get him was a franchise-ruiner?

I barely do.

Because since then, he’s won two straight division titles and took his team to a Super Bowl. Carson Wentz was the next big thing: the closest thing to a sure thing: and one of the previous benchmarks for quarterbacks and Goff has done more than he has.

Most guys in that situation who experience what he experienced in his first year go into the tank and never come out. All that losing, all those hits, get to them and ruin them. Goff came out in a hurry. Came out like it never happened. 

And as always, paying a quarterback isn’t about how good they are, but how good their timing is. And Goff’s is pretty damn good. Dak’s is even better. Because now Dak has another number to put in front of the Cowboys. You have to think the only person happier than Goff about that deal was Dak because you know his price just went up again.

And the only guy happier than both those guys is Patrick Mahomes, because he’ll be due for an extension after this season and his number will go through the roof. Better to get a deal done now before Mahomes resets the whole market.