Jimmy G's Night

1 for 6 for zero yards, one interception, and a 0.0 rating.

Jim Rome
August 20, 2019 - 11:03 am
Jimmy Garoppolo

USA Today


Let’s start by agreeing on one thing – NFL exhibition games don’t really matter that much. There are few things more meaningless than stats from an exhibition game.

The only thing more meaningless than stats from an exhibition game are stats from a training camp practice. That’s why it was a little strange when some folks got all worked up about Jimmy Garoppolo throwing five interceptions in practice last Wednesday.

Sure, you never want to see your franchise quarterback throw five interceptions in a practice. And you certainly don’t want him to throw five straight interceptions on five straight attempts in a practice, which is exactly what he reportedly did. And yes, I agree… it’s weird. And no, I have never heard anything like that; at least not from an alleged franchise quarterback. But still…, it’s not a reason to panic.

I mean…I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why he’d throw five straight interceptions in practice. He might be trying to test himself. He might be trying to test the defense. The Niners defense might know his tendencies more than an opposing team.

That’s why last night’s exhibition game was the rare Monday night exhibition game that’s actually worth checking out. Because it was going to be Jimmy G’s first game action since destroying his ACL last season in Week 3.

And while it was good to see him back on the field from a health standpoint, it was rough from a football standpoint. Really, really, really rough.

On the opening drive, he handed off twice, had a pass knocked down and then this.

Let’s be real. Exhibition game or not, that was ugly. But…that’ll happen. Unless you’re Nate Diaz, you come just show up after a long layoff and just smart smoking fools. And Killing the Game. Anyone else is going to have some rust to knock off. Garropolo included. You know….. Get into a rhythm with your receivers. Develop that chemistry after so much time away.  It’s just one drive. 

You know He’ll be better on the second drive.

No, he won’t.

A deflected pass, a broken up pass, three and out.

Okay, how about the third drive?

An incompletion and then a completion. Finally. Yes, we did it! We did it!

How far did it go? Ehhh, let’s not get into that just yet. Actually, why don’t we…., it was a screen pass that went for zero yards.

And that was the end of his night.

So before I read his final stat line, let me remind you that exhibition game stats don’t mean much at all. Got it? Remember that.

Because Jimmy G’s stat line from last night was:

1 for 6 for zero yards, one interception, and a 0.0 rating. Zero point zero. The truly rare perfect game as a quarterback.

So what did Jimmy make of his performance: “Obviously a little frustrated but it’s the NFL,” Garoppolo said. “Unfortunately, we don’t get to play the whole game right now so I only get so many plays. You wish you could be out there for more so we could bounce back. But it is what it is. It's preseason right now, so we just have to take it in stride.”

Yes, you have to take it in stride. And you can’t get too worked up about the results from last night. And if I had a buck for every time an athlete mindless muttered IT IS WHAT IT IS, I’D BE SITTING SOMEWHERE ON THE BEACH, EARNING 10 PERCENT, SMASHING HEINKENS.

But again, it was his first game. And it was just an exhibition game. Which is why any of you folks from Nick Mullens Nation or the CJ Beathard Army trying to get a quarterback controversy going need to take a step back. I know the numbers from last night. And from last week’s practice. And from last season.

And I know that you can make the case that Mullens had better numbers than Jimmy when he replaced him last year.

I know all that. I also know the numbers on Jimmy’s contract for this year. Which is exactly why he’s going to get a long leash. Because they need to know what they have in him and they need to see him get back to the guy they thought he was.

Because that five-pick practice and last night’s showing has to be making some folks a little nervous. And a little uncomfortable.

I mean…It’s always a little awkward when the biggest highlight from the night involved a kicker.

That’s Mitch Wishnowsky if you need him. And everyone does. Well, everyone except for Broncos return man Devontae Jackson. Because he got lit up. Blown up. Snot bubbled. By the freaking kicker!

It’s one thing to get absolutely wrecked on a return, but totally different to get blown up on the return by the kicker.

And he did. But that was absolutely textbook. That was an incredible wrap up and bring him to the ground. Normally, the kicker on the return is hanging back, trying to avoid contact. He’s just looking to pick up the tee and jog off the field.

Not Mitch Wishnowsky. He’s a heat-seeking missile. He’s looking to obliterate the wedge. He’s looking to light up chumps and then talk noise about it. That was some Ed Reed level stuff right there.

He’s the punter and handles the kickoffs, but you might want to add him to the nickel package. Send him on a blitz. Let him come off the edge. Let him get into the opposing backfield and wreak havoc.

That was a truly glorious exhibition game moment. And believe this… nobody is happier about it than Jimmy G. Because it gives everyone something else to talk about instead of focusing on that zero point zero.

But as rough as that performance was, I’ll say it again: keep moving. There isn’t a quarterback controversy in San Francisco. There just isn’t.