LSU 46 Bama 41

Go Tigers!

Jim Rome
November 11, 2019 - 10:00 am
Ed Orgeron

USA Today


The way the world works and the fact that something that happened 24 hours feels like a year ago and 48 hours feels like a lifetime ago, you really have to do something TRULY INCREDIBLE on a Saturday for it to make it on the show on Monday. And LSU and Coach O did something truly incredible on Saturday.

They went to Tuscaloosa and smashed Nick Saban and the Tide in their house. There were 101,821 fans in the building for that game and they witnessed an absolute beating. Don’t fall for the final score of 46-41. That was a 33-13 game at halftime.

They were up 20 on a team that had a 31-game winning streak at home.

You don’t do that to Nick Saban and Alabama, not in their house, you don’t. 

But as Coach O said to his team at midfield after the game: "This is our house from now on!" I’m saying that to you now because when I roll that clip, you might not be able to make it out, but that is exactly what he says.

It sure as hell is your house. I never want to read too much into one game, but if you come into Tuscaloosa and put that kind of beating on a Nick Saban team, it is your house. And it might very well be Joe Burrow’s Heisman.

Because that was a monster performance. 457 total yards, three touchdowns, and an answer for everything Alabama threw at him. And was carried off the field by his teammates. And he deserved it.

And how about some love for Clyde Edwards-Helaire: 20 carries, 103 yards, and 3 touchdowns on the ground, 77 yards and a touchdown in the air. And he had the game-icing play on the ground.

As defensive line coach Dennis Johnson said while walking off the field, “It’s a new day in the West. It’s a new bleeping day in the West.”

He’s not wrong. Again, its one game, but that felt so much bigger than one game. LSU didn’t think they could win that game, they knew they could and they would. They showed up with so much confidence and then backed it up with that dominant first half.

And I know the Tide fans are going to want to point out that their QB was banged up and that they made mistakes and the refs screwed up and they came back in the second half, but here’s the truth – the last two times that Alabama has faced a good team, they’ve been hammered by that team.

44-16 to Clemson in the national championship game and 46-41 at home on Saturday night. That’s 90 points in two games against two good teams. I’m not saying that Alabama is dead, but you can’t tell me they’re still the juggernaut they used to be.  Because they’re not. 

And you certainly can’t tell me they deserve a spot in the playoff right now. Because they don’t. Not after getting smashed like that at home. You get wrecked like that at home and you need to take a seat for a bit. There could be a path for them, but they should need a lot of help to get there.

But Saturday afternoon and into Saturday night was all about Coach O. How about that postgame interview? You see that?

You think he wanted that game very much? You think Coach O didn’t pour absolutely everything he had into ending LSU’s 8-game losing streak to Alabama? You think he wanted to erase that 29-0 loss from last year? I’m not sure there’s ever been a coach that wanted anything more than Coach O wanted that game.

And that was nothing compared to the speech from the locker room that a player livestreamed.

“We gonna beat their ass in recruiting. We’re gonna beat their ass every time they see us. You understand that? Roll Tide what? Bleep You!

That is awesome. And let me make one thing perfectly clear – if anyone from LSU apologizes for that speech, that apology is not accepted. Because there is nothing to apologize for.

That was a tremendous win and an even better moment. You beat Alabama in their house the way LSU just did, by absolutely taking it to them, you get to say Roll Tide, bleep you.

But USC didn’t need this guy. Never mind that he wanted that gig badly. Nope. USC didn’t need or want a guy who just went into Tuscaloosa and kicked the Nictators up and down the field. Nice going, Trojans. That looks so horrible now.