Masvidal vs. Diaz vs. Doctor

I will take another Masvidal-Diaz fight for the BMF belt.

Jim Rome
November 04, 2019 - 11:56 am
Jorge Masvidal

USA Today


If you didn’t know it before, you know it now: Jorge Masvidal is one BMF. And after beating Nate Diaz on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, he has the belt to prove it.

The only thing is, it didn’t come the way he would’ve liked. Because Masvidal won when the doctor stopped the fight after the third round because of a cut over Diaz’s eye. Well, cut isn’t quite fair. Gash might be more accurate. Masvidal had turned what had been Diaz’s eyebrow into the Grand Canyon. It was inside out. Or as Dana White Said, ““His eyebrow was flipped over. The reason we love Nate Diaz is he’s so tough and durable and everything else but, yeah, it didn’t look good.”

And of course Diaz wanted to continue. And of course Masvidal wanted to continue. He had waited in limbo before the fight to see if it would ever happen, when Diaz reportedly failed a test, and then when it was on, Masvidal was on. And he wanted to finish it.

But aside from the ending, everything about that night was perfect for Masvidal.

This is a guy who started in the Miami street fighting scene and worked his way up to Saturday night where he was fighting in Madison Square Garden with Roberto Duran walking him out before the fight and The Rock giving him the belt when it was over.

How do you sum that up? With a ton of expletives.

“Bleeping awesome, man. The bleeping Rock? My favorite action star put the belt on me, my bleeping favorite fighter of all times [Duran] bleeping walked me out. That's insane, man.”

And the damage he left on Nate was insane, too. There was the elbow and kick in the first round that dropped Diaz, and then the hands, the hooks, and the body shots in the rounds that followed. There is no doubt who dominated that fight. Nate Diaz is a BMF, but Jorge Masvidal was the baddest BMF on Saturday night.

The only thing that fight was missing was the ending that everyone wanted. Two BMF’s battling to the finish or until one got finished. Instead, it was a doctor who finished the fight.

And of course Nate thought that was the wrong call. So did Masvidal. And so did a lot of people who in that arena. There have certainly been guys who’ve been allowed to continue through worse cuts, but there’s no doubt as to who was winning that fight through the first three rounds.

As Masvidal said, that was his “Picasso” and the only thing that bugged him was that he didn’t get to finish painting it.

"For a fact, I told Nate right now, let's run it back. UFC, make it happen. Let's run it back. I don't like to leave the ring like this with my opponent conscious. There's only one way to do it, and that's to baptize them, and I didn't get to baptize Nate, so we're going to run it back."

Didn’t get to baptize Nate. Most guys are thrilled to walk out of a cage with Nate, but Masvidal is pissed that Nate is walking out.

See that’s the thing. Masvidal isn’t just a hitting machine, he’s a quote machine. The guy drops lines as easily as he throw elbows. And they are great lines.

"I don't want nothing to take my greatness and say some guy tripped on a pebble and that's how I beat him. That's not me. I want to end him, I want to send him off to another dimension. I've got nothing but respect for the dude, but that's the type of artwork I like to do. I didn't get him on this one. Are we gonna rematch tomorrow or next week? I don't know, but it will happen at some point."

Everyone wanted the ultimate ending to the ultimate fight. And they didn’t get it. And that sucks.

Nate Diaz wants the rematch and as he told Brett Okamoto after the fight, he believes he’ll get it, unless the UFC steps in.

The thing is, Masvidal has gone from peripheral figure to the center of the UFC. And now he can pick his spots. If it isn’t a rematch with Diaz, there is another option for Masvidal. 

And in the postgame press conference, while he was eating pizza with two slices in one hand, the topic of a possible fight with Conor McGregor came up. And Masvidal responded to that the way you’d expect: “(He’s going to) come back to what? Like fighting in the cage? I don’t know man. That dude has been talking wild for a second. If he fights and gets a victory and he wants this – and some of you mother (expletives) are mean because you know what the (expletive) I’ll do to that little dude, bro. I’ll (expletive) that little guy up man. He’s a (expletive) midget.”

And there was more: “Dana White, the president of this mother(expletive) company, said I’m too much man for him. I get it why people want to see him hurt for the stunts he’s been pulling, but he doesn’t want this (expletive). He’s just talking so he can get his name out there. He was cheering for Nate. He wanted to run it back with Nate. You think he’s at home seeing that fight thinking, ‘I want to fight that dude.’ That dude ain’t (bleep).”

And then he finished it off with this:

“You see he punches old people in the face because those are fights he could win. He don’t want this (expletive). I don’t think Dana is going to promote that fight because you can’t get that guy to sign the paper.”

I know this right now – I will take another Masvidal-Diaz fight for the BMF belt. And I will take another Masvidal press conference talking about anything. Because both things are worth every penny.