Minshew's Endorsement Offer

An adult entertainment website has written to Minshew asking him to do some work.

Jim Rome
September 20, 2019 - 11:22 am
Gardner Minshew

USA Today


It’s Friday. And usually on Friday I’ll go off the board, mix it up, and give you something I know you want me to talk about. Today is no different. Except today—I have choices. Too many choices, really. So let me start off by telling you what I’m not going to talk about.

I’m not going to talk about the two Amish teenagers who were pulled over in a horse buggy in Ohio for riding around, slugging brewskis from a 12-pack. And I’m not gonna get into how they somehow evaded police despite being in a horse buggy. It’s a pretty peculiar story, and I love horses, but in no way do I condone or want to promote drinking and buggy’ing. If there’s one thing this show has always been against—it’s BUI’s. And I think I’ve made that clear over the years. Either give the reigns to someone sober or telegraph for a hot air-balloon. But never, and I mean ever, buggy under the influence.

The next story that I’m for sure not going to talk about it, and hesitate to even mention, is Roseanne Barr proudly admitting to Daily Mail TV that she recently transferred stomach fat to her backside in an attempt to look like Kardashian. I know how badly you all want me to read her quote where she said, “I just basically have a crack in my back” but I’m not gonna do it. Her body. Her choice. My show. My choice to not talk about it. So let’s keep moving.

What I will talk about, though, is Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew and his new found fame leading to an incredibly lucrative, seven-figure endorsement offer. Notice I said offer and not deal. Because Gardner has yet to accept. And he probably won’t. But maybe he should considering how much money is on the table.

Let me lay it out first. And before I do, I’ll remind everyone; this is not a show for kids. Never has been. Never will be. But I understand a lot of you drive around with young listeners in the car. I’m a dad myself so I get it. I empathize. So I’ll tell you right now that this story features adult content and might not be suitable for the junior high carpool. Got it? Good. 

I won’t mention the company by name—because that’s the entire point of their offer to Gardner—but an adult entertainment website has written to Minshew asking him to do some work for their web-cam department. The pornographic website came across the now viral story that Minshew has a pre-game stretching routine that he usually performs in a nothing but a jockstrap, or sometimes even nude. Part of their offer to Minshew is that he leads a weekly exercise class, live on web-cam, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. 

The other part of the offer is that Minshew becomes a brand ambassador for their new line of…

Hmm…how do I put this…

Their new of...pennis puppets.

Right now, the website sells costumes for the male package that include a watermelon, a vampire, and an elephant. If Minshew agrees to the endorsement deal, they will be releasing a jaguar puppet this Halloween, in accordance. 

If Minshew doesn’t agree to the deal, the website said they would make the same offer to his teammate, Nick Foles, who has a widely known gloss around the league that makes him equally as relevant to the adult website.

Few things here: First, notice I never gave the name of the website. There’s a reason for that. Once a year some adult-film company or a strip club will offer an outlandish promotion or endorsement deal to a pro-athlete just to get attention and run from people in my business. It’s a brilliant tactic that leads to free advertising. But I’m wise to it. So I’m not gonna play the game. See, whether Minshew accepts or not, people still talk about it and all of a sudden the exposure for the website is in all these new places and they don’t pay a dime for it. And the target demo for their websites is the exact same target demo for sports talk radio. So I’m not gonna participate in giving out free advertising. 

But what I will do is point this out—because this makes the entire story worth the mention it’s getting: Right now Gardner Minshew is making 495,000 dollars. And since he’s a sixth round pick, he’s on that rookie deal till 2023. 500k is good money. Really good money. But this adult website is offering to double that for a weekly naked exercise class and some puppet promotion. 

Nick Foles is making 22 million a year to rehab a collarbone right now. Offering that guy another mill to web cam nude is a non-starter. But offering it to a guy who has never seen that kind of money in his life and would go from 500k a year to 1.5 mil a year is at least something to think about. Can you imagine getting 67% of your income from porn and 33% from the NFL? 

Nothing is guaranteed in this league. And your health status can change in a second. Just ask Alex Smith, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Sam Darnold, Trevor Siemian, and Nick Foles. The difference between those guys and Minshew is that all of those guys are millionaires. 

I would never tell Beowulf what to do, but I’d be lying if I said the idea of him asking Tom Coughlin for permission to do this wouldn’t be incredible. Because it would.

Especially since the best possible scenario would be Coughlin telling Minshew that if his web-cam exercise class starts on time, it’s actually starting late.

Here’s my unsolicited advice to Minshew: Your money maker isn’t south of the border. It’s north of your lip. Go find a mustache wax company to sign with it. No one wants to hawk pennis puppets. That’s a product even Peyton Manning would turn down. And he doesn’t turn down anything.