Nate vs Jorge Fight In Jeopardy

Please let these gangsters throw.

Jim Rome
October 25, 2019 - 9:29 am
Nate Diaz

USA Today


It’s a busy Friday. A lot of different places where I could start. Thursday Night Football, NBA in full effect, the Clippers putting a beating on the Warriors, Game 3 of the World Series tonight, but I am starting with the UFC.

UFC 244 is scheduled for November 2 in Madison Square Garden and it’s a card that will feature Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal fighting for the BMF, or baddest motherbleeper title.

It was the fight that started with this call out back in August.

This is why this is such a huge Nate Diaz house. And why I’m such a huge Nate Diaz guy. Because there’s one like him. Not in his sport. Not any sport. As I always say, saying something sucks is not a take. Unless it’s Nate Diaz saying the reason he hasn’t been fighting is because EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS. Then, it’s not only a take, it’s one of the best takes ever. 

So the fight was set. And now it’s on. Or off. Maybe. Sort of. It’s not really clear.

Because an announcement was made yesterday that Nate Diaz had an issue with a drug test. Notice my wording there. First off, there has not been an announcement of a suspension and as of last night, Diaz had not been provisionally suspended.

And notice I did not say that the UFC announced or that USADA announced that Nate Diaz had failed a test. It was Nate Diaz himself who announced the results of a drug test.  And he announced it in a way that only Nate Diaz could. In other words, awesomely. 

You see, we know how any athlete is going to react to a failed drug test. Because we’ve seen it play out time and time again. There really are only a couple different ways athletes react to a failed drug test. There’s the “I didn’t knowingly take/I would never cheat” version. Or, There’s the blame a tainted substance version. It’s not my fault; I just unknowingly ingested some tainted meat. Or a tainted supplement. 

But Nate wasn’t going there. Especially, since he’s on record as being really outspoken against PED’S. And on record as being different than anyone else: so there was no way he was just going to say what everyone else says: Nope! My man, released a Notes screenshot with the following statement:

“I’m not gonna make it out to NYC for fight week next week because they say I tested with elevated levels that they say might be from some tainted supplements. I call false on that cause I only take whole food or natural food supplements. I don’t even eat meat.”

Man, what amazing start. I mean, I guess that’s him announcing that there was a failed test, but he did it by saying, “I’m not gonna make it out to NYC for fight week next week.”

That doesn’t sound like a guy who failed a test that sounds like a guy who has to cancel his plans to come to your party. Look, I’m not gonna make it out. Something just came up. Sorry y’all have a great time.  

But that casual start was just him walking to the ring. Now he’s going to let the hands go:

“So until UFC, USADA or whoever is BLEEPING with me fixes it, I won’t be competing. I’m not gonna play their game and try to hide it or keep quiet, as they suggested. I’m not gonna have my name tainted as a cheater like these other motherbleepers who keep quiet until after the fight just so they can get paid. Bleepin’ cheaters.”

Let me translate that for you: One of you loser organizations has framed me and I’m not fighting until you motherbleepers come correct, own it and straighten it out. Get your damn acts together and knock it off. And don’t even think about suspending me. Too late.   I’m suspending myself until you jerk weeds get right.   

You’re accusing me of cheating? Do you know who the hell I am?! I don’t even eat meat.  The only thing I take is whole foods. I cheat? You bleeping cheat!! I didn’t fail a test, you faked it, you bleeping cheaters.

I love that Nate doesn’t take drugs, I takes whole foods. What an amazing line. Nate takes Whole Foods, and I take In N Out. And Mag’s Doughnuts. But this isn’t about me: this is about the legend. And that legend is dropping some serious hammer fists.  Especially when he says that “they suggested” he keep quiet about it until after the fight. I don’t know who “they” is and I don’t know if “they” really suggested that, but I know that Nate is pissed.

And now he goes for the finish.

“I don’t give a bleep about some money over my dignity and my legacy. I’m not playing along with this bullbleep. I’m not staying quiet and figuring it out after the fight. That’s cheating. So fight game I’ll see you when I see you.”

Sincerely, the realest baddest mother bleeper in the game

And the only thing better than him signing his statement with “the realest baddest mother bleeper in the game” is that he included a fist emoji at the end of it. And the only thing better than that is the fact that he tweeted out the screenshot with the caption: “You’re all on steroids, not me.”

Again, there are multiple ways that people respond to failed tests – it wasn’t me, it was a tainted supplement, I didn’t knowingly do it. Nobody ever responds to a failed test by saying: “You’re all on steroids, not me.”

You’re all on steroids, not me. That is the absolute best. I didn’t fail a test, you failed a test. The test for honesty.

Bleep you, I’m giving myself a one-year suspension, which I might roll into a career ending suspension if you a holes don’t pull your heads out. Oh, I’ve just appealed my own suspension of myself and that appeal was denied. It’s a two-year suspension now.

And if you think Jorge Masvidal is pissed at Nate that this fight might be off, think again. He’s got Nate’s back.

He tweeted: You not the baddest mofo in the game (i am) but you are one of the cleanest mofo’s. Nate, I’ll see you Nov 2. I know your name is clean. I don’t need USADA to tell me bleep!

“I don’t need USADA to tell me bleep!” Is a great ending to a tweet?

And Masvidal wasn’t alone. One fighter after another jumped on twitter to say they’d fight if Diaz won’t or can’t.

And you know that if guys are tweeting about a failed drug test, it was only a matter of time before Jon Jones came flying in. And somehow made it about himself.

Jones retweeted Nate’s statement with: And just like that, years of hard work discredited overnight, with one phone call.

And then chased it with: Not many people in the world know what you’re feeling right now, I do. Keep your head up man. I knew I was innocent and was willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours with scientists and lawyers to prove it.

I know you feel like someone is setting you up, that’s exactly how I felt. At times it’s going to feel like a pretty hopeless situation but maybe it’s not, you can’t just give up and do nothing. This is a different type of fight man, you owe it to your fans to fight it.

Uh, thanks, Jon.  But no one was looking for your opinion on this.  Or really anything at all.  Especially your opinion on drugs.  Unless it’s how to take them.   So stop making this about you.  Only Jon Jones would see Nate Diaz possibly getting jammed and somehow try to use that to say, SEE!  SEE!  I DIDN’T DO IT. When he almost assuredly did.

So now we play the waiting game. The fight is just a week away. And it is still on. But that doesn’t mean Nate is showing up. He’s not showing up to fight for you bleeping cheaters. You’re all on steroids, not him.