NFL Week 1

Entertaining start to the 2019 Season.

Jim Rome
September 09, 2019 - 10:29 am
Ryan Fitzpatrick

USA Today


The Thursday night game to start the 2019 NFL season might have been boring, but the first Sunday was not. Sure as hell not.

And as with anything, the preface to all of this is: it’s just one game. You can’t jump to conclusions about anyone or any team after just one game, but Week 1 had a helluva lot of action for just one game…

There was Patrick Mahomes lighting up the Jags and then getting injured. And you had an entire sport holding its breath when he left the game in the second quarter.

But he came back to finish with 378 yards and three touchdowns. And as good as he looked, Sammy Watkins looked even better – 9 receptions for nearly 200 yards and all three of those touchdowns.

Things weren’t so good for the Jags. They lost Nick Foles to a broken clavicle in the first quarter and Myles Jack to an ejection in the second quarter. If KC picked up where they left off last year, Jacksonville might have too.  

You had Ezekiel Elliott making his return, only to get upstaged by Dak Prescott going for 405 yards, 4 touchdowns, and a perfect passer rating.

You had Desean Jackson making his return to the Eagles and making Washington look stupid. 8 receptions, 154 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Might be a good idea to cover him on deep routes.

You had Kyler Murray and the Cardinals coming from 18 down in the fourth quarter in his first NFL game to rip a tie from the Lions and completely melt the brain of whoever put out this tweet for the Detroit Free Press: FINAL: The Lions Lions’d, the Cardinals Cardinals’d, everyone’s unhappy and it’s all okay because one day the Earth will get swallowed by the sun and nothing will ever exist ever again.

And I have to imagine at this point that Jets fans are hoping that day comes sooner rather than later. Because Gang Green jumped out to a 16-0 lead over the Bills yesterday. Huge start to the season. The defense looked good, forcing turnovers, getting a pick six and a safety. Le’Veon Bell getting off to a good start after a year off. Beating down a division rival. It could not have gone better.

And then it could not have gone more Jets. Gave up 17 straight points and went from winning 16-0 to losing 17-16 at home. From absolutely dominating to absolutely choking. Absolutely nothing worked for them. Blew a 16 point lead despite the fact that they were plus-3 in the turnover department. You have to be really good to be that bad. 

Again, it’s just one game, but Lamar Jackson is an NFL quarterback and the Miami Dolphins are not an NFL team.

Lamar Jackson should not be playing receiver and the Miami Dolphins should not be playing pro football.

Making fun of the Dolphins is like shooting fish in a barrel. So is playing them. Jackson absolutely lit them up.

And then lit up everyone who doubted him.

Not bad for a running back. 17 for 20 for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns. Take that for data!

Anyone who was running with that garbage that the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback in college would be better as a receiver in the NFL better apologize for that. Or at least explain it. Or answer for it. Or just sit there and eat a crow sandwich with a humble pie chaser. Because not only did he turn around Baltimore’s season last year, they committed to him in the offseason, got him weapons, and he goes right out and does THAT yesterday.

Then again, it is just one game. And it was the Dolphins.

Again, it’s just one game, but reportedly, that was more than enough for some Dolphins players. According to PFT, multiple players reached out to their agents after the game and asked to be traded. Uh, that’s not good. And neither are the Dolphins. I can’t recall every hearing anything like that. One game in and a bunch of guys telling their reps – get me the hell out of here! One game in and we’re talking about mutiny. Even back in the day when they looked like they would run the table in reverse, it never got to this point.  Never got close to this point. Yet here we are! Here the bleep we are! And after only one week.

I’ll be honest – I’m kind of confused as to why the Dolphins players are reacting like that. Sure, you just got humiliated 59-10 at home in front of no fans. But what did you expect?

Where were you for the last few months when everyone in the world knew this team was Tanking for Tua or Hoping for Herbert? Or getting a really early start on Losing for Lawrence?

Were you around for the Laremy Tunsil trade? Did you not notice when they started collecting as many draft picks as possible and as few players as possible?

Why did you need to get your ass kicked for 60 minutes to realize, oh, wait, we’re not that good? Because you’re not. And everyone knew it. The tank is on, so how are you the last ones to know about it?

And of course the front office and coaches are going to say they’re not tanking, they can’t say that they are. But actions reveal priorities. And winning is not a priority in Miami this year. Brian Flores isn’t going out there to try to lose games. He doesn’t have to. He just has to play the team he’s been given and that will take care of the losing. 

Again, it’s just one game. But the Dolphins look like they’ll have another 15 just like it, starting this week against New England.

And yes, I am well aware that I did not mention America’s team, the Cleveland Browns in the open; and that’s because they get their own take. I’m still on that bandwagon even if that was one of the biggest letdowns ever. My thoughts on that are coming up.