NFL Week 10

What a freaking Sunday.

Jim Rome
November 11, 2019 - 9:40 am
Lamar Jackson

USA Today


Because I’m a glass half full guy, let’s start with the Jets and Giants and say congratulations to the New York Jets for winning the Failure Bowl!

But I didn’t spend the weekend in New York just to come back to Cali and clown everyone in that city.

I’m here to hype Jamal Adams and one of the filthiest plays you will ever see. Roll it.

Let’s break that play down. First off, Adams comes on the blitz and absolutely bullies Saquon Barkley on the blitz pickup. That isn’t some slight third down back he’s dealing with, that’s pound for pound one of the strongest guys in the league and Adams just bulldozes him.

And then gets to Daniel Jones and it’s over. That is a grown man taking a football from a child. Hey, you, give me that. That might be my single favorite play of the year. And Adams might be my single, favorite guy living and working in New York. That was truly awesome. That beautiful.

Ball security, much, Dimes? Jones didn’t exactly fight to retain possession of the rock there, did he? In fact, he damn near handed it to him like Adams was Saquon Barkley.   What a soul-destroying moment: he dominates Saquon and. Then your alleged franchise qb just gives him the ball. 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, you had the Packers playing the Panthers in a battle in the snow at Lambeau. A game that Green Bay won 24-16 by stopping Christian McCaffrey at the goal line on the final play.

And let me say this about the Panthers and Kyle Allen – the sample size is growing and that dude is battling. Even though they didn’t get the win, he battled his ass off on the road, in the snow, against a fierce pass rush, and nearly ripped that game. I couldn’t have been more impressed with him in defeat: in fact, that was more impressive even than some of the wins. They could be in very good hands with this guy. He has a ton swag, a ton of IT: you could feel when it walked in this studio back in February. 

Speaking of quarterbacks going on the road and doing work, how about giving Kirk Cousins some bleeping credit? I mean, for real. All those stats about his performances on the road and on the road against teams with winning records, and yes, those numbers are horrible. Well he just got a win on the road against a team with a winning record in primetime.
I’m not going to say that’s a signature win, because I know he and the Vikings have bigger plans that just beating a Cowboys team looks and feels more and more fraudulent every time they take the field. But that’s still a nice win for the Vikings. And brutal loss for the Cowboys. 

It gives Minnesota five wins in six games after it looked like their season was coming off the rails and the loss drops Dallas into a tie with Philadelphia for first in the NFC East. When it looked as if Dallas was going to run away with the division earlier this season.

Furthermore,  – what the hell were the Cowboys doing at the end of the game? Coming into the game, did they have a requirement that they had to get Ezekiel Elliott a certain number of touches or the shiny ass stadium would explode? Because Minnesota was selling out to stop him and Dallas was hurting Minnesota through the air.

Dak Prescott was sitting on 388 yards and 3 touchdowns when he led the Cowboys down to the Minnesota 11. But on second down, the Cowboys handed the ball to Ezekiel Elliott and was stopped for no gain. And on third down, called another run, this time for negative three yards. And Dallas went on to lose. Good job. Good effort!! Great execution. Even better play calling!  ,

I’m not sure what was more wild:  – Patrick Mahomes coming back from his knee injury to throw for nearly 450 yards and three touchdowns and still losing. Or that Tennessee beat KC on a TD with 23 seconds left.

Or sealing the win with a block.

Or the fact that internet truthers believe Tennessee lined up off sides on that play.

Or the fact that Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan went off on…Taylor Lewan after the game.

He’s not wrong. He is killing them with penalties. And I guess credit for coming out and saying it, but not really. It’s like getting credit for coming out and saying “I’m breathing oxygen.” It’s just stating a fact. Credit for not running from it, but that’s about it.

And then there was Lamar Jackson and the complete dismantling of the Cincinnati Bengals. 15 of 17 passing. 288 total yards and four touchdowns. In three quarters.

His two incompletions were a spike to stop the clock and another pass that was nearly caught. Nobody seems to know how the passer rating is calculated, but I know that was a 158.3 rating. Perfection. He’s the second quarterback in NFL history to have a pair of perfect passer ratings in the same season.

But none of that comes even close to the run: you know what run I’m talking about:

John Harbaugh said after the game: "I said to the offensive coaches on the [head]phones, 'They'll be watching that run for decades and decades. That's one that everyone in the country is going to see by tomorrow afternoon.'"

Oh, everyone will be watching it for decades. Watching it is awesome, trying to describe it is impossible. I’m not going to try to break it down, step by step and move by move, because it was art. That was the Mona Lisa of runs. It was Michelangelo breaking ankles and embarrassing fools on a football field.

So don’t even come in with clever lines about Jackson being a cheat code or that’s a video game move, that isn’t any of those things. Because you can’t recreate that run on your Playstation or Xbox.

And here is the other thing about Lamar Jackson that will make your head explode – he hasn’t even been an NFL starter for a full calendar year. The one year anniversary of his first start is still a week away. But that was his 16th career start, so he’s now started a full season in the NFL. And the numbers are pretty good: 

63 percent completion rate, nearly 3200 yards through the air, more than 1250 yards on the ground, 30 total touchdowns, and a 13-3 record.  Let me repeat, stretching those numbers into a single season: he has thrown for 3200 yards and run for 1250.  The hell is that? Even more impressive? He’s not impressed. At all. 

Just check Jackson’s answer to the question of whether that run was the best he ever had? "I don't know. I don't know. It don't matter. We scored. Move on."

I just dropped one of the greatest runs in NFL history, but you all need to get over it. I already have. That is awesome.