NFL Week 6

The refs are a problem.

Jim Rome
October 14, 2019 - 9:28 am
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USA Today


I hate to start with the week by being redundant, but the truth is, when it comes to the NFL, no one knows jack. We just don’t. Because everything changes from week to week.  I mean, weren’t we just talking about Kansas City running the table? Now they’ve dropped two straight, at home, their quarterback is banged up, their defense can’t get the hell off the field, and they’re only a half game up on the Raiders in the AFC West.

KC played a really weird game yesterday. How weird? Patrick Mahomes threw for 116 yards on the opening drive. That’s right. I said 116 yards on the opening drive. And had 41 yards in the second half.

It gets weirder. They had a 17-3 lead at the end of the first quarter. And trailed 23-17 going into the halftime, thanks to the fact that they couldn’t stop Deshaun Watson on this play late in the second quarter.

And if they couldn’t stop him late in the second quarter, there’s no way they were going to stop him late in the fourth quarter.

The only people who had a worse time than KC fans watching that game were Bears fans watching that game. Because they were watching two guys they could’ve had instead of Mitchell Trubisky. How’d did that go for you, Bears fan? I’m guessing pretty horribly. 

And speaking of how things have changed over the last couple of weeks, how about putting a little respect on Kirk Cousins. He had taken plenty from the media, his teammates, even his coach. And rightfully so. He wasn’t doing what they brought him in, and paid him hellafield jack to do: consistently make big plays and win big games. A former teammate even said he was the weakest in that offense going into yesterday’s game with Philly. So with everyone coming for him, and when he absolutely had to have it, he shows out in a huge bounce back game yesterday. No one cared what he did against the Giants. Everyone wanted to see it against someone who. Mattered. Someone like the Eagles. So he did this:

That’s what they brought him there to do: let it rip and take advantage of your weapons down field. And then he chased that with this.

And this...

333 yards, four touchdowns, 1 interception, some happy receivers who finally got the rock, some breathing room for cousins and maybe a new game plan going forward.

Back to the former teammate who cracked Cousins coming into the game.  That would be Eagles linebacker Zach Brown, who played with Cousins in 2017; coming into this game, he said.  Cousins was “probably the weakest part” of the Vikings offense. That is a hell of a line, from a former teammate. And if you drop that, you better back it up. And not get torched by the guy you called the weakest part of the offense.

Of course, Cousins wasn’t about to take the bait.  And took the high road after the game.  Just like you knew he would:

And as you’d expect, Cousins took the high road after the game: "I really do stay ignorant (to the criticism), not read anything, and that's for my best interest. Zach was a teammate in Washington. He's one of the better linebackers I’ve played with or against; have a lot of respect for him. If you're trying to write a story about how it was a motivator this week, it wasn't because I didn't know about it."

I’m guessing Cousins knew exactly what had been said: by people inside his locker room, outside of it and pretty much everywhere else. He knew he needed a big game, and he got it, and shut everyone up, including Brown in the process. At least for another week. And for a week, the Vikings were who we thought they were. 

And so were the Redskins. And Dolphins. Unfortunately. And then you have the Niners, who coming off a statement win over Cleveland on Monday night, made another when they came to L.A., on a short week, against a desperate Rams team, at home, who extra time to prepare and the Niners still knocked them the hell out. That 20-7 beatdown was a straight hospital job. And not nearly as close as the final score indicates. Btw, are we even sure that game was played here in Los Angeles, because they looked, sounded and felt like a Niner home game. Niner fan took over their house and made himself right at home. Essentially helped himself to anything and everything he wanted. The Rams are spiraling, having lost three in a row for the first time under Sean McVay, and a banged up Niners team, that is only going to get better suddenly looks like the team to beat, not only in their division but in the NFC. 

Here’s something else that hasn’t changed: the fact that any idiot who said that Lamar Jackson should play receiver still owes everyone an apology.

It should just be a weekly thing at this point.

Because no take was worse at the time and even worse a year and a half later than that one. The guy who should be playing receiver, or running back, allegedly, just went for 236 yards in the air and 152 yards and a touchdown on the ground against the Bengals. AND I don’t care how bad the Bengals are, that’s an epic performance.

Of all the dual threat quarterbacks who have ever played the game, you know how many players in NFL history have thrown for more than 200 yards and rushed for more than 150 in a game? One. Colin Kaepernick. That’s it.

But yes, tell me that Lamar Jackson would be better off as a wideout.

And here’s something else that hasn’t changed – Atlanta’s brutal week of sports. That city has endured some rough weeks in sports, but maybe nothing like the last 7 days.  It started with St. Louis smashing Atlanta in Game 5 of the NLDS. Then #3 Georgia, favored by 24 ½ points at home, losing to unranked South Carolina. And then this from the Falcons yesterday, a Matt Bryant extra point….

Uh oh!! . That is rough. The guy had missed three extra points in the previous 11 seasons and just picked the worst time to miss number four.

And all you Matt Ryan haters, kind of hard to pin that one on him. He went 30 for 36 for 4 touchdowns and zero picks, and still lost.

But instead of dumping on the Falcons, how about a little love for the Cardinals? Kyler Murray: 372 total yards and 3 touchdowns in the win. His second straight win. And second straight game with more than 300 total combined yards.

You know what else hasn’t changed? Jason Garrett is still the Cowboys head coach. But that could change. And he’s going to get his own take.  Because that’s what you get when, you’re a desperate team, riding a two game losing streak, going up against a winless team with a q.b. coming back from mono and you still get cracked. You get your own take. Oh and honorable mention to the officials, who just about wrecked another weekend and are now halfway to wrecking the game completely. We still don’t know what a catch is. Pass interference has never been more confusing; the rule changes have made it worse not better, and the game is virtually unwatchable at this point. I get that their gig is tough; and cracking the officials is the easiest thing ever, but this is bad.  Really bad. Like replacement ref bad: (insert replacement montage). Seriously, were those clowns brought back, because at this point, I really can’t tell the difference. And neither can anyone else.