NFL Week 9

Put your phone down, Jermaine.

Jim Rome
November 04, 2019 - 10:15 am
Jermaine Whitehead

USA Today


I feel like is say almost every single Monday when I crack open this mic. But, the NFL’s week nine had been one hell of a week. There were the things you expect: like Mitchell Trubisky continuing to be garbage. And the things you didn’t expect: like Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears offense having all of 9 yards in the first half against Philadelphia. Nine. They didn’t pick up a first down in the first 29 minutes of the game. That’s four straight losses for the Bears. And it’s pretty clear now, that super bowl dream Bears fan had was just a just pipe dream; and that team isn’t contending jack as long as Trubisky is their QB 1. And I’ll tell you something else that’s clear; Matt Nagy isn’t the offensive genius that he’s been made out to be. Trubisky hasn’t gotten worse not better under Nagy; they can’t throw it, they can’t run it, they can’t even move the chains. They’re unwatchable offensively. So Bears, fan tell me this: how the hell is Nagy an offensive genius. Right. He’s not. And even worse, their incompetency offensively is rubbing off on the defense which was previously dominant. Yesterday, the defense jumped off sides four times in the first half. But this recap isn’t about Trubisky and the Bears, even though they are who we thought they were, even if their fans didn’t. Most knew they’d lose to the Eagles. That was expected. 

What wasn’t expected was the Charger ramming a piece of humble pie down the Packers throat up the way in Carson.

Or the Jets officially hit rock bottom down in South Florida, a meltdown so complete that they’re going to get their own take. 

Or the Baltimore Ravens absolutely carving up the alleged best Patriots’ defense ever, the way they did. I mean, before the game, you could’ve talked yourself into the idea that this Patriots defense hadn’t seen an offense like Baltimore’s, and it’s on the road, in primetime, etc etc. But we’ve seen that movie before. And it always ends with Bill Belichick absolutely humiliating this brand new offense. Hell, I suggested as much myself yesterday on the NFL on CBS. 

Except that’s not what happened. Because it was Lamar Jackson fitting Belichick and that supposedly legendary defense for the clown suit.

We’re past the point of needing to reference the asinine takes about Jackson and what position he’s best suited to play, last night wasn’t about him as a quarterback, last night was about him as an MVP. Seriously. Look at his last two games: the statement win at Seattle and the all caps statement win against the Patriots.

And Lamar Jackson and the Ravens didn’t fluke their way to that win. It was 17-0 before the Patriots even got off the bus. He had 224 yards of total offense, but it felt more like 424 yards. He had three touchdowns of his own against a defense that only allowed four all season.

And in the third quarter, Jackson broke about a dozen ankles and knees on this run.

He turned Belichick and that defense inside out. Baltimore running inside and outside on the Pats, hitting them with three tight end sets, and absolutely rocking and rattling the Patriots, both physically and mentally. So give Jackson some bleeping credit, for real.  And stop giving the Patriots’ defense so much bleeping credit, for real. The best defense ever does not gashed for over 200 yards on the ground. The best defense doesn’t get dragged down the field for two long drives that spin 18 minutes off the clock. The best defense ever, would get the hell off the field so they could get the ball back to the best quarterback ever. But that’s not what they did. Because they’re not the best defense ever.  Far from it. What they were, were a defense that got really, really fat, and against some really, really bad offenses. And when they finally did run into a legitimate offense last night, they got worked.

And even when New England did what they usually do and climb back into the game, the Ravens didn’t do what New England’s opponents usually do. Melt down. Instead, The Ravens showed poise and maturity and pulled away.

So enough of this garbage about how the Patriots’ defense is one of the best ever.  Because that was a total beatdown and humiliation. The kind of thing you never expect to see happen to the Pats.

But I’m not sure anyone really expected Tampa Bay to go on the road and damn near beat Seattle in their house. You travel that distance and take the Seahawks to overtime like that, only to lose 40-34 on a Russell Wilson TD pass, and drop your fourth straight, that has to be gutting right? Not for Jameis Winston. He’s still optimistic.

If you think he’s seeing the glass as half empty after a game like that, you’re wrong. So very wrong.

The glass being “full with air” is one hell of a take. Thanks, Jameis. More on that later. 

And speaking of great takes, how about former Cleveland Brown Jermaine Whitehead getting loose on social media after the game? The Browns had absolutely miserable loss in a must win game to Brandon Allen and the Broncos and in that game, Jermaine Whitehead had a pair of mostly missed tackles. But as my guy Yogi Roth would say, it’s about PACE – plays after critical errors.

And Jermaine Whitehead’s play after those critical errors was to go back to the locker room after the game, jump on Twitter, and start firing off death threats and challenges to fight people.

Note: I said people. Not an individual. He was taking on all comers, including Dustin Fox, a former NFL player who works for the team’s radio network.  

And it wasn’t just on Twitter, well it would have been, but as soon as he started threatening to kill people and beat them down on twitter, his account was suspended. So he reportedly took the fight to Instagram:

I’m not going to read his work, because it’s hideous and profane, but he was going for everyone on every platform.


And the best, or worst part of the whole thing is this tweet from Zac Jackson who covers the team:

One thing guys: Browns PR was absolutely right to get Whitehead out of there and not let him say anything (else) he might regret. So don’t blame them. He was still in full uniform while he was sending the tweets.

Absolutely amazing. The guy was still in full uniform, probably still taped up, and he’s banging out this venom and vitriol on that virtual keyboard: Didn’t even wait to take a shower and get changed, just came running off the field and onto Twitter.

And on top of that, as Jackson reported: “A team media relations official talked with Whitehead in the postgame locker room, but Whitehead repeatedly and firmly replied “no” to the official’s pleas for Whitehead to delete the tweets.”

And on top of all that, as he mentioned in his tweets, he had a broken hand.

So that means the guy is in shoulder pads and cleats, with a broken hand, and he’s thumbing out these kill shots. Can you imagine how many other people he could have threatened to kill or maim, if both his hands and all his digits were working the way they’re supposed to work? That is insane. He was thumbing out those tweets with a broken hand. He was attacking twitter accounts with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

He wasn’t stopping the Broncos when they ran free, but you weren’t stopping him from tweeting. Broken hand? Get out of here. Give me my phone. You think this smashed up hand is going to stop me from threatening to kill people on twitter. Hell no.

Tweeting threats in your uniform with a broken hand is a level of commitment you don’t see anywhere.

And you won’t be seeing it in Cleveland, because the team cut him this morning. Of course they did. They might have cut him for how he played, but they sure as hell weren’t keeping him around after how he reacted to how he played.

It won’t be long before we forget Jermaine Whitehead’s time in Cleveland, but I will never forget the image of a guy in pads and cleats with a broken hand tweeting out threats and threatening to kill people on social.

Freaking Jermaine Whitehead dude just embraced his inner Howard Dean online…. And it cost him his freaking job.