OBJ vs. Triple G

The Monday Night title fight.

Jim Rome
September 13, 2019 - 10:35 am
Gregg Williams

USA Today


It’s Friday, there’s a full slate of NFL games on Sunday, but it’s already time to talk about Monday. Browns v. Jets. Sam Darnold v. Mono, well actually, he’s already lost the battle against the MAKE OUT disease for this week.

So instead, it’s Baker v. Trevor Siemian. And Odell v. Gregg. OBJ vs. Triple G.


I’m not sure what was the more unlikely topic to be discussing at this point – Sam Darnold missing multiple games with mono, Trevor Siemian trying to save the Jets season, or Odell Beckham vs. The Jets defensive coordinator. 

Odell v. Gregg is the title fight here, but a quick note on the undercard. Don’t start with the Jets being cursed. I know how rare it is for a NFL quarterback to get mono and how brutal it is for that quarterback to be expected to miss multiple games. And how tough it would be to face the Browns, Patriots, Eagles, and potentially the Cowboys and Pats again with Trevor Siemian. 

But the Jets aren’t cursed. They’re just the Jets. SO DON’T GET THAT TWISTED.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to Odell, who had thoughts on facing the Jets and Gregg Williams. And those thoughts go back to the 2017 preseason where he suffered a sprained ankle as the result of a hit from a Browns defensive back. 

"The only thing I'm buying is probably just gotta watch out for the cheap shots and the dirty hits and all of the things that he likes to teach. That's pretty much all we gotta watch out for. Other than that I expect the same two-high safety on. I don't expect much man-to-man."

Beckham took issue with the hit, with the fact that it was preseason, and with the fact that he says Browns players who were on the team at the time say Gregg Williams told them to do stuff like that.

"It's preseason. It's like a known rule. Like in preseason, nobody in the NFL is really out to do stuff like that. I had players on this team telling me that that's what he was telling them to do -- 'take me out of the game' -- and it's preseason. So, you just know who he is. Just that's the man ... Calling the plays." 

Really? Gregg Williams? That Gregg Williams was telling his players to knock guys out of the game? NOT TRIPLE G!! THE GREG WILLIAMS I KNOW ISN’T ABOUT THAT LIFE?  C’MON MAN!! That’s BLASPHEMOS!. 

The Gregg Williams I know wouldn’t want to take Odell Beckham out of a preseason game with an ankle injury. Let me tell you about the Gregg Williams I know. 

YOU SEE…The Gregg Williams I know wouldn’t be trying to get guys out of the game with a low hit, he’d want them going high.

He’s not looking to affect the ankle, he’s looking to affect the head!!

In that preseason game, did he specifically tell guys to go out there and take out Odell Beckham? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. 

But I can see why Odell would think that.

And you sure as hell can’t say that doesn’t sound like something Gregg Williams would do. This is a guy who’s most famous contribution to the sport of football is the quote “affect the head.” 

You’re telling me that a guy who once said "Kill the head and the body will die. Kill the head and the body will die" would only save that mentality for the regular season or the postseason? 

Does Gregg Williams sound like a guy who only dials it up from Week 1 on? Hell no. Preseason is football to Gregg Williams. If there are helmets, pads, and a ball, it’s football to Gregg Williams. It’s not an organized scrimmage or glorified walk through. He’s not looking for guys to go half speed. He’s not there to coast through anything.

And this is the weird thing that always happens when Triple G’s name comes up – there is an army of people who jump to defend him. And I almost, almost get it. Because. From the sounds of it, he inspires a lot of loyalty from his current and former players.

And they would tell you that he wants his defense to dominate, to smash their opponents, and to take them out of the game, either mentally or physically, but he wants to do it in a clean way. And that people who claim he teaches cheap shots and dirty hits are wrong.

And then they tie themselves in knots over the audio that’s out there and that people don’t understand what he was saying. 

This is a guy who talked about "We've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore's head.”

That’s not a metaphor. That’s not like talking about killing the head of a snake. He’s talking specifically about Frank Gore’s head. That’s literal. HIS ACTUAL HEAD.

When you hear that audio and when you know Gregg’s track record, it’s kind of hard to say that he wouldn’t say what Beckham is saying. I don’t know that he specifically told his guys to sprain Beckham’s ankle and sideline him, but I certainly can’t say that he wouldn’t say that. 

You want to claim that the guy who said "Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head. Early, affect the head. Continue to touch and affect the head” wouldn’t do what Beckham just described?

Is affect heads when you get off the pile good clean football? Is affecting the head after the whistle not a cheap shot or dirty move?

SO HOW is it inconceivable that the guy who said all of that would encourage his players to take Odell Beckham out of a preseason game?

So I’m not exactly sure what the debate is here. There’s really is no controversy..  NO, I WASN’T THERE. SO I DON’T KNOW. BUT I DO KNOW WHO I BELIEVE IN THIS CASE. AND IT’S NOT Triple G or his army. IT’S double LL, Odell.