Skins Fire Jay Gruden

It’s a terrible team and a terrible organization from the bottom to the top.

Jim Rome
October 07, 2019 - 10:04 am
Jay Gruden

USA Today


Normally, I’d start an NFL Monday off with a recap of everything that happened over the weekend, but I’ll have to save that for a little later, because I’ve got a question for you: how was your Sunday?

Because Jay Gruden’s was not that good. 

Got smashed by the Patriots 33-7. At home. In a game where his team went 1 for 11 on third down. I’d say that was humiliating, but it wasn’t. It was expected. It’s par for the course. It’s who they are. What they do. Every damn Sunday. Again, it’s expected. 

How expected? Adrian Peterson said this about the Patriots defense after the game: "They showed a lot of exotic stuff on film. But against us, they didn’t really. You know? It was like, hey, we’ll sit back here and see what you guys do, allow you guys to mess up."

That’s pretty brutal. Brutal. But fair. Like they weren’t even trying. Why waste any injury trying to beat you scrubs, when we know you’re just going to beat yourselves anyway.  Why put anything else on tape for anyone else to see, when we know we’ll knock the crap out of you without even trying. 

Then again, what did you expect when a 4-0 New England team faced off with an 0-4 Washington team?

But you know it’s a particularly bad loss when people aren’t really focusing on the fact that you had a 7-0 lead and then gave up 33 unanswered points. Or when they aren’t too interested in the return of Colt McCoy. Or the fact that McCoy was sacked six times. 

And instead, they’re just asking if you’ll have a gig the next day. But it did give Gruden a chance to drop this zinger: 

"No one's told me anything. I don't have a concern. If the key works Monday, keep working, go attack the Miami Dolphins and plan on getting our first win next week." 

If the key works Monday, keep working. Bad news, the key did not work today. 

According to the Washington Post, Gruden was called to the facility for a 5am meeting with Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. 

And then they fired him.


5 in the morning. Before sunrise.

Lane Kiffin getting canned on the tarmac at LAX, allegedly, can’t believe how cold that is.

5am? Why not wait until 9am? When you’ve been sucking for years, what’s another couple of hours? Why make him come to the facility? Just do it over text. 

Then again, how relieved is Jay Gruden right now? 

Sure, he had to wake up early to get to the facility, but now he can go home, get a nap, and start life without having to go to work at that dump again. His second best day as a head coach was getting that job and his best day was losing it. 

The crazy thing is, on November 11th of last year, Washington was 6-3. They were in it. And they’ve gone 1-11 since then. 

And yes, there have been injuries. And some additions haven’t worked out quite right. But Gruden was nobody’s idea of a successful head coach. And things were terrible. 

As one player told Josina Anderson: "Gruden is a good dude, but you can tell he saw the writing on the wall though. Players like him, it just got a little too laid back here lately & sometimes that can bite you in the butt. I've seen some things here I’ve never seen on other teams."

Seeing things there that you’ve never seen on other teams doesn’t sound good, but it does sound exactly like what you’d expect to see in Washington. Ever have a vision of a city that you’ve been and then when you finally do go there, it’s exactly how you pictured it.  That’s the Redskins. You envision a crappy situation with a crappy coach and a crappy organization, and then you get there and you can’t even surprised because it’s exactly what you expected. What did you expect? A well-run, well oiled, perennial playoff contender. Hell no! It’s the Redskins!!

Another player told Anderson: "It was time. Too much laziness & stubborn bleep going on around here. Folks not taking bleep serious. Looking at snap chat during practice, come on now. You know who I'm talking about. Guys were talking about it. We'll see how it goes."

Folks on snapchat during practice is strong. That’s a ballers move right there. Firing up snap chat during practice. Can you imagine if that ever went down with the Patriots??  Bill Belichick would straight stroke out if any of his guys ever dared to fire up SNAP FACE during practice. But apparently, it happened with the Redskins. The only thing worse than a player being on snapchat during a practice would be a coach being on snapchat during practice.

But as bad as all that is, and as terrible as Washington has been this year, and as ugly as last week was with the quarterback situation, the problem isn’t Jay Gruden. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to be fired, but I am saying that’s not the issue. That’s not the biggest issue. We know what the really problem is. Gruden was definitely a problem; and I have no problem with him getting fired. But the real problem is the guys who broke him off. 

The really problem is Dan Snyder. And Bruce Allen. And the entire trashfire of an organization that they’ve got going right now.

They haven’t won a playoff game since 2005. They’ve finished last or second to last 15 times since Snyder took over. 

Doing what they did at 5am is the ultimate “re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic” move. 

Hell, they couldn’t even get the interim coach thing right. They gave that title to Bill Callahan, instead of three other incredibly well-qualified candidates: Jim Tomsula, Tim Jomsula, and Jom Timsula. 

Jay Gruden isn’t the reason why people aren’t going to games anymore. Jay Gruden wasn’t the reason why that was practically a home game for New England yesterday. Jay Gruden isn’t the reason why they’ve been so bad for so long. 

That’s on the owner and the president. They aren’t winners. In fact, by definition, they are losers. 

The team is nearly 50 games below .500 since Dan Snyder took over. Bruce Allen is 59-89-1 since he arrived. So how is a new head coach going to change that? Why is Allen going to be involved in hiring a new coach? Better yet, why hasn’t he been fired yet?

And by the way, I’m aware of the videos from a few years back that “leaked” out this week. Pretty interesting timing. And if the organization had anything to do with that, it’s the dirtiest pool ever. I’ not saying they did. I’m saying if they did, it would be the dirtiest pool ever. I’m not saying they did. I’m saying if they did, just the fire guy. If you’re going to fire the guy, fire the guy; would anyone even know or care if you did. I’m not saying they did this, but it did, what the hell, to provide cover for yourselves. If so, it didn’t work. If anything, it would have made this guy actually sympathetic…if in fact, the team had anything to do with it.

The team called a press conference for later today, but in the meantime, they issued a statement that included: Through the first five games of the 2019 season, the team has clearly not performed up to expectations, and we all share in that responsibility.  

We all share that responsibility, but Jay is the one getting fired at 5am. Everyone can sleep in and continue to be terrible.

Also, how about the idea that the team has clearly not performed up to expectations – exactly what were the expectations? Did anyone think this team would be good? They have so many holes in their roster and only one good player. Trent Williams, and he refuses to play. And I don’t blame him. 

It’s a terrible team and a terrible organization from the bottom to the top. 

I could recap all the quotes about Dan Snyder from former employees and people around the league, like the former team official who told the Post: “As long as Dan’s there, they don’t have a chance.”

But I will again just remind you of the most damning thing that’s ever been said about Dan Snyder: Stephen Jones called him a “visionary.” After two decades of garbage, the chief operating officer of your rival, called you a visionary. That’s so much colder than calling someone in for a 5am meeting to fire them. The Redskins are who we thought they are, and they just let Jay Gruden off the hook!! And I’m guessing there’s no one anywhere happier about that than Gruden. Except for his brother Chunk, who know is already trying to get him to Oakland?