Snoop 1

KU negative infinity.

Jim Rome
October 09, 2019 - 10:54 am
Snoop Doggy

USA Today


If you missed it on Monday, I spent some time on the show talking about Snoop Dogg showing up in Lawrence, Kansas to perform at KU’s annual event, Late Night in the Phog.

Just a quick reset to get everyone on the same page.

Every year KU ushers in the men’s and women’s basketball seasons with an event at Allen Fieldhouse called Late Night in the Phog. The description on the university’s website of Late Night in the Phog is better than anything they could possibly do at the actual event because the description reads, word for word: “Late Night in the Phog is the official kickoff to the basketball season. It's one part scrimmage, one part talent show, and two parts shenanigans!”

That’s a recipe for some serious tomfoolery if I’ve heard one. Anytime you double up on shenanigans than you know that hijinks and horseplay are sure to follow. Hell, there might even be some monkey business. Or buffoonery!  Or a barrel of monkeys. You never know! But what I do know is that any cocktail with two parts shenanigans is sure to induce a raucous good time. And that’s not poppycock, either. I mean it.

The issue at hand is that Snoop Dogg spiked the family-friendly punch. Because Snoop Dogg went Snoop Dogg. Money gun, stripper poles, and a whole lotta language they’d rather your children not hear.

Now—don’t get it twisted. Snoop didn’t just show up in Lawrence and crash the sock-up. He was invited. He was booked. He was paid. And did everything that anyone who knows him would expect him to do. And everyone loved it—except the brass at KU. And they even issued a pretty hilarious, albeit misguided, statement apologizing for Snoop’s show.

It was the equivalent of pulling the pin on grenade and being utterly shocked and appalled that it exploded.

Snoop hadn’t said anything about it since. And he didn’t really need to. He’s Snoop doing Snoop things. But yesterday, Howard Stern asked him about the show at KU and he offered this apology.

“To the distinguished faculty and staff and student body of Kansas, I’d like to sincerely apologize for my adult-themed performance on campus. I regret my actions and I should have listened when school officials told my management team to keep it clean.”


KU wishes he said that. But he didn’t. Instead he said what I said on Monday. These are actually Snoop’s real words on Stern yesterday.

“When you pay for Snoop Dogg, you gonna get Snoop Dogg. I had the time of my life. I enjoyed myself. I hung out with the basketball teams. They had to cover it up. And I respect them. And I wasn’t gonna put no smut on their name or say that they did anything wrong because they invited me to come do what I do. The audience enjoyed that bleep. I don’t what the bleep (KU) is talking about.”

In other words he like to apologize to absolutely no one.

Snoop Dogg does what the bleep he wants. And what he wants is to be himself. And himself is exactly what KU got.  And they should have known what they were getting with snoop, when they booked snoop. 

I love the part that where said he had the time of his life. And that he wasn’t going to smear them for covering up what happened. Like—hey, man. I’m good. And I’m so good that I’m not even gonna drag you for trying to drag me.

Don’t worry, Snoop. I already did that Monday when I suggested they Google you next time before booking you. Or just find Will Smith instead. Or—stop chasing an alleged lack of institutional control with a blatant lack of shenanigan control.

KU is freaking out releasing apologies and statements about not knowing that acrobatic dancers meant stripper poles…

And Snoop is chilling on the Stern Show, sipping Gin Juice saying he had the time of his life and that he doesn’t know what the bleep KU is talking about.

I’d tell KU to look up at the scoreboard but they already know it.

Snoop 1. 

KU negative infinity.