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Nate or Nick vs Jorge works...

Jim Rome
November 12, 2019 - 10:55 am
Nick Diaz

USA Today


If you remember the aftermath of the BMF fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, folks were running hot: emotions were running high. Nate was bent because he thought the fight was stopped prematurely. And was insisting on a rematch: but was immediately concerned the UFC wouldn’t allow it.   

And Jorge, the winner and official BMF title holder, was upset as well, because he didn’t get to finish the fight.

"For a fact, I told Nate right now, let's run it back. UFC, make it happen. Let's run it back. I don't like to leave the ring like this with my opponent conscious. There's only one way to do it, and that's to baptize them, and I didn't get to baptize Nate, so we're going to run it back."

That’s why Masvidal is your BMF champ. Because despite winning the right, pretty impressively, I might add, he’s still pissed because his opponent was still away when the fight ended, consequently he was not able to baptize him properly. So the guy who lost is pissed. And the guy who is pissed. And those folks who thought they were going to see a baptism were pissed. What an unbelievable night. And of course, it didn’t end there. 

Because now a new fighter has entered the cage. Nick Diaz. And Nicholas is not happy with Jorge. Nick Diaz hasn’t fought since 2015 and he hasn’t done an interview in a while, so if he’s getting in front of a camera, it’s because he has something to say. And my man, really…really had something to say.

Nick sat down with Ariel Helwani and gave his thoughts on a number of topics, starting with whether he will fight again.

“Generally I’ll go and I’ll bleeping show somebody their life. It’s up to them whether they want to deal. That’s just what I bleeping do. That’s my job. I was doing that to people when I was 15 years old to get them to go come with when I was going to deal with like – I was going to karate with little babies and little kids. Like karate chop. I was a real karate kid.”

If that sounds like a BMF, it’s because Nick is a BMF. And he believes the BMF belt belongs to him.

That’s my belt. You just fought my baby brother. But it’s my belt. Like, if they had been handing that belt out in the past, I’d have been wearing it for years.

And then he got to the good part, his reaction to Jorge’s baptism comments. And those thoughts are incredible.

Boom! That is one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard. That is the very definition of fighting words.

"You want to talk about baptizing my younger brother? That's on you. Like, you don't talk about baptizing my younger brother, so you're already in a bleeped position if you fight with me. You don't bleeping talk about baptizing someone's younger brother. That's my baby brother. You don't talk like that to nobody."

The list of reasons to go is small, but now you can add “baptizing my younger brother” to the list.

I could be wrong, but knowing the Diaz brothers, that doesn’t sound like blowing smoke just to get another fight. That’s not Nick coming forward and talking junk so that Nate can get a rematch. Or so that Nick can get a fight.

That’s not blowing smoke, that’s offering the smoke. That’s coming with the smoke.

Because Nick is pissed. Genuinely pissed. This isn’t about money or a belt, you are being disrespectful to his baby brother. You are talking about baptizing him, and you do not talk about Nick Diaz’s baby brother like that. You do that and you’re already in a bleeped position with him.

There is a list of guys you do not want to get on the wrong side of, a list of guys you do not want to get into a bleeped position with, and Nick and Nate Diaz are right at the top of that list.

And if Masvidal had been in the room, Nick would’ve gone after him. And he would have done it for free. Actually, he would have done for something that you can put a dollar amount on: Diaz pride, honor and dignity: and respect. And Masvidal disrespected the Diaz family with the comment that he was pissed because he was looking to baptize Nate and wasn’t able to do so.

So what did Masvidal make of all that? Well, a few hours later, we found because his coach took to Instagram to post a video with a caption: Gamebred Fighter’s official response to Nick Diaz. #super necessary #baptized #bmf

Holy bleep. Scarface, except with an animated Jorge Masvidal. That is absolutely incredible. And perfect. Because if you thought Jorge Masvidal was going to hear Nick Diaz’s comments and not say something back, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. There’s a reason why he has the BMF belt. Did you think he was going to stay silent? Or apologize? Hell no.

That belt is about more than just winning a fight, it’s about a mentality. And the BMF holder isn’t going to be scared off by the older brother doing an interview.

There is nothing like Jorge Masvidal, nothing like the Diaz brothers, and nothing like the UFC. If you just put the belt on the table, those guys would fight for it. It’s not about money, it’s about respect and what you can and cannot say about family. And it is incredible. No other sport can match that. And they shouldn’t even bother to try.  Remember when NBA twitter was like the biggest thing. And it was pretty awesome.  But it’s nothing compared to UFC SOCIAL.

I don’t know what I want more – a Nick Diaz-Jorge Masvidal fight, a Nate Diaz-Jorge Masvidal fight or some sort of tag team event where both Diaz brothers are in the cage.  Because if we don’t get that, I’m afraid those crews are going to just meet up the streets and settle it there. Better to set it up, do the right way and get everyone paid, rather than risk someone losing their life, folks going to jail, no one sees it and no gets paid. I just know this: I need more. Lots more. 

And anyone who thought that this sport, and the UFC couldn’t thrive without Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, obviously didn’t know what the hell they were talking.  Because those most riveting in the sport, almost in any sport right now, doesn’t even involve a championship belt. It involves something even more important than that: the BMF belt. And you’re going to have to do some serious damage to rip it from Jorge.