Zeke Has A Contract

Anyone surprised?

Jim Rome
September 04, 2019 - 9:18 am
Ezekiel Elliott

USA Today


BREAKING NEWS: Ezekiel Elliott has a contract. Unreal. Incredible. Unprecedented.

How was this even possible? How did they get this done? I thought the new deals for Jaylon Smith, Demarcus Lawrence, and La’El Collins meant that there wasn’t enough money to go around?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Jerry Jones was telling a local radio station that there wasn’t enough dough? “There’s no question the pie is getting smaller. To the extent we look at how much we allocate to each and every player, each and every position, that creates boundaries.”

And then hours later, we have a deal. Absolutely amazing. It really is a miracle. Just when you thought it couldn’t happen, just when you thought the Dallas Cowboys had run out of money, they find enough to pay their Pro Bowl running back.

Jerry must have really dug through the couches and the ashtray on the party bus to find every penny he could to make this deal happen.

That, or it was always going to happen and the last few weeks have been a very boring, very predictable, very fake, very manufactured drama, with an attempt at some sort of dramatic, explosive ending.

I mean, weren’t Elliott and his agent deeply wounded and offended by Jerry’s “Zeke who?” joke. Wasn’t that unbelievable disrespect, supposed to derail everything? I thought that hilarious zinger was going to wreck any chances they had of getting this deal done: maybe even obliterate that bridge altogether? Right??

But, amazing, somehow t it didn’t. Somehow, these two sides, the billionaire and the Pro Bowl running back, managed to put all that aside and come to an agreement.

And even more incredibly, they got the agreement done in time for Elliott to be on track to play in Week 1. Again, absolutely incredible. I mean, damn! Jerry really is a hero. He knew that fans wanted Elliott on the field in Week 1 and damn if he wasn’t going to get it done and give his beloved fans exactly what they wanted. This old dude is an absolute legend.

Side note on Jerry – do you know where he was this morning? While you were freaking out about him reportedly agreeing to a 90 million deal with a running back, he was at the New York Stock Exchange ringing the bell to celebrate a 2.2 billion acquisition of an energy company.  

Yeah….I don’t think this dude is any danger of running out of money, any time soon.  Hell, that money he just guaranteed to Elliott is walk around money for that old man. I mean, pssst pleaassee! Is there anyone, anywhere, who actually believed this wasn’t going to happen???

Did anyone really buy the idea that the Cowboys weren’t going to sign him?

Did anyone really think that the deals for Smith, Collins, and Lawrence meant that Elliott wasn’t going to get his? Hell no. Of course not. We all knew it. And most of all Elliott knew it.  He knew he was going to get his. Whatever his turns out to be. Because as always, the devil of the deal is in the details... and the initially reported amount of the contract is rarely the actual amount of the contract. So we don’t know exactly what this deal is, only that we knew he was going to get it. 

Why? Because even though the running back position continues to be devalued by teams, Elliott had the hammer, not Jerrah. Had the hammer because that offense runs through him, not Dak. And they go as Elliott goes. And Dak goes as Elliott goes. He’s more important to that offense than Dak. Dak needs Elliott more than Elliott needs him. Hell, the Cowboys need Elliott more than he needs them. Obviously, that’s why he got over.  That’s how he got them to extend him while he still had multiple years left on his rookie deal. Perfectly executed by Elliott: he gets to miss all of camp, all of the preseason, while hanging out in Cabo, gets his pile of dough and can waltz right in, right before the opener. Text book. He got over. Melvin Gordon tried the same thing with the Chargers, but it didn’t work. Primarily, because as great Gordon is, he’s not Elliott. And he’s not as important to the Chargers as Elliott is to the Cowboys. Elliott’s their best player.  Everyone knows that. And defenses are way more concerned about stopping him than they are Prescott. So this was going to happen no matter what. 

So why do this whole routine, this whole charade? For the same reason that Jerry Jones does anything – attention.

The Dallas Cowboys have been talked about every single day for the last however many weeks.

And Jerry Jones has been at the center of it all. Every day, there was something new. Hands being severed in car accidents. Zeke who. Pies being split up.

And the thing that Jerry likes more than winning is being talked about. Being talked about is a win for him. That is his Super Bowl; especially since he hasn’t been able to get anywhere near the actual Super Bowl in years.

I don’t know if Ezekiel Elliott got all the money that he wanted, but Jerry Jones got exactly what he wanted. Us to look at him. And talk about him. And he’s going to run it right back when he gets around to doing Dak Prescott’s deal.