P Bev vs. Jared Dudley

If Pat Bev is involved, trash will be talked.

Jim Rome
June 25, 2020 - 10:52 am
Pat Beverley

USA Today


The current NBA plan calls for no games until the very end of July. Most teams aren’t expected to report until July 7th through 9th. If everything holds, the Lakers and Clippers wouldn’t face each other in the playoffs until months from now, but that hasn’t stopped the SMACK talk from starting. And if I were to ask you who thought started it that would probably be the easiest question ever, right. Patrick Beverly, that’s who. Of course. No brainer. All day long. No days off from the smack talk. 

If Pat Bev is involved, trash will be talked. Even when he was not invited into the conversation. He doesn’t need an invite. 

On Tuesday, Woj tweeted: As coronavirus testing for players heading to Orlando starts today, teams are bracing for significant numbers of positive tests. One Western Conference playoff team had four positives in past few weeks, per sources. Full training camps start on July 11 at Disney.

He followed that up with another tweet: It's a bigger concern for non-guaranteed playoff teams to lose players to extended quarantine before Orlando. Playoff teams worried less about needing key players for seeding games in August have more time to get players back to shape. All are worried about soft-tissue injuries.

So far, nothing sensational. It’s good information, but nothing to really start a fight over. And no sign of Patrick Beverley.

Then Laker Jared Dudley retweeted Woj and added his own comment: Not enough talk about soft tissue injuries with basically 2 weeks of full court 5-5 to prepare of 3 month potential season.

Again, nothing too edgy or crazy there. It’s a good point. Teams and players are concerned about soft tissue injuries, like damage to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that could come from ramping up too quickly after a long layoff.

A solid medical point. But…

BAH GAWD that’s Patrick Beverley’s music. And sure enough, Patrick Beverley jumped in on twitter:

“Again basketball is a year-round sport. We don’t wanna hear that bleep. Check” with a basketball emoji

What an incredible move. What a Pat Bev move. And I love it. I love that he’s not really part of the discussion. And I love that he’s just flying in. And I love that he ends it with “check” and a basketball emoji, like he’s checking the ball at the top of the key and the game is about to re-start.

What an amazing sequence. Jared Dudley is making a solid point on behalf of all NBA players and Pat Bev came sprinting out of the locker room, down the ramp, and wait – there wasn’t even a ramp. This wasn’t a fight. This wasn’t a wrestling match.

Patrick Beverley built the ramp, built a ring, put Jared Dudley in that ring, and came running down thee ramp, vaulted onto the turnbuckle, then body slammed Dudley.

I love him giving Dudley a “well actually” when it comes to soft tissue injuries.

“Basketball is a year-round sport.” As in, stay in shape so you don’t have to get in shape. I love that he’s essentially saying, if you get a soft tissue injury, that’s on you for not doing your job and staying in shape. And don’t talk to me about a global pandemic or anything like that. “We don’t wanna hear that bleep”

It’s a seriously harsh way of looking at things, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from Beverley. When you consider what he’s battled through to get where he is, he’s not letting a global pandemic get in the way of his look at a ring. Hell no.

Again, you’re not going to scare him, not with soft tissue injuries or a global pandemic.

Dudley came back at him with: I don’t know what you talking about. Season happening! Believe that! But if you don’t think we as athletes should be talking about protest, injuries, COVID then you might want to sit this convo out bruh...

Listen Dud…, the next conversation Patrick Beverley sits out will be the first. You know that. Or if you don’t, you do now. That’s why he’s Pat Bev and that’s why he’s awesome.

You think you’re just minding your own business on Twitter, but Beverley is lurking. He’s always lurking. He’s ready to jump into the passing lane at every second.

He’s Mr. 94 Feet. But he’s so much more than that. He’s not just picking you up full court, he’s picking up everyone full LIFE. He’s deeing up on the floor, on social media, everywhere.

And then, like that, he was gone. He didn’t respond to Dudley’s second message. Because he didn’t have to. He made his point – no excuses. Stay in shape so you don’t have to get in shape, then you won’t worry about soft tissue injuries. And then it’s good. Check.  Patrick Beverly.  One of one.  An absolute legend.  And the other reason why the Clippers might just win the wait that Doc Rivers talks about.