Packers 34 49ers 17

An organized scrimmage.

Jim Rome
November 06, 2020 - 9:12 am
Davante Adams

USA Today


Packers-Niners went ahead last night, despite COVID. And the game went pretty much the way you would expect it to go when Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and company get to face a decimated 49er defense. 34-17, a score that makes it seem a lot closer than it actually was, thanks to a touchdown with four seconds left that didn’t matter in the game, but probably mattered to some people.

But to call that a game is inaccurate. That was an organized scrimmage. That was practically a walk-through for the Packers. They could’ve been out there in shells and it still wouldn’t have been competitive. It got so out of hand that the announcers spent a chunk of the fourth quarter looking to talk about anything except what they were seeing: including the comedic career of Jon Lovett: that’s how bad things got: talking about Jon Lovett was more compelling to them than what they were seeing on the field.

If that game went on any longer, Joe and Troy would’ve been snapchatting each other, or composing tik tock videos or breaking down the election: anything except talking about what they were seeing down on the field. I’m going to more or less ignore the 49ers in this take, out of respect. They are banged the hell up and just aren’t themselves. They had a team of backups’ backups last night. And they looked like it. And played like it. That’ll happen when you have over 80 million bucks worth of cap space on injured reserve. No one is NEXT MAN UP’ING THAT BLEEP. 

When you think of the 49ers offense, you don’t think of Nick Mullens throwing to Richie James, but that’s what we got last night. And a lot of it. I’m still so impressed by how they battle and fight every week, no matter what, but that wasn’t enough last night.

But just because the Packers carved up a JV team last night doesn’t mean that a statement wasn’t made last night. There was one that was made, both on the field and off it.

And it started with a Rodgers to Adams touchdown with really good coverage. It was just a better pass and a better catch. SOMETIMES AARON IS SO GOOD, HE’S PERFECT.  NOT MY WORDS, BUT DAVANTE’S; HE SAID, "it was almost so perfect that it threw me off.”

And even though the Niners were busted up defensively, that doesn’t mean that Davante didn’t make a statement of his own: 10 receptions, 173 yards, and a touchdown.

And Off the field, he was asked if he’s the best receiver in the league: “I’ll tell you yes, absolutely, I think I’m the best wide receiver in the game.”

But don’t get it twisted. This wasn’t Adams ripping off his helmet and running his mouth and threatening to fight anyone who doesn’t agree: hell yes he’s confident, but he was measured and respectful in how he said, what he said, quote: "I think that's fair to say. I think that's not being conceited. That's just being confident. I think, obviously, what I’ve done and what I'm going to continue to do is going to prove that to anybody who isn't on board with that."

He’s right, it is fair to say that: I’m not going waste anyone’s time by going with some contrived, manufactured, hot take, bullcrap discussion over who’s the man: Davante or DeAndre or Julio or Michael. But I am here to say, as tired and beaten down  as the phrase “in the conversation” is, if you’re talking about the best receiver in the league, you better be mentioning Davante Adams. He better be in that conversation, and yes, you might just start that conversation with him. Because when it comes to this guy and how good he is people have been sleeping on him for way, way too long.

Maybe it’s because he didn’t go to Clemson, or Alabama or Ohio State like the others who get that run. Maybe it’s because he’s a Fresno State guy. Maybe it’s because he was a second round pick. Whatever the reason is, you’re running out of reasons to not talk about him as the best in the league.

And I’m not sure there’s a better quarterback to receiver connection than Rodgers to Adams.

Now consider the following facts: according to the Elias Sports Bureau, Adams is the first player with three games of at least 10 catches and 150 yards in a team’s first eight games of the season. 

And here’s another – he is the second player in NFL history to have three games of 10 receptions, 150 yards, and a touchdown in the same season. The other guy to do it: Calvin Johnson. And we’re only at the halfway point of the season. 

That is the kind of company that Adams is keeping right now. Calvin Johnson-level stuff. And the other thing about those two stats – you know the part about how he’s done this in the first eight games of the season? He hasn’t. He missed two games. The Packers have played eight games, Adams has played six.

And he already has three games of 10 receptions and 150 yards. In six games. That means that every other time he steps on the field, he’s hitting a defense for 10 receptions and 150-plus yards.

There’s a reason why Mike Zimmer dedicated his defense to stopping Davante Adams on Sunday - he’s that good. And there’s a reason why Adams still had three touchdowns in that game – he’s that good.

And speaking of that good, Rodgers second touchdown of the game was just as NICE as the first, ask Mercedes Lewis.

Did you see the fake from Rodgers on that? Did you see how smooth, how effortless, and how SWEET that was? And then how wide-ass open Marcedes Lewis was in the end zone?

You might never see a one-yard pass that looks better than that. That’s how good it was.

And the bomb to MVS before halftime wasn’t bad either.

That was a clinic. A complete and total offensive clinic. Green Bay could do whatever they wanted and they did.

And no, as dominant as they were, that was not payback for the NFC Championship game. Payback for who against what? That wasn’t the same 49ers team they played.  Nowhere near that. It would be like going to beat up on the Jets for something the Steelers did.

Let’s be clear: the Packers beat what’s left of the 49ers 34-17 last night. It was a great performance against a team that right now is anything but that.  You can only play and beat who and what is in front of you; and the Packers beat what was left of the Niners senseless. 

The Packers were missing guys due to COVID, they went on the road, and they handled their business in a really crisp, sharp way. That was professional effort. JUST don’t try to make it a revenge game or anything like that. It’s always great to get a win, and impressive to get it the way that they did under the circumstances that they did, but the statement that was made last night wasn’t about last year.

It was about this year and that statement was: if you’re talking best receiver in the game, you better talk about Davante Adams. And if you’re talking about Aaron Rodgers, he’s doing things he’s never done before and he’s never looked better. If you’re looking for statements, there’s another one for you.