Pat Mahomes Thanks Alex Smith

Pure class from both guys.

Jim Rome
February 04, 2020 - 9:24 am
Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith

USA Today


Patrick Mahomes went to Disney World yesterday and by now you probably know the backstory about the tweet from when he was 17 years old. The rare, old tweet that resurfaces that is actually good. The one from 2013 that read "I bet it feels amazing to be the quarterback who says, 'I'm going to Disney World,' after winning the Super Bowl. #qbs"

That was prophetic, but it wasn’t something that he tweeted and then printed out and posted on his wall. He didn’t have that tweet on his vision board or taped to his mirror and he wasn’t thinking about it when he did offseason workouts. It was something he posted when he was trying to decide between playing football or baseball. And truth be told, like most tweets from most people, he doesn’t even remember doing it. 

As he told Jenna Laine: "I didn't even remember tweeting it until it came back out before the Super Bowl. For me, it was just such an iconic thing and something that was special, and I wanted to do that. And now I have and I'm here -- it's amazing. When I won the game and they came up and told me [I'd won the MVP], it was amazing -- just to be able to say those words and to be here now. ... I tried to dream it, and I tweeted it, and I kinda spoke it into existence."

That is impressive as hell. He didn’t just speak it into existence, he tweeted it into existence. And that might be the first positive thing that anyone’s said about Twitter in a long, long time. 

Now that doesn’t mean that all of you should start tweeting about how you want to say “I’m going to Disney World.” I mean, sure you can tweet it, but the way most of you are going to Disney World is buying a ticket, not winning a Super Bowl. And certainly not winning a Super Bowl like that, where you play some of your worst football for 50 minutes and some of your best for 10 minutes. 

Because I’m guessing that none of you have the rocket arm that Mahomes has, or the incredible brain, or the physical and mental toughness that he has. Actually, I’m not guessing it, I’m saying it. You can tweet all you like, but you aren’t Patrick Mahomes and you aren’t going to tweet it into existence. Because Patrick Mahomes is one of one. 

There is only one guy like him and that is why you hear all that talk about this being the start of a new era in football. And already the conversation is shifting to how many rings he will win. Will it be 3? Or four? Or more? 

And that’s with the knowledge that guys like Dan Marino only made it to won Super Bowl and never won it, or Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, have one ring, and are still chasing another. 

Everyone knows that and there is still a real bar-gument about how many Mahomes ends up with. And let’s be real, it’s a pretty dumb argument because there are so many factors that go into reaching, let alone winning, a Super Bowl. The talent around you, the defense, the coaches, all the luck that’s needed. 

And you know that some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history have only made it to one Super Bowl. And some never made it at all. But after watching Mahomes, that topic is still tempting. Because he is this good, this young, and does things you’ve never seen before, he makes you think anything is possible. 

After watching him lead his team back from double-digits down in the last three playoff games, you believe he can do anything. He is that tough to stop, and that difficult to keep under control for 60 minutes. And he’s only getting better.

Hell, he’s the only guy who has an old tweet that resurfaces and it’s actually a good thing and a cool story, not something awful that he has to take down and apologize for.  

Now that he’s made it to Disney, there are a couple of other tasks for Mahomes, starting with responding to all the text messages he’s received. 

"There's a bunch of guys. I was joking around with my girlfriend [Brittany] that at one point, I was looking at my messages, and I had Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Troy Polamalu, Brooks Koepka ... Just all these different people.”

Pretty wild.  Imagine how geeked any of us would be if we ever received a text from even one of those guys: you’d keep it forever: this dude reaches for his phone, opens up his messages and they’re read from top to bottom, Pinky, the Slinger, Troy and Brooks.  Crazy! 

And let me take a moment to shoutout to one of the guys that people around the team have been shouting out to – Alex Smith. 

Mahomes said Smith " texted me right after the game, saying he enjoyed it just as much as we did. He wasn't there, but he was part of it -- I think that's the biggest thing. He built the culture that I came into. He was the guy that led the team to all these successful seasons and built that winning culture."

For a long time, it has been popular to bash Alex Smith and that’s fine if you want to do that and if you think that makes you seem clever or original or like you really know football. 

But if you listen to Mahomes or Andy Reid, or anyone around that Chiefs team, in other words, if you listen to anyone who matters, anyone who actually know what the hell they’re talking about, they are giving a lot of credit to Alex Smith. In fact, they would tell you there’s a good chance they aren’t where they are right now and they wouldn’t have gotten there as quickly as they did, if it wasn’t for Smith.

Think about that for a moment. Alex Smith has not been in Kansas City for two years and they are still hyping him for helping to build the culture they have there, and for mentoring Mahomes. That is impressive as hell. 

A guy who knew that he was going to lose his job to the young stud they drafted and instead of getting bent or going sour, he mentored him like crazy. 

As Reid said last week, Smith taught Mahomes “How to study, diet, his workout regimen, and how to get family acclimated into the NFL.”

Or, as Mahomes said: “It was the stuff that takes your whole career to learn, and [Smith] taught me that in my first year and it’s helped me have success at such an early age.” As ridiculous as the “how many rings will Mahomes win” argument is, almost as ridiculous is the fact that we probably aren’t even having it without Alex Smith. And that says a ton about Smith and Mahomes. How many guys in Smith’s position would have done that? I can’t answer that question, but I know a helluva wouldn’t have. And that says a helluva lot about Alex Smith; who is class personified.