Pats 13 Cowboys 9

A lot of you got deked and thought, whoa, Jerry Jones is really pissed. Wrong.

Jim Rome
November 25, 2019 - 10:21 am
Jason Garrett

USA Today


The New England Patriots beat the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. That wasn’t a surprise. Bill Belichick outcoached Jason Garrett yesterday. That definitely wasn’t a surprise. The only surprise was the reaction from Jerry Jones.

“We still got a long way to go, but with the makeup of this team, I shouldn’t be this frustrated.”

I get the frustration. Despite the conditions, Dallas could’ve won that game. You hold Tom Brady to less than 200 yards passing and just one touchdown, you should win that game. But they didn’t.

And what really stuck in Jerry’s craw was this.

That set up New England’s only touchdown of the game. Belichick called that play “probably the difference in the game.”

And Jerry Jones called it coaching. “To me, special teams is 100 percent coaching. It’s 100 percent coaching. It’s strategy. It’s having players ready. Special teams is nothing but coaching. Special teams is effort. Special teams is savvy. Special teams is thinking.”

So to recap, special teams is nothing but coaching. And it’s also effort, and savvy, and thinking. But either way, it’s coaching. And either way, that’s about as harsh as you will ever hear Jerry Jones when he’s talking about Jason Garrett. Not only that, and if you think special teams is all about the head coach, then that was Garrett’s masterpiece. There was the blocked punt, a missed field goal, multiple mishandled kickoffs, and the back to back penalties when the punt team couldn’t get lined up. If special teams is all about coaching and effort and savvy and thinking then the Cowboys have none of that. And how the hell do you let THAT guy block that punt. How do you forget about a special teams stud like that guy? How do you lose track of that guy. If the clapper was thinking to himself, we’re going to make someone other than Tom Brady beat us, he did it: Matthew Slater. And come to find out, Jerruh, really does care if they win or lose: incredibly, Jerruh’s not only about making money and having people look at and talk about him; come to find out, he actually looks at the scoreboard. And then down on the sideline. And apparently, suddenly, he doesn’t really like what he sees quote:

 “It’s frustrating just to be reminded that some of the fundamentals of football and coaching were what beat us out there today.”

I’m not sure if he’s being reminded that coach was what beat them or if he’s just learning what the rest of us have known for a long time – Jason Garrett just isn’t that good. Because it sure seems like Jerry is waking up from a long winter’s nap on that one. It seems like he just went to yesterday’s game and watched the team for the first time and thought, holy crap, that head coach isn’t that good. Our head coach is the reason we’re not much better than we actually are. Like the dude who owns the team is the last one in the world to find out.

And there’s still more.

“When you come into New England on a day like today, against this team, and this era, you need to win this to establish what you’re about for a season. You dealt yourself a pretty narrow window to come out of here smiling.”

And that window is even smaller when Jason Garrett is your head coach. Now, let me say this: Jason Garrett is not the worst coach ever; we’re not talking Rich Kotite here: sure, it’s easy and it may be fun to pile on the guy, but he’s not even necessarily terrible.    He’s just not good. And they can do better. And he’s the biggest reason they’re underachieving yet again. Problem is, he’ll never be what you need him to be, meaning they’ll get to where they need to go, but the clapper is just good enough not get fired. In the meantime, they never beat anyone they’re not supposed to be and it’s because the clapper will always settle: like he settled for a field goal on 4th and 7 from the Patriots 11 down 7 in the fourth quarter.

Did you really think Jason Garrett would go for it there? Of course he’s going to make it a four-point game with just over six minutes left. He’ll do that 100 times out 100. The Clapper doesn’t care what your analytics and your numbers say, he’s taking that field goal and hoping his offense catches fire at some point, even though it hadn’t for the previous 54 minutes.

As I said before the game, yesterday wasn’t about Dak vs. Tom. It was about Dak vs. Stephon. And Stephon Gilmore was huge. Completely shutting out Amari Cooper and coming up with huge interception.

That’s a great play by a great player. But Cooper is a great player as well. And you can’t have your best wide receiver get completely shut out by the opposing team. Do something. Scheme up something. Get things going?

But that was never going to happen. Because it never does with that ginger standing there on the sideline clapping up a storm. And I’ll tell you something else that never happens: that clapper didn’t wake up to an early morning call, informing him the boss wants to see him and that he needs to bring his iPad. 

I know a lot of you got deked and thought, whoa, Jerry Jones is really pissed. This time he means it. He’s going to do something. He’s raging about his coaches, he’s finally going to break off the Clapper. 

Sure he’s not. I mean, he should. But he won’t. And I know this because we’ve been down this road before. It doesn’t matter how many games Garrett costs them, it doesn’t matter how many times he gets turned inside out, and he’ll still have his job. This stuff just rolls off him. The underachieving and mismanagement that would destroy any other coach with any other team just doesn’t get to him.

And sure enough, there were reports this morning that no changes will be made to the staff. Of course not. There may come a time where Jerry Jones actually does something and gets rid of his favorite ginger, but I’ll believe it when I see it.  He shouldn’t. but he won’t. He never does. 

Climate change could cause the seas to rise fifty feet and turn Arlington into beachfront property and Jason Garrett will still be clapping on the sidelines.