Tom Brady and Josh Gordon

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The Pats Aren't Dead

Once they get this thing rolling, they could be scarier than ever.

October 05, 2018 - 9:30 am

Let's hop in the way back machine, shall we? All the way back to TWELVE DAYS AGO. When everybody was throwing dirt on the Pats and scribbling their obituary. You remember. Tom Brady didn’t have enough weapons, and even if he did, it wouldn’t matter because he was gassed. And he hates the Hood. And the dynasty was officially dead.   

And listen, it wasn’t the worst take ever. They WERE flat-lining. I mean, getting shutdown by the Jags dee is one thing; that’ll happen. But getting locked up by the Detroit Lions? A team that gave up 48 to the Jets??! 

I mean, Twelve days ago, TB12 threw for 133 yards against a one-win team. Not in the first half, but the entire game. They couldn’t run it. Those turnstiles and matadors on the O-Line weren’t blocking anyone. And as good as Gronk is, he’s not beating double coverage consistently, especially when none of the guys around him could beat single coverage consistently. Despite the Pats starting slowly in the past, I have to admit, it did not look good. 

But less than two weeks later, does anyone remember any of that? Hell, did any of that even happen? If it did, I’m having trouble recalling it. And if it did, it sure as hell doesn’t matter. Because 12 days later, it’s same as it ever was. Except maybe, better. No weapons. Or weapons across the freaking board. 

And that's why you don't throw dirt on these guys. That's why you can never throw dirt on these guys. 12 days ago, the end was near. The dynasty was dead. And last night, it was the Colts being pushed into that shallow grave. And yes, I know the Colts are a jacked up, one win team that wouldn’t stay down, and kept trying to get back up last night. I just really don’t care. Because it’s not about what the Pats did to the Colts, its’ about what they’re going to do to everyone else in the weeks to come. Fact is, that game wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicated. Because the 38 the Pats scored last night should've been 48. Hell, it could've been 58. And as soon as all these dudes DO all get on the same page as TB12, watch the hell out, it's going to be the same old Patriots.  Maybe even better.

Now you know why the Hood used a first rounder on Sony Michel. Because the kid can straight up ball. The Pats haven't had a first round running back on the roster since Laurence Maroney, and I'm pretty sure Sony just did more in one night than Kool-Aid did in five seasons. 

And now you know why Josh Gordon gets so many chances. He only played 18 snaps. But one of them was good enough to produce a wow moment like THIS ONE:

What do you know; a dude who can stretch the defense. Think that makes TB12 very dangerous? That was TD pass 500 for TB12. Only Pinky and the Gunslinger are in that club. And when those dudes hit that number, the end was near. With Brady? He looks like he's just getting started. Hell, even the Hood had something to say about his star quarterback.

"Yeah, it's tremendous. That's a lot of touchdown passes to a lot of different guys, too. There's no quarterback I'd rather have than Tom Brady. He does a great job week-in and week-out, year-in and year-out, all of the situations. He does a great job."

DAMN HOOD. Even the hood is slobbering all over himself. Even the Hood can’t contain himself. And in a couple weeks, nobody's gonna be able to contain this offense. 

Again, don’t get this twisted: I'm not saying the Pats just went out and rolled a playoff team. Far from it. The Colts were banged up, they're undermanned, and they're a year or two away from scaring anybody. And I’m not saying I don’t still have some questions about the Pats. I do. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. What I am saying is, this is a reminder, not that you should’ve needed one, but when it comes to the AFC, it’s the Patriots and everyone else. Just as it’s been for the last 15 years. Nothing new. Same as it ever was. Try to throw dirt on these guys and they’ll rip that shovel out of your hands and smash in the face with it. There are some nice teams in the AFC, but until further notice, the conference still runs through New England. And by further notice, I mean until TB12 and the Hood shut it down and from the looks of things, that’s not happening any time soon. The Pats aren't dead. And once they get this thing rolling, they could be scarier than ever.