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Pats Send Brandin Cooks To Rams

Ram it baby!!

April 04, 2018 - 1:10 pm

I start the show with breaking news - stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Los Angeles Rams have made another serious acquisition. Of course you’ve heard this one before, they’ve done it just about every other day this offseason. Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, and Sam Shields seemed like a power trio, but that was just the start, because last week they added Ndamukong Suh and yesterday they traded for the 23rd and 198th picks in this year’s draft to New England for Brandin Cooks and the 136th pick.

So now the Rams have a reliable vertical threat to stretch the field, a 24-year-old with three straight 1,000 yard seasons. Cooks tied for the league lead in receptions on passes thrown 20 yards or more downfield. Think Sean McVay and Jared Goff might be cool with that? 

And if you didn’t know it before, you know it now: the Rams are going all in. They’ve taken off their watch, pulled the car keys out of their pocket, and stacked them on the deed to the house and shoved it all to the center of the table. And I love it. Mad respect.  Again, they were so far ahead of schedule, that if they didn’t do anything at all this offseason, no one would have said jack. Instead, they take some of the biggest swings imaginable. And in so doing, send a message to their fan base and the rest of the league, we’re in it to win it. All of it. This season. And it’s badass. Ram it baby!!

Badass, but not without risks, which is what makes so badass. Because in the NFL, when you’re bringing in this many pieces, there are caveats. And the caveat is that teams who do this in one offseason rarely dominate the following year. It’s hard to get that many pieces onto the same page that quickly. And there is going to be time when all of these guys need to get paid and that could get ugly…, but for now, Rams fans can dream of Suh and Aaron Donald crushing quarterbacks, Peters and Talib ball Hawking and housing picks, and Goff airing it out to while Todd Gurley runs through giant holes.

And then there’s the flip side of this deal, the New England side. And that’s where things really get interesting. And stupid. 

Let’s start with trading Cooks. The Patriots didn’t want to have to pay him after this year and now they won’t have to pay him. Instead, they’ll get picks for him. And they move a player who was very good, but not a great fit for New England’s scheme apparently. Especially if they don’t have a left tackle. Then you really don’t want Brady waiting an extra second to throw a deep ball, only to get leveled. And they can use the money on Rob Gronkowski – by the way, if you ever thought they were actually going to trade Gronk, you can probably forget that now. Especially, since two of Tommy’s main targets, Cooks and Danny Amendola are gone. 

Interesting because now for the first time in two decades, the Patriots have two first round picks and two second round picks in the same draft. The mere thought of that has to strike terror into the hearts of every other front office in the league because it is the threat of the unknown. What does Bill Belichick know that everyone else doesn’t know? What will he do? Will he trade up? Will he do what he loves to do and trade down, turning four picks inside the top 63 into 40 picks in the draft?

And some have immediately jumped on the idea that he’s going to trade up for a quarterback. Maybe he would. And if he did, he might as well just punch Tom Brady in the face. There would be no greater bleep-you to Tom Brady than to take three or four picks in the top 63, not find a replacement at left tackle or any pass rushers and instead shove Brady’s replacement into the q.b. room alongside of him. Isn’t that way they gave Jimmy Garoppolo to the Niners? Because Tommy wanted him out of there. Errrrrr, they couldn’t agree to terms with Garoppolo?  But I hope they do draft TB 12’s heir apparent.  Then I’d really have a reason to watch his Facebook show.  

Because the league MVP is not strapping on a helmet at 41 to mentor a top four pick in the draft. And if you look at the holes the Patriots have on that roster, they can’t afford to throw all those picks at the second, third or fourth best quarterback in the draft. For what? Do that and you might as well just tell Tommy and Robby to retire right now.  

Belichick does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants it. And if he wants to keep this thing going, he’ll use that collection of picks to fill some holes. But if he wants total chaos in Foxborough, then he’ll trade up and draft a quarterback. I don’t root, but you know which angle I’m rooting for. And if and when he does, it will go to show Belichick will show virtually anyone and everyone the door there, even the one guy who was thought to be untouchable. TB 12>. Because in the Hood’s world, no one is