Bill Belichick and Malcolm Butler

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Pats vs. Pats South

The Hood is getting back together with his old crew.

November 09, 2018 - 10:17 am

Week 10's slate of games isn't exactly overflowing with storylines. But one that's pretty hard to ignore is the reunion that's going down in Smashville this weekend. The Hood is getting back together with his old crew.

The Titans are basically Patriots South. Head coach Mike Vrabel won 3 rings with the Pats. GM Jon Robinson spent 12 years in the New England personnel department. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees spent a half-dozen years coaching for the Hood. Dion Lewis just jumped ship for a big contract in Tennessee after 3 seasons in New England. Logan Ryan got 3 years, and 30 million dollars to do the same. 

Oh yeah. And Malcolm Butler. 

The Hood gets a chance to go up against the guy he glued to the sideline during Super Bowl 52. Can you say AKWWWWARD?

That's still one of the all-time mysteries in NFL history. Was Butler sick? Did he break a team rule? What the hell was the Hood thinking? Remember this exchange from over the summer between the Hood and jungle legend Dan Shaughnessy? 

Well, you can bet the Hood remembers. Because that dude doesn't forget anything. And if you thought the Hood was gonna get hooked into another one of those exchanges, think again.  

Dude spent 16 minutes talking about the Titans earlier this week. Over 1,800 words. And none of them were Malcolm or Butler. Hell, here's the transcript from when a journo tried to put him on the spot: Reporter: A scouting service has Malcolm Butler allowing the most catches among NFL cornerbacks. 

Hood: (Fully sarcastic) that means a lot to me. 

But here's the thing. You know the Hood knows that. And you also know the rest of the NFL will come Sunday afternoon. 

Because lost in that debacle in the Big D where the Titans stunted on the Cowboys logo, was that Butler got absolutely torched twice against the Cowboys. Hell, lost in this season is that it looks like the Hood did what he always does. Cut bait at the absolute RIGHT TIME. 

The Titans have given up just 11 touchdown passes this season. Butler's been on the wrong side of SEVEN of them. Amari Cooper got him at the goal line and Allen Hurns turned him inside out on Monday night. 

Hell, they're keeping a list of dudes who have thrown Butler in the toaster this season. Kenny Stills went 75 yards on him in Week 1. D-Hop and Will Fuller scored from long range on him a week later. Jordan Matthews scored from 56 yards out. Crabtree got him in Week 6. Five-year, 61 million dollar contracts don't usually come with burn marks. 

Look, Butler getting torched this year doesn't validate the Hood leaving him on the sideline while Nick Foles shredded his D. That's still an all-time whack decision by a coach who usually pushes all the right buttons on Sundays. And while Butler claims all is good and that the Hood reached out to him over the summer to congratulate him on the big contract and wish him luck in Tennessee, here are two things I can absolutely guarantee: 

One, Butler wants a piece of this dude. BADLY. 

And two: The Hood's coming straight for him. 

This is how the Hood operates. With ruthless efficiency. He sees a weakness and then he targets it. And if the weakness just so happens to be a dude who he rode to one Super Bowl win and iced to a Super Bowl loss, even better. 

Make sure you get your work in during warm-ups, Malc. Because there's gonna be a freaking target on your back come 1 o'clock Eastern.