Pete Prisco

Senior NFL columnist for CBS Sports talks 2020 draft.

Jim Rome
April 28, 2020 - 10:48 am

Info & Stats:  Senior NFL Columnist for CBS Sports

All Topics: 2020 NFL Draft | Virtual draft was great | Cincinnati Bengals draft and off-season was really good | Joe Burrow | Draft grades | Carolina Panthers draft was great | Derrick Brown | Brown can be special | New England Patriots are tanking for Trevor Lawrence | 49ers drafting Brandon Ayiuk and Javon Kinlaw, and trading for Trent Williams | Jimmy Garoppolo | Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback situation |

Apr 28th 2020

Feb 25th 2020

All Topics: Traveling | Travelers reclining their airplane seats isn’t cool | Atmosphere in Indy for the NFL Combine | Changes at the Combine | Medicals are important at the Combine | Joe Burrow to Cincy | Chase Young not working out | Tua Tagovailoa’s hip | Justin Herbert | Talking with Doug Marrone about his quarterback situation | Emmitt Smith on Dak Prescott’s contract



Oct 9th 2019

All Topics: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants | This Pats D might be Belichick’s best | Tom Brady’s play the past few weeks | Pats offense will start rolling once they get the line going | San Francisco’s beatdown of Cleveland | Browns have major issues on their line | Rams vs. 49ers this Sunday | Browns vs. Seattle | NFC West | Kirk Cousins struggling in big games | KC’s struggles | The Redskins culture | Washington vs. Miami Sunday



July 23rd 2019

All Topics: Annual Training Camp tour is underway | Night and day differences in training camp from today than the 90s | Atlanta Falcons | Atlanta had problems protecting Matt Ryan last season | Matt Ryan’s 2018 Season | Chatter of Drew Brees regressing is nonsense | Joe Flacco in Denver | Thinks the Chargers are the favorite in the AFC West | Dallas Cowboys



Jan 28th 2019

All Topics: Radio Row | His TV work with CBS Sports Network | Pro Bowl | Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers drama | Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin have some part in the AB drama | Trade marker for Brown | Picking the Rams over the Saints | Todd Gurley situation | Jared Goff’s clutch play against the Saints | Greg Zuerlein | The Rams running game | The Rams have to stop the Pats run game | Bill Belichick’s coaching job this season | Julian Edelman is not a hall of famer | Thinks Sunday will be Gronk’s last game |


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Nov 30th 2018

All Topics: Picking Dallas to beat New Orleans last night | Cowboys beating up Drew Brees | Speed of the Cowboys linebackers | Dallas finding their rhythm in November | Sean Payton going for it on 4th and 1 on the Cowboys goal line | Analytics guys | One bad night for the Rams | Rams and Saints in the NFC | Jacksonville Jaguars | Tom Coughlin | Coughlin decided to take Leonard Fournette | Baltimore Ravens | Lamar Jackson | Jackson’s athletic ability | Kliff Kingsbury | Loves idea of Kingsbury being an OC in the NFL


Oct 22nd 2018

All Topics: 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars | Blake Bortles is not playing well obviously | The players surrounding Bortles | Jags D | Several good Jags defensive players haven’t taken the next step | The Jags not getting enough pressure of the quarterback | Jags vs. Eagles this Thursday | Loving Patrick Mahomes coming out of Texas Tech | KC’s defense | If the Jags would have selected Mahomes instead of Leonard Fournette | Drafting running backs too high | The Los Angeles Rams offensive line | The Rams are not great against the run on defense | Mike Vrabel’s decision to go for two to win the game against the Chargers