Philly Fan Goes Philly Fan

A "Fire Howie" chant breaks out at a Phillies game.

Jim Rome
April 20, 2021 - 9:53 am
Howie Roseman

USA Today


The Giants and Phillies played in Philadelphia last night. BUT I WAS WILD AS HELL.  I mean, it was a 2-0 win for the Giants, but it was a game that had multiple bizarre moments that had absolutely nothing to do with what went down on the field.

Like what happened in the third inning when Brandon Belt was at the plate. Roll it.

Normally when I play a highlight of a home run on this show, it’s about the home run. In this case, it’s not about the home run, it’s about the reaction to the home run. And the reaction is some TOOL running down the steps, down a row of seats, jumping over a row of seats, and then JUST GETTING THE RUG RIPPED.


Take a seat, meat

And the only thing more embarrassing than FALLING ON YOUR ASS trying to get a home run ball is trying to crawl for the ball afterwards. It’s good to have hobbies, but there has to be a moment in your life, when you’re lying on the floor of a baseball stadium, desperately trying to crawl for a baseball where you think to yourself, where the hell did my life go so wrong. And is there any coming back from this. Or should I just down. Forever. Bad look. Bad moment. But as I said yesterday, as horrible a night as Ben Askren, there was actually someone front of center of that bleep show that had a worse night; Oscar De La Hoya. Same thing here. This rando eats it, badly. But there was still someone who had it even worse. Because in the fourth inning, a? Fire Howie!” chant broke out.

Again, that is a “Fire Howie!” Chant. As in Howie Roseman. And I know what you’re thinking, hey Rome, what role does Howie Roseman have with the Philadelphia Phillies? Answer: none. He’s the executive vice president and general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And I know what your next question is: why are Philadelphia fans chanting Fire Howie at a Phillies game? And the answer is: because they’re Philadelphia fans. And suddenly now they think Howie is the worst. Which makes me think... they’re the absolute best. I mean, was Howie Roseman even at the game? Was that a response to putting him up on the jumbotron: Not that I know of. And not that it matters.

Howie Roseman is probably in a bunker somewhere, breaking down tape and preparing for the draft nine days from now. I doubt he’s watching the Phillies game or even thinking about the Phillies. But Philadelphia fans at the Phillies game are thinking about him. And how much they hate him. And they need to know how much I love them for it. 

Let’s just underline this again – this was at a Phillies game. And it wasn’t late in the game when everyone was bored. This was in the bottom of the fourth inning. With two runners on in a 2-0 game. The Phillies had the go-ahead run at the plate and the fans are chanting about a general manager in a completely different sport.

WHAT’S BETTER THAN THAT? And what’s next? Fire Howie chants at Flyers games and Sixers games? Give it a day or two and that’ll probably happen. I’LL BE PISSED IF IT DOESN’T.

And it’ll probably be going down at charity softball games, little league games, and in churches. You’ll probably have the minister leading the chants from the pulpit.

Is this going to become like "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle" and just becomes an all-purpose phrase? Is it going to become hello/goodbye/thank you/you're welcome/how's the weather all rolled into one?

Two Philly fans pass each other in the morning and nod, "Fire Howie!" 

You hold the door open for someone and they say "Fire Howie!"

You leave work at the end of the day and call out to your co-workers "Fire Howie!"

Your baby is born, the doctor hands you the child to hold for the first time and whispers, "Fire Howie!"

That is why Philadelphia fans are the absolute best. Normally, they wait until the draft to lose their minds about something their team does or doesn’t do, but not this year. This time around, they’re getting loose early.  And they’re doing at MLB games, not during the NFL draft, or an NFL preseason game or actually regular season game: they’re doing at baseball games: and it’s awesome. 

So to recap the Eagles offseason: Doug Pederson gets fired. Carson Wentz gets traded. And “Fire Howie” is being chanted at Phillies games.

That would be incredible on its own, but it’s even more incredible when you consider that these guys won the Super Bowl three years ago. Just three years ago, the city was slapping Crisco on light poles and Eagles fans were eating horse crap.

Three years ago, Jason Kelce was rocking a Mummer’s costume and screaming at the top of his lungs.

These men weren’t just legends, they were gods. And were always going to be gods.  Well, anywhere but in Philly.  Because no way Philly was going to let your ride on that one ring for the rest of your less: you get your asses back to work, or you’re going to get asses either fired or kicked; and probably both. By Philly fan himself. That’s who calling the shots here: no the coach, not the GM, not the owner, but Philly fan himself.

Don’t’ believe me?  Look at your phone. Find the twitter app. Open it up. Yesterday the Eagles tweeted out a quote from Jordan Howard about Allen Iverson. “When I was young, he was just always my favorite player. I loved everything about him, how hard he played the game…I just try to match that, his intensity. Nobody could ever knock him for his intensity.”

You’d think that would spread some goodwill among Philly fans. After all, AI is AI.

But do yourself a favor and check the replies, because you’ll find some gems like:

That’s cool but fire Howie

Fire Howie

Firing Howie Roseman would motivate me

You think that Allen Iverson always had intensity? Sure, just not as much intensity as philly fan.  And as badly as a. I. Wanted to win he still didn’t’ want it as badly as philly fan. Philadelphia Eagles fans always have intensity. Especially when they want someone fired. They aren’t waiting for football season to break out a chant, they’ll do it any time, any place.

And if they are this pissed in mid-April, what will it be like in September or October if the team isn’t playing well? For the safety of everyone, I’m hoping the Eagles get off to a good start, because if Philadelphia fans are chanting “Fire Howie” in April when the Phillies have the go-ahead run at the plate, you better look the hell out come the fall

Frankly, Philly fan wishes Howie Roseman was deader than Bernie Madoff.

If you think that's insensitive, remember Philly fan cheered a motionless Michael Irvin on the turf. Here's the playmaker on this show back in 2005.