P.J. Fleck

Minnesota head coach is feeling elite today.

Jim Rome
October 06, 2020 - 10:28 am

Info & Stats: Minnesota Head Coach

All Topics: A fall without coaching football possibility | Reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears | Rashod Bateman’s decision to opt back into the season | Tanner Morgan’s maturation | COVID-19 pandemic | Workout regimen 

Oct 6th 2020

May 20th 2020

All Topics: Staying elite while dealing with COVID-19 | Creativity time right now | Youthful staff | COVID-19 will change them forever | Using virtual way to communicate through COVID-19 will change his schedule forever | Players lead this team now | Expectations | 2020 season’s slogan, ‘Better For Longer’ | Culture sustainability | Football fits in culture


Nov 12th 2020

All Topics: Big 31-26 win over #4 Penn State | Our playmakers made plays vs. Penn State | His coaches did an excellent job vs. Penn State | Vision becoming reality | Tanner Morgan | Best players being his best leaders | State of Minnesota | Decision to sign extension with the school | Playing at #18 Iowa on Saturday |

Nov 5th 2019

All Topics: 2019 Season | 8-0 on the season, ranked #13 nationally | #5 Penn State this Saturday | History of Minnesota football | Hard workers | Tanner Morgan’s work ethic | Meeting Casey O’Brien for the first time | Minnesota Football | James Franklin | Franklin’s class | Breaking down Penn State |


Sept 12th 2019

All Topics: 2019 Season | Fresno State game | 2-0 on the season | Antoine Winfield Jr.’s INT in the 2nd OT vs. Fresno | Row the boat | John Legend joining them for a post-game celebration | The program’s culture is setting in | Last season provided program validity | Losing track of football being fun | Two types of people in life | Wanting the best for his assistants | Always have to change  


Aug 27th 2018

All Topics: 2nd season in Minnesota | Season kicks off Thursday vs. New Mexico St. | Last season was Year Zero | Learning about his players and program | Having the most freshman in the country on a roster | Tattoo night | Naming true freshman Zack Annexstad his starting quarterback | Culture