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Ram It!

The last undefeated team in the NFL just hit its stride.

October 22, 2018 - 9:34 am

As many incredible stories as there are right now in the NFL, here's one that's not getting talked about enough: 

The Rams are 7-0. 

FOOTBALL CITY has a 5-2 Chargers squad that's taking a backseat to the absolute juggernaut that is Sean McVay's Rams, who went out yesterday and absolutely body-bagg'd the 49ers on Alumni Weekend. 

Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and a group of legends got to go home and watch the Rams put on a legendary ass-kicking. And they did it in pretty much the most disrespectful way possible, with brutal efficiency. 

Jared Goff only threw it 24 times and still put up 200 yards and a couple scores. Todd Gurley only had 15 carries and he still scored 3 times. None of the Rams ridiculous receivers had 80 yards. And the offense basically decided 39 points was all they needed. 

Seriously, has a team ever been a quieter 7-and-0? Has a team ever rolled into someone else's house, beat the hell outta them by 29 points when every legend of the franchise is there to see it, and then go home like it wasn't even a thing? 

And if you thought this LA team was scary racking up its first-half dozen wins while the Son of Bum got his business in order, yesterday the defense went out and wrecked house. 

Aaron Donald had a season in a day. Check this stat-line: Nine tackles. 8 solo. Four sacks. Six tackles-for-loss. Five quarterback hits and one of the most disrespectful takeaways in the history of the National Football League. With one arm, Donald holds off a blocker, makes a tackle, and rips the football out of Matt Brieda's arms and into a perfect one-arm tuck. It was so swift and so sudden it took everybody a moment to wonder what the hell just happened. Like how did that dude do that? 

Well that's what Aaron Donald does. Make people say, HOW DID HE DO THAT? Remember this spring when Donald was out there hooking idiots on April Fool's Day fighting off rubber knives working pass rush drills? Yeah, I'm pretty sure you could put a couple of actual butcher blades into the hands of the Niners offensive line and it still wouldn't have been a fair fight. 

There isn't a more dominant team in the NFL right now. Yes, the Chiefs and Patty Big Gun might be the most exciting squad in the league, but nobody is as ruthless as these guys. 

The Rams are 7-0. They're plus-107 on the season in scoring differential which is almost 30 points better than the next best team. And these dudes are JUST STARTING TO FIGURE OUT how to play together on the defensive side of the ball. 

The Rams are 8.5 point favorites next weekend against Aaron Rodgers. That's the biggest underdog Aaron Rodgers has ever been in his career. And the way the Rams have it rolling right now, that's a line where you almost expect the money to come flooding in on LA's side. 

Super Teams aren't supposed to work in the NFL. Then again, dudes like Sean McVay aren't supposed to be handed talent like the crew Les Snead stacked for him. And seven wins into this season, maybe the most surprising thing is that it all feels like clockwork. 

The Rams are 7-0. Football City is 12-and-2. And the last undefeated team in the NFL just hit its stride.