Reaction To Pats Signing Cam

You’d think Pats fan would be partying.

Jim Rome
July 03, 2020 - 9:30 am
Cam Newton

USA Today


There has been a really weird reaction among some folks in New England to the signing of Cam Newton. You’d think Pats would be partying. About a few weeks ago, they looked like they had not shot. They looked like they’re tanking the season to take a shot at possibly moving up and drafting their next franchise quarterback. I know this; a week ago, they weren’t a playoff team, and really weren’t worth our time and effort. Then they bring in a former MVP. For next to nothing. Suddenly, they’re interesting as hell.   Suddenly, they matter again. How is that not a great thing? What the hell is not to like about that? 

Well, apparently, a lot. Starting with Newton’s fashion and how he celebrates big plays. And it didn’t take long before there was grumbling and muttering that he wouldn’t fit into the team culture. That Newton and the Patriot Way don’t mix and he better change if he wants to be a Patriot.

And you knew it was only a matter of time before it came out, but out came the word “showboat.”

You know, like his personality is too big to fit into Foxborough.

Cough. Cough. Cough. Excuse me, Rob Gronkowski. 

There is not a bigger, louder, or more outlandish personality in the NFL and maybe all of sports than Gronk, and that seemed to work out just fine in New England.

Then again, as we all know, whenever Gronk scored a touchdown, he would go all Barry Sanders with it and hand the ball to the ref. Of course he didn’t. He would try to spike the ball into the center of the earth.

And don’t come in here and say Gronk is different, but the rest of the Patriots don’t showboat. Different like Stevan Ridley doing the kick down the door celebration after a touchdown?

But maybe the issue is with a quarterback who celebrates and yells on the field. Maybe that’s the problem. After all, it’s not like the previous quarterback in New England ever ran onto the field and let it go.

Oh, that’s right. He did. And Brady sure as hell celebrated big first downs by giving a first down signal. And also enjoyed a Gronk spike now and then.

So maybe the issue is that Cam is too active on social media. Maybe that’s why folks in New England are complaining about him.

If only he followed the Patriot Way of handling social media – by constantly posting tired videos and unfunny jokes and relentlessly banging the hashtag LFG the way Brady did. Or maybe you’d prefer it if Cam was running a t-shirt company with his social media, the way Julian Edelman does, peddling 30 dollar t-shirts. Maybe that would be better.

So Cam wears different outfits to pressers. Who cares? What the hell does matter? And how the hell does it have anything to do with how he shows up on the field? I’ll answer that for you. It doesn’t.

And let’s talk about those touchdown celebrations. Those celebrations that are just so terrible for everyone, particularly the children. They really set a bad example for the children.

Have you actually seen what he does? Yeah, there’s a dance and a Superman, and he routinely hands the ball to a kid in the stands after he scores.

So get the hell out of here with that notion that his celebrating is a bad thing or that it will destroy the Patriots. Or that it proves that Cam is about the wrong things.

This guy just signed for a crazy low contract. He’s guaranteed less than 600,000 dollars. It’s a prove-it deal. That show he’s not about the wrong things: it shows he’s about the RIGHT THINGS. Never mind his celebrations; if you’re a Patriots fan and you see that, you should be celebrating your ass off. 

And you should be going even harder after he posted about the contract on Instagram.

This is the message from Newton. And again, this is your so called bad guy. The so called selfish guy, is only about himself; only about all the wrong things: Check out his message:

It’s not a lot of things money cannot buy, but amongst the top of that list iof things, you would find respect as one of those!! This is not about money for me, it’s about respect.

Hashtag All I know is work
Hashtag I’m betting it all on me
Hashtag Shine through the shade
Hashtag not for likes just for life
One Love

Yeah. That dude. And that attitude. Is going to wreck a locker room. Or be a threat to the team’s culture.   

And how about that crappy argument that he’s going to change the culture. Last I checked, Bill Belichick is responsible for the culture. Bill Belichick is the one who brought in Cam Newton. The one who wanted Cam Newton. Cam Newton did not force the Patriots to sign him. They brought him in and they know how he’ll fit with their culture. 

He could not be more motivated and is practically playing for free. How are you anything but hyped if you’re a Patriots fan? If he comes in and is the starter, you have a starting quarterback for free. And if he doesn’t win the job, you’ve barely lost anything and Jarrett Stidham is your starter. The ultimate win-win.

Not only is it not a bad idea, its great idea, with the potential to be one of the best in recent memory.

Look, I don’t know what he’s like physically right now. I don’t know what his foot and his shoulder are like, but if they are anything near 100 percent, look the hell out. Because when he’s right, there’s no one like him.

And no, I’m not saying you have to like him. He’s not for everyone. But if you’re going to dislike him, be honest about why you dislike him. Don’t make up reasons to justify it. Because when you do that, you embarrass yourself and everyone around you. You’re just telling on yourself, because the truth is, all those things you dislike about him, you probably love about someone else.