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Really Weird Moment

LeBron runs down Mike, in Los Angeles, as a Laker.

March 07, 2019 - 10:45 am

So a weird thing happened at Staples last night. No, the Lakers didn’t win. At this point, that would be about the weirdest thing ever. They got hammered by the Nuggets. And no, it’s not about the Lakers being glossed the South Bay Lakers because of the g-league look they had last night. Nope. None of that. But we did finally get an answer to one of sport’s most pressing questions. 

If LeBron runs down Mike, in Los Angeles, at the end of the most depressing Laker season ever, in the middle of another blowout loss, does it even make a sound? Hell, did it even happen? There’s a word for what went down last night in Stapes. Ockwood! Yet, we knew the moment was coming. And it had to happen somewhere. And it just so happened to happen at Staples:

Really weird. And really ockwood. Great. You just ran down your idol. Unfortunately, you did it in the middle of another beatdown, during the Lakers most disappointing season ever and with players and fans who have no equity in it whatsoever. Only thing these teammates and fans know is the disaster that is this season. Yes. It was amazing moment. For an amazing player. But at the time in the wrong place. Then again, you don’t just get to pick where your milestones occur. Because if LeBron did, he would have done it in Cleveland where it would have really meant something. And resonated. Or Miami. Or pretty much anywhere other than L.A. because what should have been one of the more significant moments of his career, didn’t feel like anything at all. If anything, it almost felt like salt in the wound: great, another milestone for you, but what about us?  We know what you did it for the Heat and the Cavs, but you’re rocking our gear now, so what the hell are you going to do for us? 

Hell… Rajon Rondo pulling up a chair closer to the Nuggets bench than the Lakers, may have been a cooler moment than LeBron running down Mike. And by the way, if you’re coming in here to bury Rondo, don’t. The Lakers have much more pressing concerns than where Rondo is sitting at the end of another blowout. If you want to rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic, you go right ahead. Just don’t do it here. Rondo sitting closer to the Nuggets than the Lakers is like the most Rondo thing ever. And you know what else is, the fact that according to many reports, he’s been a good leader and mentor on the team.  But there’s not virility in that right. That won’t go viral but a pick of him sitting off to the side will. Who the hell cares where he’s sitting. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking LeBron taking down one of the legends of the game and it not registering even a blip.

And I’ll tell you something else, if they don’t get Anthony Davis this summer and/or another All-Star to sign as free agent, it’s going to be even more depressing when he runs down Kobe next season. Then he better hope it doesn’t happen at Staples because you know no one there is going to celebrate that moment. Especially, if they’re garbage then like they are now. Ambivalence is one thing. Rage is another. And Laker fan is going to be pissed if LeBron takes down their guy, in their house, in the midst of another lottery ridden season. And don’t get this twisted: I’m not here to take a run at LeBron; again, great player. Great milestone. But that was a really, really weird moment. Weird.   Ockwood. Weird is normally good. Not in this case. Weird is just weird. Weird and Ockwood.