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The Red Headed Clapper

Why should Garrett sweat a horrible decision, the dude is un-fireable.

October 10, 2018 - 9:56 am

It’s Wednesday and we’re still talking about the fact that Jason Garrett punted on 4thand 1 from the Houston 42 in overtime. In an era where head coaches are more and more aggressive on fourth down, the guy with a massive offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield decided to play the battle for field position. And he crapped out.

What is the point of having one of the best lines in football and one of the best running backs in football if you aren’t going to use them? Go for it. Take the swing. Make it and you have a chance to win the game and save your season. 

And if you miss, you can stand at the podium and say, I have so much confidence in my offensive line and my backs that I knew we were going to make it and I would make that call 10 times out of 10. And guys would love him for it. And want to play harder for him because of it. 

Instead, he proved he had no confidence in his guys. And he bailed.   

It was such a bad decision that even Jerry Jones, aka Jason Garrett Senior, took a break from comparing his offense to the Rams offense, to actually question a Jason Garrett decision. "We were being outplayed there, not out-efforted but we were outplayed. But it's time for risk at that particular time. That's not second-guessing, but we were taking some risk too at certain points in the game."

That’s rich, Jerry really wanted to make sure you knew that he wasn’t second-guessing his genius coach, so it’s not a full-blown crackback. But compared to the cheerleading that he usually does for Garrett, this was a huge departure.

And given the heat that Garrett took for the move, again he punted on 4th and 1 in overtime and then lost the game on a field goal, maybe he’d reconsider. But when asked about it on Monday, he stood by it: “It just made sense to us, to me at that time, to go ahead and play field position.”

Great, Jason. Because it doesn’t make sense to anyone, anywhere else. Doesn’t make sense because since Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott have arrived in Dallas, the Cowboys are 18 for 19 on fourth and 1. Were you not aware of that stat?  Were you also not aware that your team converted one earlier in this game. Or did you know all that, and just freak out and coach scared when it mattered most, in a game you had to have. 

And the only thing worse than not just running a play, punching the other guy in the face and finishing… is all the hair splitting you’re doing right now in trying to explain it: you see, Garrett would like you to know it wasn’t really 4thand 1: "It was a long 1. I was standing right there. So it was probably a yard and a half when we had it. We had a play that we liked. Unfortunately, they did a good job coming in and stuffing that. Actually we probably lost a little bit on the third-down play, so it got you to fourth and really kind of close to 2.”

All right. I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks. Actually, why do they pay you the big bucks? Don’t get me wrong, I want everyone to make as much money as they can and I’m never looking to rip a guy’s job from him. But why does Jason Garrett have a head coaching job?

Because Dak Prescott isn’t improving, he’s getting worse. You’d think having a former quarterback as your head coach would help, but it hasn’t. The offense is somehow less than the sum of its parts. You’d think having a guy who ran an offense for a while would help, but it hasn’t. 

What does Jason Garrett do well? Better yet, what does Jason Garrett do at all? Aside from clap. But man, does he clap. He claps the hell out of those claps. If you’re in a pressure situation and you need a head coach to come up with the perfect clap, you call on the Clapper. That dude can turn lights on and off three states away with his clapping. 

So why does Jerry Jones not do something? Why does Jerry Jones not care? Why do Cowboy fans care more about the fact that the Cowboys suck than their owner? That is the greatest mystery of all. 

This is the same guy who ran Jimmy Johnson out of town, but he keeps Jason Garrett around. Ran Jimmy Johnson the hell out of town but keeps Jason Garrett around. And why? Because Jimmy was getting all the credit and Jerry was getting none. Never mind that Jimmy built the team and was ripping Lombardi’s every year, no one was looking at and talking about Jerruh. Well, they are now, Jerruh: and what they’re saying is, you really don’t win that badly. Because if you did, you’d hire a coach who gave you the best opportunity you could to win. But that would mean staying the hell out of his way and letting him do it his way: but you’re not having that, are ya Jerruh. I get it. It’s your team.  Do whatever the hell you want. Just don’t tell your fans you’re doing everything in your power to win. Because you’re not.

And Cowboy fan…And if you think that Sunday’s punt and eventual loss is enough to get Garrett fired, I wouldn’t hold your breath. If he hasn’t been fired yet, there’s no telling if or when he’ll ever be fired. He’ll just keep on clapping his way to 8-8 every year. Why SHOULD Garrett sweat a horrible decision like that, the dude is unfirable. And he knows it.

Why should Garrett sweat a horrible decision, the dude is un-fireable.