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Relax, Pats

So the Patriots are underdogs. And apparently for Julian Edelman, that’s a reason to go.

January 17, 2019 - 9:51 am

Time: 6:40pm ET on CBS

Location: Arrowhead Stadium

Weather: Horrible. Truly horrible. Like polar vortex horrible. 

Line: Kansas City minus three

So the Patriots are underdogs. And apparently for Julian Edelman, that’s a reason to go. Because he’s been tweeting out a Hashtag Bet against Us hype video. 

Let me take a moment here to say: Julian Edelman is a very good football player. He is a Super Bowl champion. He repeatedly crushed the Chargers on Sunday with his YAC. I like the guy.  A lot. He’s a competitor and competitors are going to get their edge and their motivation from somewhere. And apparently he’s getting it from the fact that the Patriots are underdogs this week.

And I cannot think of anything lamer than that. Actually, I can. You know what’s more lame than putting out a “Bet Against Us” hype video? Selling “Bet Against Us” t-shirts. And Edelman’s doing that. Now you can buy a 30 dollar t-shirt with a worthless phrase on it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I respect Edelman’s game and everyone’s got the right to make a buck anyway they chose, but this is lame. Seriously. Get over yourselves.

That is not only very Un-Patriot Way, it’s also supremely lame. 

So people picked against you guys last week and you proved them wrong. Congrats. That’s sports. People make picks and those picks are either correct or incorrect. You’ve cracked the code.

But the reason people picked against you because you hadn’t been playing well. It’s not a shock. It’s not a mystery. Your defense hadn’t shown much of a pass rush. Your Hall of Fame tight end was banged up. You hadn’t looked like yourselves. I mean, were you super impressed with those December losses to Miami and Pittsburgh? Or that early season loss to the league’s biggest disappointment, the Jacksonville Jaguars?

And then you came out and won on Sunday. You turned the Chargers inside out. Embarrassed them. Humiliated them. And anyone else who picked against you. Myself. Congrats. You got over. You taught everyone a less. You shut everyone up. It should have been enough. But apparently it wasn’t. And now you’re all butt hurt. And again. For what? Because you’re the underdogs going on the road to face the team with the best record in the AFC? 

What, should Vegas make you the favorites anyway just because you’re the Patriots? Would that make you happy? Should Vegas say, yeah, the Chiefs do have the best record and they are playing at home, and the Patriots have lost three of their last four road games this year, ahh, screw it, let’s just make the Pats the favorite because that will make Julian Edelman happy?

It’s not personal to Vegas, its business. They don’t love you or hate you, they love money. 

Also, it’s not like they made you 14 point underdogs. You’re three point underdogs. The standard rule of thumb has been that home field is worth three points, so Vegas is essentially saying the two teams are even. That it’s a coin flip. 

But you’re going to get bent about it. Not only that, but you’re trying to sell merch off it? C’mon. Seriously. For the record and your edification, TB12: no one anywhere is saying you suck. And no one who matters is disrespecting you.   

Look, again, you can make money any way you want and selling 30 dollar shirts to Patriots fans that are about how nobody respects them, is like shooting fish in a barrel. Pats fans will eat that up. 

Pats fans have spent the last decade and a half watching their team win Super Bowls and complaining that people don’t give them enough credit for winning Super Bowls. And if you’re one of those Pats fans who wonders why that is, it’s because of stuff like this. 

The issue isn’t the winning, it’s the whining. 

The team is great. Seriously. One of the best ever. Greatest coach and quarterback combo history ever. One of the greatest runs in the history of sports, any sport. But the only thing more incredible than what they’ve done on the field is how their fans whine off it. 

Don’t get it twisted, Pats fans. People don’t dislike you because you win, people dislike you because you whine and complain about not getting enough respect, whether you win or lose. 

You’re underdogs for like the first time in about a century and you’re acting like everyone said you suck. And I know Tom Brady said that after the Chargers game, but nobody said the Patriots suck. People just had questions about the team and for good reason. 

This team’s been to eight straight AFC title games. You should be above lame-ass stuff like this. But apparently not. 

And if you’re argument is that you need it for motivation, my argument would be: it’s the AFC title game. You’re 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl. Do you really need more motivation than that? 

And if you really get more motivation from selling t-shirts, that says something about you, not Vegas.

Edelman’s a two-time Super Bowl champion. You play for a five-time Super Bowl champion team. You’re better than this cheap, lame stuff. At least I thought you were.  

And the only thing lamer than selling a “Bet Against Us” t-shirt is buying a “Bet Against Us” t-shirt.