Replacing Tom Brady In New England

Life without TB43.

Jim Rome
March 23, 2020 - 10:02 am
Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer, Jarrett Stidham

USA Today


And of course the biggest question in New England right now is how are they going to get to replace Tom Brady? I mean, you can’t just walk out on the street and find a leader so great he’ll ask for his teammate’s phone numbers. Dudes like that don’t grow on trees. 

How do you go about replacing that guy? Do you go Jameis Winston? Or Andy Dalton? Or do you wait to see if Cam Newton is healthy and think about what he could mean for that offense? Nope.

Apparently you go with…gimme some hype music, Alvie.

Brian Hoyer.

Correction: Brian Axel Hoyer.

Hell, yes. That is how you do it. Replace the GOAT with the Hoyer.

The Patriots have signed Brian Hoyer to return to New England for his third stint with the team, meaning they didn’t even need him to ask for his teammates phone numbers, he already has them.

And it means that Jarrett Stidham, who beat out Brian Hoyer last year for the backup job will be competing with Brian Hoyer again for the starting job.

And if that two-headed monster of Stidham and Hoyer wasn’t enough to get Pats fans fired up, there’s a third man in this cage fight: Cody Kessler.

So as of this moment, the Patriots are replacing Tom Brady with Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer, or Cody Kessler. Holy crap. That’s your plan?!

Good luck with that. With all due respect to those three guys, and whenever someone says, with all due respect, someone is about to get disrespected….and in this case all three guys are… but even if you were able to somehow combine Stidham, Hoyer, and Kessler into one quarterback, maybe stack them on top each other in some sort of insane 18 foot tall quarterback, that beast still wouldn’t be better than Brady was last year. And Brady wasn’t even that great last year.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that was a quarterback room that was looking to Tank for Trevor Lawrence.

And yes, I know what Matt Cassel and Jimmy G did when they filled in for Brady back in the day, and I know that the Pats really like Stidham and that Hoyer really knows the system, but seriously?

Going with that crew is really testing the theory that they don’t need Brady. That’s almost like they’re trying to punk Brady with that depth chart.

You think you’re so great, Mr. I Ask For My Teammates Phone Numbers? You think we can’t win without you? We’ll show you, we’ll win with two journeymen and a fourth round pick who’s thrown four career passes.

And you know what, the most Belichick thing ever would be to somehow take that Frankenstein’s monster of a depth chart to another division title and the Super Bowl. And play that Super Bowl in Tom’s new house in Tampa.

But let’s be real, even for Belichick that would be a stretch. So fear not, Patriots fans, there’s a report that New England is looking at the draft as well. That’s pretty exciting. Because there are some really interesting quarterbacks in this draft.

Are they looking at maybe making a move up for Tua or Justin Herbert? Maybe making a bet on the talent of Jordan Love?

No. No. And no.

According to Aaron Wilson of The Houston Chronicle, the Patriots are one of the teams who are doing extra work on James Morgan of FIU.

Hell yes. That’s got to ease the concerns of every Patriots fan. Brady is gone, but we got the guy from Florida International University. Problem solved.

On behalf of former President Madique, I would be so pumped to see that happen.

But here’s the bigger thing for the Patriots, if going with Stidham, Hoyer, and Kessler sounds like a rebuild, it’s because it is. It’s because for the first time in a long time, the Patriots aren’t anywhere close to competing for a Super Bowl this year.

And it’s not just about Brady leaving. Courtesy of Tom Curran, here is a quick summary of the talent drain in New England over the last two seasons:

Tom Brady
Rob Gronkowski
Kyle Van Noy
Trey Flowers
Danny Amendola
Brandin Cooks
Nate Solder
Jamie Collins
Trent Brown
Malcolm Butler

That is an exodus of talent. Some of it for very good reasons and maybe they didn’t or won’t go on to dominate where they end up, but they were important members of successful Pats teams. And they’re gone now.

And that doesn’t include three coordinators who went on to be head coaches, Brian Flores, Joe Judge, and Matt Patricia. And a number of other coaches as well contributing players.

Again, Bill Belichick is a genius and he’s getting exactly what he wants right now. He didn’t want Brady, he’s got life without Brady. And that means life with Stidham, Hoyer, and Kessler.

Just as Matt Patricia and Bill O’Brien are not Bill Belichick, Bill Belichick is not those two guys either. He’s moved on from talent and still found a way to win with replacement parts. He’s the MacGyver of the NFL. He’s rebuilt the plane in the air with whatever he had in his pockets for the last two decades.  

Except now the plane feels like it doesn’t have any actual parts, just duct tape and chewing gum.  

The Patriots have always had that image of a team that has done more with less, but this Pats team will have to do a lot more with a lot less. And I really don’t see it happening.