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The Return Of College Football

No game is more important than the one going down under the lights in South Bend.

August 31, 2018 - 9:15 am

We've got an absolutely huge weekend of college football on tap. Hell, it got started LAST NIGHT with the Jungle Karma out front leading the way. UCF's McKenzie Milton -- my guest on the show earlier this week -- went freaking off against UCONN, putting up a crazy stat-line: 24 of 32 passing, 346 yards, 5 touchdown, 0 picks. Toss in 50 more yards on the ground in a less that civil beatdown of the Huskies. P.J. Fleck -- again, my guest earlier this week -- got it rowing against New Mexico State, with the Gophers boat racing New Mexico State, 48-10. 

Again, I said it on Monday, peeps are LINING UP to get on this show right now. And it's not just for a chance to rap with me. It's for a taste of the Jungle Karma. 

But last night's football was just an appetizer before the main event this weekend. A full slate of games, kicking off at High Noon with the Lane Train and Florida Atlantic tackling machine Azeez Al-Shaair heading to Norman to take on the Sooners. From there, the day only gets better.  

Washington and Auburn has the chance to be incredible. There's Miami and LSU. Virginia Tech and the Florida State debut of Willie Taggart. The Nicktator is finally gonna show us what his plan is for his two quarterbacks against Bobby Petrino and Louisville. 

But no game is more important than the one going down under the lights in South Bend when Michigan takes on Notre Dame. 

Because they brought Jim Harbaugh back to Ann Arbor to win games like this. Period. I feel like I've been saying the same thing for four years. 

Nobody cares if you're curb-stomping Rutgers. Or rolling up Maryland. Or winning a "huge out of conference game" against Colorado. They're paying this dude the same kind of crazy jack as Nick and Urb to WIN GAMES like Nick and Urb. 

Not Brady Hoke. And those 28 wins and a Citrus Bowl are a little too close to Hoke's first three seasons, where he racked up 26 wins and a Sugar Bowl. At least Brady beat Notre Dame twice. He took down Ohio State. He got over on Sparty. It might feel like beating a dead horse at this point, but how many times can you hear Harbaugh's record against Ohio State and Michigan State -- 1-and-5, with the ONE coming against a 3-and-9 Sparty. 

Michigan Man, I'm not saying anything that you don't know. Your guy was bullet proof when he was out front rocking throwback jerseys and playing 7-on-7 shirtless, and sleeping over at recruits houses, and doing bag things like storming out of media sessions when reporters had the nerve to ask him about guys missing from the team photo. 

But you know that seat's getting a little sweaty when the head coach at Michigan is getting absolutely bodied by a beat writer from East Lansing at Big Ten Media Days: 

So Saturday night it's all set up for you. Primetime. A historic matchup like Notre Dame. Michigan finally has its five-star quarterback in Shea Patterson, who transferred in from Ole Miss. And a defense that should be one of the nation's best. We keep hearing that this is gonna be the year, and once again, people are lining up and saying this is the year in Ann Arbor. 

It better be. And it better start Saturday night. Because if it doesn't, get ready for a long-ass season. And if it is, given the talent he has, this long season might be the LAST season.