RG3 Is Willing To Help Kyle Shanahan With Trey Lance

Straight comedy.

Jim Rome
May 04, 2021 - 10:52 am
Robert Griffin

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There was a ton of action in the sports world over the weekend and much of it centered around the NFL Draft. You know how it is with the draft, people spend months working on their mock drafts and by the time the draft rolls around, everyone is a draft expert or a GM. Or so they think.

And nobody embodies that more than Robert Griffin III. Bob Griffin. Bobby G. You know if I’m talking about him on this show, you know it’s going to be good. And if I’m talking about Bob Griffin and Mike Shanahan, it’s going to be even better.

Griffin was part of Bleacher Report’s coverage of the draft and was talking about the 49ers drafting Trey Lance. And he had some thoughts. A lot of thoughts. And an idea.

Did I just hear Robert Griffin III talking about Robert Griffin III joining the 49ers to work with the Shanahans and be a mentor? Because I could have swore did.

I get that DUDE needs a job and he’s willing to pitch himself to get one, but that is one of the worst pitches I’ve ever heard. Pitch being, let’s take a horrible situation, one of the worst ever and instead of trying to forget it ever happened, let’s instead try to re-create it, run it back and make it happen again. With a guy that the team just mortgaged his future for and guys risked their jobs and legacies for.  

You know the idea that there’s no such thing as a bad idea? Yeah, well, that’s not this.  That’s a bad idea. In fact, one of the worst ideas ever.

I mean, maybe not everyone remembers how that went last time: but if given that he remembered all 20 words from that play, how the hell does Bobby G. Not remember how that went last time?

It, but does anyone remember how that went the last time? Does RG3 remember how it went the last time?

I know I do. The last time was when Mike Shanahan was the head coach in Washington and Kyle was the offensive coordinator. RG3 was the quarterback and they won seven straight games to end the regular season and make the playoffs. 

And then it all went to hell. Straight to hell. Because RG3 busted up his knee and then things only got worse from there. There was the report that he called a meeting with mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, and quarterbacks coach Matt Lafleur.

And in that meeting, he reportedly wrote the following items on the board: 

1 - Change things.

2 - Change our protections.

3 - Unacceptable.

4 - Bottom line.

And this is the guy who is pitching himself to Kyle Shanahan: the guy who thinks Shanny Jr. Might be interested in bringing in? Because it didn’t just end there. According to Jason Reid, RG3 asked to speak without being interrupted and “rolled through a list of grievances, stressing that substantive changes had to occur immediately. Scrap the pass protection scheme and start over, griffin demanded. There were 19 plays — primarily those from the 50-series and quarterback draws — that were unacceptable.”

Again, that guy is going to be brought on board as a mentor. I’m not saying a quarterback should just do what he’s told, nor am I saying that guys can’t change over the course of their careers and lives, but is he serious with this suggestion that the Shanahan’s bring him in as a role model for Trey Lance?

And yes, RG3 does know something about Kyle Shanahan’s offense. But into nearly as much as Kyle Shanahan knows RG3 and knowing what he knows, I know there’s no way in hell, Shanny lets bobby in that building. 

Great suggestion, Bob. Because I’m sure two of the best minds in the history of the game are eager to bring you in to help them out. 

Do you really think the Shanahans forgot about everything that went down? Do you  really think they forgot this incredible nugget from Mike Silver’s reporting that Bob Griffin wasn’t happy with the criticism he was receiving from Mike Shanahan and "at Baylor they didn't put RG 3's bad plays up on the board in the meeting rooms. Sources familiar with the situation say they've asked the Redskins to do the same but they've refused to this point."

Do you remember that? I do.

That guy is now pitching himself as a mentor to Trey Lance. And by the way, how does he see that working? That the 49ers are just going to dump Jimmy Garoppolo, a guy who’s entering his fifth season with Shanahan, to bring in RG3 to lecture the coaching staff on what plays are allowed and what plays aren’t allowed for Trey Lance? 

Is RG3 going to cut up a series of Trey Lance highlights from North Dakota State to make sure he has those ready to be shown instead of plays where made a mistake and needs to learn?

And it’s not just jimmy g. The Niners also have Josh Rosen and Nate Sudfeld. But they’re going to make sure they bring in RG3 to be a mentor. Great idea, Bob. Just great. 

One of the things I kind of admire about RG3 is just how oblivious he is: not just about himself but about everything. It’s got to be so much easier to go through life being that clueless, just firing off terrible ideas and never really thinking about just how crazy they sound and how you look as a result. 

Keep doing you, Bob. Keep coming up with terrible ideas, throwing them against the wall, no matter how horrible they are. Because they all are. Horrible.