Richaun Holmes Left The Bubble For Wings

Truth be told—wings are at the top of the food chain.

Jim Rome
July 23, 2020 - 11:52 am
Richaun Holmes

USA Today


About a week ago when I was taking late-night delivery on some of the finest locally sourced ice-cream Blizzards that Eagle River’s Dairy Queen has to offer— Richaun Holmes of the Sac Town Kings was also getting some grub dropped off.

The big difference, though? I was in Wisco at my house. And Richaun was in Orlando on the wrong side of the NBA bubble. You know— the very well known, very widely reported-on—very high-stakes bubble at Disney World where every single player and staff member has to abide by the rules or risk ruining everything.

You know—that bubble.

So a little over a week ago, Richaun Holmes sauntered over the invisible line to take delivery on some dinner. And the NBA u-turned him right back to his room and locked him down for 10 days because of it. No practices, no outside contact, no nothing.

And you might be thinking to yourself; Hey, that’ll happen. New system. New life. New rules. You can’t expect perfection from a bunch of Guinea pigs in one of the world’s biggest social experiments ever. Especially with the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

Turns out you can, though. Because Richaun Holmes was the only guy to leave the campus. One thing if a dozen dudes wander off to grub-up. But when you’re looking around and it’s only you on the outside grabbing a plastic bag of food—it’s not a good look.

About the only silver-lining from the whole thing was Richaun’s mom who took to Twitter and wrote, “You only cross the line for your mama’s cooking! And I was not in Florida, sir!”

That is an utterly fantastic tweet from an utterly fantastic mom. And risking the NBA restart for a late night snack is almost worth it just to get that kind of fire from Mama Holmes.


Now, since this is the NBA we’re talking about it—there was a collective group of internet skeptics who wondered out loud if food delivery was a cover-up for something else. It’s not exactly a secret that a lot of people had side action on guys breaking the bubble for—well—side action.

Because again—the undefeated, untied, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is sex.

Turns out we might have to add something to that list. Because Richaun wasn’t stepping out to--uhh--step out. He was actually getting food delivery. And yesterday in a Zoom call with NBA reporters— Richaun Holmes copped to the question everyone wanted to know. What’s in the box? A lemon-pepper and barbeque mix. What—no love for original hot? Garlic Parm didn’t want any of that?

Truth be told—wings are at the top of the food chain. Right up there with pizza—if not in front of pizza. A crispy bone-in chicken wing and some blue cheese is an unbeatable combo. You know what I’m talking about, Bills Mafia.

And given what J.R. Swish was telling us about the grub situation in the hotel—it’s almost hard to blame a dude for firing up doordash and getting something other than candy delivered. Because Ferraris don't wanna run on the Chrstlyer bleep.

One quick search on Yelp and you’ll see there are 24 restaurants that do wings within 10 miles of the bubble. That’s an embarrassment of wing riches. And it practically turns the NBA Bubble into the damn Garden of Eden—with forbidden fruit all over the place—just a click away on your phone.

Lesson learned, though. Because Richaun had to do 10 days of hard hotel time. Which sounds mind-melting. He told reporters he kept busy by running sprints in his room and doing some work on a punching bag to stay sane.

Next time—just call up Brad in Corona and use his new delivery app. Oh—damn—I forgot—his app doesn’t deliver wings anymore.