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Richie, Get Help

Condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father.

August 22, 2018 - 11:09 am

Let’s be real for a minute. When the news broke that Richie Incognito had been arrested on Monday in Arizona that was not a shock. Incognito has had more than his share of off-field incidents, and has already had at least one incident since retirement that was concerning, so adding another to the list isn’t surprising. 

And I was already bracing for the dumb and idiotic ways that you dopes would react. And that’s why I’m talking about this today, because there’s nothing funny about what allegedly happened. 

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, Incognito was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and threats after an incident at a funeral home. And I know you’re already loading up on your Joaquin-style jokes about getting into a fight at a funeral home, but not here, not now. 

Because Incognito needs help. He needs help in the worst way possible. 

Over the weekend, Incognito tweeted: 08/18/18 I regret to inform you that my father ARMY AIRBORNE RANGER RICHARD DOMINICK DEJASA HAS PASSED Keep “my family” in your prayers  

The death of a loved one is always difficult and from the sounds of it, Incognito is having a really hard time dealing with it. Understandably. But his difficulties are showing up in some dangerous and scary ways, allegedly.

According to police report, Incognito arrived at the mortuary and was acting in an erratic fashion. He allegedly began "talking about a lot of random things that did not make sense," one employee told police. 

He also "walked around the funeral home, punching caskets and throwing things." 

And, as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, according to ESPN, Incognito allegedly told employees that he wanted them to cut off his father’s head for research purposes.

If you work in a funeral home, you are probably used to a level of confused emotion in your workplace. When people lose someone they love, there are bound to be a lot of emotions that bubble to the surface, so as someone who works there, you’re probably accustomed to seeing people bursting into tears or other displays of emotion.

You’re probably even used to people saying things that don’t necessarily make sense and bouncing from one topic to the next as they try to process the loss.

But what are you thinking as you see a former NFL offensive lineman walking around the funeral home, “punching caskets and throwing things”? I’m starting to get worried at that point. And if that same guy starts saying that he wants you to cut off his dead father’s head for research purposes, I’m getting scared. 

And then the terror finds a new level, when he is alleged to have made a gun gesture at one employee and talked about having a “truck full of guns” in the parking lot. 

Holy crap. This guy is walking around, punching caskets, throwing things, making gun gestures, telling you about truck full of weapons, and asking you to cut off his father’s head. There is absolutely nothing funny about this. It’s sheer terror. 

And sure enough, when the police arrived, they found a pair of pistols, a handgun silencer, and three rifles in his vehicle. 

The police went on to report that Incognito "appeared to lack concentration and was unable to maintain a coherent thought. Rather, he appeared to ramble about numerous things that did not correlate."

His "moods were erratic as he would be very respectful toward [the] officer at one point, and [then] immediately raise his voice and demand to be let out of the handcuffs the next."

Again, grief takes many forms and everyone grieves the death of a loved one in different ways, but threatening a funeral home employee, making a gun gesture, and referring to weapons that you have in your car, and saying you want your father’s head cut off, is incredibly unusual, incredibly scary, and I’m guessing not incredibly healthy. I’m not going to tell anyone how they should or should not grieve, but you can’t do that. And if you’re doing that, it’s a cry for help.

Please, Richie, get help. Seriously, man. My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father. Many of us have been through it. I’ve been through it. It’s an incredibly traumatic experience and can be very difficult to process. But please get help before you hurt yourself or someone else. Those close to you have reportedly been urging you to do so: so do it. Now. Before it’s too late.

And clones, don’t do what you were about to do it. It’s not funny, and there’s no place for it. Not here. And not even some other whack show you listen to outside this day part.  Don’t do it. I’m all about talking junk and having some fun. But not with this.